How to Get Local Government Identification Certificate in Nigeria

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There are many reasons why you should have your local government identification letter otherwise known as certificate of origin. This credential is absolutely necessary for any government-related actions in Nigeria, including hiring, university enrollment, etc. This is equivalent to saying that in Nigeria you must have this certificate. How then can you get your certificate of origin? You will find all the details you want in this post to obtain this crucial credential.

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A local government certificate, often called a Certificate of Origin, is a document that confirms your membership in a certain local government area in Nigeria. This suggests that your parents, especially your father, were born in that particular Local Government Area. In other words, it attests to your status as an original citizen of a specific local government region in the country.

The numerous local governments in Nigeria offer identity letters and certificates. It serves as the Nigerian state of origin certificate. The state of origin certificate functions similarly to an identifying document issued by a municipal authority. It is a piece of paper or a certificate that certifies the owner is a resident of a specific local government area or state.

The processing of several applications requires the use of an identification letter from the local government, which is very important and highly desired. It is utilized in the processing of national ID cards, immigration, and international passports in addition to other significant government operations including hiring, scholarship distribution, etc.

Let’s examine why you need your identification letter from the local government.


There are numerous justifications for needing an origin certificate, as we have mentioned. Below, we’ve highlighted the top of them.

  • University Admission Purpose: Institutions that simply run entrance screening processes require the certificate of origin. After you must have been given admission, they will require it for documentational purposes. You would be required to submit your local government certificate as a student entering a higher education institution in order to verify your identity.
  • Career/Job Pursuit: You will need your local government certificate as a jobseeker to prove your identification. When applying for jobs, you will frequently be required to bring a photo ID from your local government.
  • Bursary Collection: A State Identification certificate will be needed for clearance when a state offers bursaries to its people attending higher education institutions.
  • Political Office: Political candidates will need to provide proof of their state citizenship while applying for office.
  • Travelling: The Certificate may be required of you as a traveler depending on the destination you are going. The people in charge of looking through your travel documents will ask for it.


It is quite easy and less complicated to get a Local Government Identification Certificate. A letter of recommendation or identification is a necessity to obtain this certificate. This letter may come from any interested party in any town that falls within the purview of the local administration. The traditional head of the community, priests, imams, and town union presidents are only a few examples of the stakeholders. Any one of these stakeholders ought to be able to provide you with a letter of identification or an introduction. After that, a local government identity letter and certificate—which serves as a certificate of origin in Nigeria—will be given to you.

The following procedures are necessary to obtain a local government identification certificate:

  1. You must first pay a visit to the secretariat of your local government.
  2. After that, locate the office in charge of issuing certificates of origin. The responsible department is typically located in the secretary’s or chairman’s office of the local government.
  3. Prepare a processing and issuing fee of about ₦5,000. Several local governments impose fees that are lower. You might have to ask individuals or the local government to confirm the current price.
  4. Two recent passport photographs may be required for processing.
  5. Write and attach a letter stating the reasons for the certificate
  6. Wait by till your certificate of origin is fully prepared

Think about sending a proxy if you don’t currently reside in the local government region to confirm the costs and procedures involved. Verify if it may be collected via a proxy as well. The majority of our regional governments give it to someone else on your favour. It can be sent or brought to you by your proxy.


How much does it cost to receive an identification letter or certificate of origin from the local government? You should be aware that costs differ between states and local governments.

However, according to our research, obtaining a local government identification letter and certificate of origin in Nigeria costs somewhere between ₦2000 and ₦5000.

The local government employees might, however, ask for freebies and other forms of money. This could have an impact on the final cost you pay to the local government to obtain the Certificate of Origin.



It is very advised that every true Nigerian possess a Certificate of Origin. Having this certification has a lot of benefits. You must obtain the Certificate in order to apply for jobs and to attend certain educational institutions. Whoever needs a Local Government Certificate or Certificate of Origin must follow some specific procedures. Whoever desires this certificate won’t be able to receive it if they don’t match the requirements. The procedure for obtaining a local government identification certificate in Nigeria was made easier by this article. We sincerely hope the information was useful.

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