How To Send Money From Malaysia To Nigeria (2024)

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You may need to transfer funds to someone or persons in another area of the world as an expatriate working in a foreign country, or even as a naturalized citizen. International money transfer service providers make this possible in a quick and secure manner. The many methods for sending money to Nigeria from Malaysia will be covered in this post.



When sending money from Malaysia to Nigeria, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are the few important things to keep in mind when transferring funds from Malaysia to Nigeria.

  • The MYR-NGN Exchange Rate Margin: To earn revenue, money transfer providers charge a small percentage above the mid-market exchange rate. The current mid-market rate is 99.139345, and WorldRemit’s lowest exchange rate margin is 0% higher than the mid-market rate.
  • Hidden Fees And Charges: Before transferring money to Nigeria, be sure the service you’re using doesn’t impose any hidden fees; WorldRemit and VertoFx are the top-rated options.
  • The Amount You Want To Send: The more funds you send to Nigeria from Malaysia, the more value you’ll get and the more NGN the recipient will get because the flat fee charged is a smaller percentage of your transfer amount, and many providers allow you to negotiate a better exchange rate margin if you send large amounts.


Money can be sent from Malaysia to Nigeria in the following ways:


Western Union is a convenient way to send money to Nigeria from Malaysia. Cross-border transfers can be made via the Western Union mobile app or the website. You will need to open a Western Union account. Before you can use the account, you must complete a verification process that includes uploading a photo of your government-issued ID and a selfie photograph of yourself. After the confirmation of the supplied prerequisites, your account will be validated.

You can use FPX banking to make transfers straight from your bank account or pay cash at Western Union agent locations in Malaysia. To use FPX banking to make a payment, you must first log in to your account. Then choose Malaysia as the’sending nation’ and Nigeria as the’receiving country’ from the drop-down menus. Then you’ll have to enter the amount you want to send — each transfer is limited to 50,000 MYR. Then press ‘continue’ to move on to the next step in the procedure. You’ll be asked to select a payment method, and you’ll want to go with ‘bank account.’

The Malaysian banks actually allowed on Western Union include Affin Bank, Alliance Bank, AmBank, Bank Islam, Bank Rakyat, BSN, CIMB Click, Hong Leong Bank, HSBC Bank, KFH, Marchbamk2U, Marchbank2E, OCBC Bank, RHB Bank, Standard Chartered, Public Bank, UOB Bank and AGR001.

The name you used to register with Western Union must match the name on your bank account. After that, you’ll be led to FPX, where you’ll be able to access your online banking account. Choose the best delivery option for your recipient – immediate bank deposit or cash collection at an authorized agent site – to finish the transaction. However, if you wish to utilize FPX online banking to conduct a money transfer for the first time, you should select ‘pay in store.’

For confirmation, you’ll need to go to a Western Union agent location with a government-issued ID.

You can also arrange for the transfer online and pay in cash at any Western Union agent location. After you’ve entered the amount you want to send, the charge and exchange rate will be displayed.

Then select one of the available payment options to pay in-store. Following that, you must pay at any Western Union agent location within 24 hours of the setup stage. At the agent store, you will not be required to fill out any paper forms. You will be needed to present a valid form of identification and your account number when paying for the transfer.


Wise is another platform which you can use to send your funds from Malaysia to Nigeria. You must first register a free account with Wise before you can use it to send money overseas. To begin the registration process, open the Wise mobile app or go to the website and click Sign Up.

You’ll need a Google or Facebook account, as well as an email address. The signup process is quick, taking less than two minutes. You have the option of creating a Personal or Business account.

You can now make international transfers with ease, such as from Egypt to Nigeria, after your account has been confirmed.

The very next step is to set up your transaction via the Wise website or the mobile app. Enter the amount you wish to send into the Wise Calculator and choose Nigeria as the destination.

Following that, you will be asked to submit some basic information about yourself, such as your full name, birthday, phone number, and home address.

Selecting who you wish to send money to is the next step in the transfer procedure.

Choose ‘Someone else’ from the drop-down menu. Proceed to submit your recipient’s information, including their bank account information.

The transfer process will conclude with a review of the information provided previously and a double-check to ensure that everything is right. After reviewing the transfer summary, click ‘Confirm’ to complete the payment process. Wise accepts a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, SWIFT transfers, and debit and credit card payments.

Malaysian residents, on the other hand, can only pay by bank transfer. As a result, you’ll need to use the Wise mobile app or website to make a local transfer from your bank to Wise. The procedures for making a bank transfer are simple to follow. Your funds are now on their way to your recipient’s bank account in Nigeria. Wise charges a flat fee of 26.68 MYR + 0.73 percent of the converted amount for this cross-border payment service.


MoneyGram is a service that allows you to move money across national borders quickly and securely. To begin, locate the nearest MoneyGram approved agent location. To discover one in your area, use the MoneyGram Agent Location tool, which is an online tool.

You’ll need a valid government-issued identity document, the recipient’s full name and contact information, and the amount you want to transfer.

You will be handed a Send form to complete at the MoneyGram agent location. If you want the receiver to receive a direct bank account deposit, supply the recipient’s full name and bank account, but if you want the recipient to receive cash, provide the recipient’s address and cellphone number instead.

After you’ve finished filling out the form, add the necessary monies (the amount you wish to transfer plus fees) and hand it over to the agent clerk. A receipt will be given to you by the agent clerk. For Cash pickup, you must tell your beneficiary and provide them with the 8-digit reference number.


Anyone seeking for a straightforward and easy way to send money from Malaysia to friends and relatives in Nigeria would find this information useful. If you have any issue with any of the processes below, you can drop them in the comments section. This is the length of the article.

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