How To Send Money From Pakistan to Nigeria (2024)

Do you live in Pakistan and want to send money to anyone in Nigeria? That can be a demanding chore to some level. The many methods for sending money from Pakistan to Nigeria will be explained in this post.


Furthermore, remittances sent home by foreign citizens living and working in other countries make a significant contribution to the economies of the countries receiving them. With millions of Nigerians working as foreign expatriates around the world, the impact of their remittances back home on the Nigerian economy is significant — recipient households benefit. There are several options for sending money safely and quickly over the world.


What is the best way to send money from Pakistan to Nigeria? When sending money from Pakistan to Nigeria, you have a few alternatives that differ in price, speed, and ease of use.

You can use an offline way to send money abroad, such as going into a bank, post office, or money transfer outlet and asking for help from a cashier. This, however, necessitates travel and waiting in lines, and it can be quite costly.

You can also send money via the internet. This will entail registering with an electronic fund transfer platform and sending funds via their smartphone app or web browser platform. Online transfers are frequently cheaper and faster, with the added benefit of being able to send money from the comfort of your own home.

There are several options for sending money from Pakistan to Nigeria, including the following:


MoneyGram makes it simple to send money from Pakistan to Nigeria. The initial step is to look for any authorized MoneyGram agency locations in Pakistan near you. To discover one near you, you can utilize an online tool called MoneyGram Agent Location. To make an international money transfer at an agent location, you’ll need to bring specific documentation and paperwork with you. A government-issued photo ID (International Passport, NICOP, CNIC), the recipient’s full name, and, based on the method of delivery, whether the address, bank details, or mobile wallet details.

The agent clerk will offer you a Send Money form to fill out at the MoneyGram agent location. After completing the form, you must submit it together with the amount you wish to send to Nigeria, as well as any transaction costs. Your transaction was immediately cleared, and their funds are on their way to your Nigerian receiver. Keep your receipt and reference number in a safe place, and notify the beneficiary.

If you selected Cash pickup as your delivery option, you’ll need to give your recipient the 8-digit reference number. This would be used to accept the funds at a MoneyGram agent location near your recipient that has been approved. If the monies are delivered via direct bank deposit,


Residents of Pakistan can use Western Union to send money around the world quickly and easily. Nonetheless, the highest limit you can send every day using Western Union in Pakistan is $3000 in Pakistani Rupees. To transfer funds to Nigeria, go to any of Western Union’s authorized agent locations in Pakistan. The following are the locations of Western Union agents in Pakistan: Pakistan Currency Exchange, Ravi Exchange Company, Link Exchange Company, Paragon Exchange Company, NBP Exchange Company, Habib Qatar Exchange, and Sadiq Exchange Company are all examples of exchange companies.

Before making any international money transfer, you must present an original and valid government-issued picture ID to any of these agent locations for verification. CNIC, NICOP, and an International Passport are all acceptable forms of identity. An agent clerk will offer you a Send Money form to fill out when your ID has been validated. Your entire name, employment, the recipient’s full name, the receiver’s address (if Cash pickup delivery is utilized), the connection with the recipient, the objective of the transaction, and the recipient’s bank account are all required pieces of information to supply ( if sending money to a bank account). You must submit the Send Money form to the clerk when you have completed it.

Your beneficiary can receive the payment through using tracking number, MTCN, and a valid ID at any approved Western Union agent location in Nigeria if you choose the Cash pickup delivery method. If you want to send to a bank account, the receiver must have a EUR-denominated bank account. In most cases, cash are sent within minutes to 24 hours.


Nigerian expats have a decent opportunity of securing exceptional prospects and economic success in other countries. With your improved financial situation, you may feel compelled to help your relatives back home financially.

When sending money across borders, the main concerns are security and timeliness. As a result, international money transfer services are committed to the highest standards of rapidity, convenience, personal information privacy, and transfer security.

MoneyGram and Western Union are the two main international money transfer companies in Pakistan that handle cross-border transactions. Western Union, on the other hand, does not allow commercial transactions, although MoneyGram does. So, you can send money to your loved ones in Nigeria using either of these IMTOs. These transfers are usually quick and secure, taking anywhere from a few minutes to a day. Ensure to use MoneyGram and Western Union’s respective online agent location techniques to identify one in your area.

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