How to Obtain Road Worthiness Certificate in Lagos (2024)

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 08:37 pm

The Lagos state government has advised drivers and vehicle owners alike to get their cars roadworthy in a bid to avoid committing various traffic offence in Lagos. This might be draconian or a bit harsh to commuters in the state, especially for those who aren’t aware of the new law regarding roadworthiness. Some who have renewed their vehicle license, car insurance and drivers license might feel they have escaped the hand of the law but this particular certificate is compulsory if you must ply Lagos roads.

road worthiness certificate lagos

According to the state government, it has always continued to offer its drivers, pedestrians, and other road users cutting-edge platforms for convenient commuting and road use. In its most recent initiative, the government introduced PayVIS, a car number plate detection website that records and invoices traffic law violators. PayVIS was created by the Lagos State Government Vehicle Inspection Service unit (VIS).

Before we proceed on the procedures to get your certificate of road worthiness, you must first provide some document for the process.


The following documents should be presented at the VIS office:

  • Filled-out application
  • Registered Vehicle certification
  • A reliable form of identification
  • Valid vehicle’s license
  • Updated copy of the insurance policy
  • Evidence of payment


Here is the procedures on how to easily get a road worthiness certificate in Lagos.

Step 1: Visit the nearest Vehicle Licensing or VIS office in person.

Step 2: Collect the application for certificate of roadworthiness (ACR) form from the licensing department and provide the necessary details as required of you on the form.

Step 3: Fill and submit the form and documents for further verification processes at the VIS office.

Step 4: After verification of car vehicle license and chassis number, a slip is given to you that will be presented to the Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) for appointment for the vehicle inspection. Note that such appointment is done at the nearest vehicle inspection centre.

Step 5: Go with your vehicle to the Vehicle Inspection Centre (VIC) on the date of appointment for the vehicle inspection.

Step 6: Present the slip to the VIO officer on duty and the vehicle will be examined for its roadworthiness.

Step 7: Once the vehicle satisfies the conditions set for the roadworthiness, you will be issued the roadworthiness certificate easily.


Car owners are urged to go to the vehicle offence detection website,, where they can input their car license plate number in the search bar to see if you’ve ever had any prior traffic infractions. In the search box given for the purpose, enter your license plate number without a space.

If there is an unpaid offense, a billing number is generated, and you must pay your bill by entering the billing number in the payment-related search engine. Your ATM card, bank account, or USSD can be used to confirm the transaction and make payment. To obtain a reprint payment confirmation after making a payment, you must write down your payment reference. If you’re having trouble making a payment, put your vehicle plate number or bill number into the dedicated search box.

The “Contest Bill” button will be visible on the new page that appears. Hit it. Upload your supporting documentation to request reparation. In order to prevent further penalties if your application is rejected, make sure payment is made within seven days. Please note that you can’t obtain your roadworthiness without paying up your traffic infraction fine if you have one.


The Lagos state government who have started implementing the ‘No Vehicle Inspection, No Road Worthiness Certificate’ law in the state and have charged defaulters of this traffic offence a sum of ₦20,000 or have their vehicles towed and impounded.

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