Nigerian Airforce DSSC Past Questions & Answers (Original, 2024)

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Following the recent ongoing recruitment into the Nigeria Airforce, Team Nigeria Queries has compiled series of past questions for those who wish to read and study about the Nigeria Airforce.

nigerian airforce dssc past questions

The method to scale through the exams is for you to practice with the Air force DSSC past questions and answers. Currently we have the original Nigerian Airforce DSSC past question in soft copy. Sometimes, the English and Mathematics questions are mostly repeated.

The one thing that changes over time is the current affairs as its dynamic due to politics and change of military personnel. You should learn things like the slogans of all 36 states in Nigeria, The current Chief of Air Staff, The current FIFA president, The current UN secretary general, The year in which the Nigerian Airforce was established, ministers in Nigeria, vision and mission of the Nigerian Airforce, e.t.c.

Up until the exam day, nothing is more crucial than getting ready for examinations. This relieves the weight of failure-related thoughts and keeps you prepared for the exams. Thus, I strongly advise you to download the Nigeria Air Force DSSC Recruitment previous questions and answers PDF right now if you want to pass the NAF exam that’s coming up.


The primary purpose of obtaining the Nigeria Air Force DSSC Recruitment previous questions and answers from us is to gain insight into the format of the exam, as numerous recent questions from annual exams frequently recur. This is the reason we previously stated that the Nigeria Air Force DSSC Recruitment Past Questions will give you a better understanding of the format and content of the previous questions. The most crucial piece of information regarding the Nigeria Air Force DSSC Recruitment Past Questions is that they are frequently repeated in each exam year, meaning that if you obtain them from us, you have an 80% chance of passing.


The parliament of Nigeria is called ________

(A) House of Representative
(B) Senate
(C) State house of Assembly
(D) National Assembly

Democracy day is celebrated in Nigeria on———

(A) Oct 1
(B) Jan 12
(C) May 29
(D) June 12

How many members make up the house of representative in Nigeria?

(A) 280
(B) 774
(C) 360
(D) 359

How many members makeup the senate in the upper arm of the national assembly?

(A) 100
(B) 108
(C) 109
(D) 110

Nigeria is divided into how many geopolitical zones?

B. 6
C. 7
D. 8

Nigeria flag was created by——————-

A. Mr Aina Onabolu
B. Prof Wole Soyinka
C. Taiwo Akinkumi
D. Ben Odiase

How many local governments do we have in Nigeria?

A. 744
B. 774
C. 747
D. 784

Who was the first military head of state?

A. Gen. Muritala Muhammed
B. Gen. Ibrahim Babangida
C. Gen. Aguiyi  Ironsi
D. Gen. Idiagbon

Who stopped the killing of twins in Calabar?

A. Henry Townsend
B. Herbert Marculey
C. Mongo Park
D.Mary Slessor

Nigeria became a republic in what year?

A. May 29, 199
B. Jan 15, 1966
C. Oct 1, 1960
D. Oct 1, 1963

Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS. was established in what year?

A. May 1975
B. May 1963
C. May 1966
D. May 2000

Which state is referred to as “The Sunshine State”

A. Ekiti state
B. Ondo State
C. Jigawa state
D. Oyo state

The Nigeria flag was designed by Taiwo Akinkunmi in what year?

A. 1957
B. 1959
C. 1960
D. 1963

The amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates and the colony of Lagos was in what year?

A. 1959 B. 1914 C. 1963 D. 1960

Nigeria celebrated her last centenary anniversary in what year?

A. 2000 B. 2014 C. 2020 D. 1990

Who is the current Minister of Education in Nigeria?

A. Prof Rukkayat Rufai B. Adamu Adamu C. Prof Adedapo Afolabi D. Prof. Wole Soyinka

The state with the least number of local governments in Nigeria is——————

A. Zamfara B. Lagos C. Bayelsa D. Anambra

Who is the current Senate President in Nigeria?

A. Yakubu Dogara
B. Bukola Saraki
C. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan
D. Oshiomole

Who is the current House of Rep in Nigeria?

A. Yakubu Dogara
B. Bukola Saraki
C. Tukur Buratai
D. Oshiomole

Which state is referred to as the “Centre of Excellence?”

A. Ekiti state
B. Ondo State
C. Lagos state
D. Oyo state

Which state is referred to as “The Gateway state”

A. Ekiti state
B. Ogun State
C. Jigawa state
D. Oyo state

The current minister of petroleum is —————-

A. President Muhammodu Buhari
B. Amaechi
C. Aisha Alhassan
D. Babatunde Fashola

The first coup carried out in Nigeria was in what year?

A. 1996
B. 1966
C. 1967
D. 1973

Nigeria civil war started in what year?

B. 1970
C. 1966
D. 1985

The Aba Women Riot took place in what year?

A. 1975
B. 1929
C. 2001
D. 1939.


  • English language
  • Mathematics
  • Current Affairs


There are 50 questions in this category and they are usually GMAT. Here you are given a comprehension, fill-in-the-gaps, synonyms, antonyms e.t.c. The antonyms and synonyms are loaded with big grammars so read your dictionary well.


This category consist of 40 questions and has percentage, simple interest, ratio, sets, area and volumes, probability, statistics, conversions, simple and compound interest, age and work, profits and loss test e.t.c. It is GMAT certified also.


The current affairs section contains 50 questions and its usually easy as long as you are conversant with happenings around the world. You should be aware of the history of Nigeria, current affair, all about Nigeria military, OPEC, UN, ECOWAS, OAU  e.t.c.

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NB: The past questions are in downloadable soft copy not hard copy and they are original.

The Exam materials contains Maths, English and General Knowledge. Please note that these Nigeria Airforce DSSC Past questions are updated.

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