How To Make Money In Nigeria As An Undergraduate (2024)

Lack of money is always a primary challenge for most Nigerian undergraduate students. Some don’t get enough cash from their parents while some are just in need of extra cash to meet up with their daily demands while in university.


With the present state of unemployment in the country, it is pertinent for Nigerian undergraduates to start acquiring money with the available entreprenueral skill. There is no doubt that many of the successful business owners you find today kick started their entreprenueral journey right from their hay days in the tertiary institutions.

In this article, we will analyse the various ways through which Nigerian undergraduates could make money and start acquiring wealth in higher institution.


There is no doubt that there are bundles of opportunities on the internet. As a student, you can simply jump into the internet and leverage on these boundless opportunities. You can take up one of the following jobs on the internet:

  • Blogging
  • Online freelance services
  • Affiliate marketing.

Do you know that many people are making millions from blogging? Linda Ikeji is a typical example of one of the green lights in the blogging world. In blogging, you don’t necessarily need to have coding knowledge. All you need is passion.

For online freelancing jobs,  simply visit these sites:,, and start making hundreds of thousands by offering freelance services such as articles writing, articles rewriting, logo designing, proof reading, etc.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, get registered with amazon, jumia or konga affiliate marketing programs and make great streams of income.


As an undergraduate you can make lots of money by organising tutorials for nursery, primary, secondary and even university students. Simply print flyers and post in school and on streets. Then you will start getting good patronage.

You can as well expand it to home tutorial services which is also very profitable. Organising preparatory classes for students who are preparing to write exams such as WAEC/NECO, JAMB, IELTS, etc is another good option.


It is very true that there are students who are always busy that they don’t have time for their school stuffs. These can be students who are already working, married people or simply the ones who are too lazy.

You can make money off these sorts of students by doing assignments, writing term papers or even projects for them. Simply place a notice about your services in a strategic place in school, and you will be shocked with the number of patronage you will have.


It is customary for Nigerian undergraduate students to scramble for solutions to past questions especially in the eve of their exams. They have the believe that exam questions are likely to be culled out from past questions.

If you are a brilliant chap looking for how to make money as a student at university, then you can leverage on this and make some cash by offering to solve challenging past questions for others


Do you know that busy hands never lack. While still in school, there are many services that you can provide for your colleagues and you get paid for it.

Services like barbing, fashion and designing, hair stylists, manicure and pedicure, painting, bead making, cake decoration, hair making, make overs, phone repairing, dry cleaning, and even cooking are always in high demand in hostels and all over the school vicinity.

So, endeavour to learn a skill during the next holiday and you will not be fully dependent on your parents any longer while in university in Nigeria.

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