How to Check If a Company is Registered in Nigeria

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If you want to do business with an associate, and you want to ensure that the dealings are legit? You have to check to see if the business is registered. In times past, checking if a company is registered used to be very difficult. Today, there are two simple ways to check if a company is legally registered in Nigeria.

check if company is registered in Nigeria

You can either check with the CAC or with the FIRS. The CAC also known as the Corporate Affairs Commission is the body saddled with the responsibility of registering businesses. You can verify the authenticity of a business by checking if the company is registered with the CAC. The FIRS, on the other hand, is the “Federal Inland Revenue Service.” You can also use this federal body to check the tax records of a company and its registration status. You can do this with you mobile device or any internet-enabled computer. Some of the parameters that can be used in the FIRS online portal include; BN of the company, RC number of the company. Even the company name can also be used.

There are tons of reasons for checking a company’s registration status. Some of these reasons may be that you want to go into business with the company. Or you want to apply for a job with the organization. Sometimes, you sole reason or checking a company’s registration status might be just for Job seeking. In the course of this article, we would be looking at how to check if a company is registered in Nigeria with either method.


For you to do business that is recognized by the Nigerian government, you have to register your company. This registration is done with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The CAC was created under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of Nigeria. When you register your company with the CAC, you would receive a document. This document is known as “Certificate of Incorporation”. The certificate of incorporation contains the details of registration of the business.

Of late, the Nigerian corporate affairs commission has introduced an online method for checking company registration status. This would allow members of the general public to search a name parameter using a mobile device or computer. It would be noteworthy to say that this procedure is free of charge. so don’t bother about any costs.

Proceeding, follow the steps below to check for any company’s registration status online

  1. First, on your internet enabled device, visit the Corporate Affairs commission website.
  2. There, you would see a form, where you would need to type in the company name you want to search for.
  3. Now, you key in the company name
  4. Follow the “ I am not a robot ” CAPTCHA to verify that you are not a robot.
  5. When you are done verifying that you are not a robot, then fill in the company name.
  6. Afterwards, click the search button.

If the business or company is not registered; a blank table will be displayed. In the case where it is registered, the RC number or BN number with a lot of other details would be displayed. Peradventure the company is still undergoing registration; the status would still be displayed in the portal.

Please as a reminder, all legally registered businesses in Nigeria have an RC number. However, business names have a unique BN number.


Almost all companies in Nigeria have tax records. The tax records are maintained and recorded by the FIRS. Some of the parameters that can be used in the FIRS online portal include; BN of the company or the RC number of the company.

To check if a company is registered using FIRS:

  1. Visit the FIRS Official TIN(Tax Identification Number) Verification page by clicking here
  2. Now Scroll down to the Search form below
  3. From the Droplist, select CAC Registration number Enter the CAC Registration Number
  4. Type in the Captcha Image text and then, click on the search button

If the parameters are set well, the company will be displayed with details shown.


  1. What does the FIRS do?

The Job of the FIRS is to assess, collect and account for tax and other revenues that belong to the Nigerian Government. At the state levels, the FIRS have similar functions at the levels state and local government.

The  FIRS is a Government parastatal. They have a lot of power accrued to them. Any company that is registered in Nigeria must have at a point had some indulgence with the FIRS. So to check whether a company is registered, you can use the FIRS online portal.

  1. What does the CAC do?

The responsibility of the corporate affairs commission is to oversee the regulation of the management and establishment of companies in Nigeria. they help to check whether a company is registered in Nigeria.

  1. When was the CAC established?

The CAC was founded in 1990. It was founded by vide companies and Allied matters Act no1(CAMA) 1990.

  1. Are there illegal companies that are registered in Nigeria?

With the internet, fraudsters no find it difficult to create fraudulent schemes. That doesn’t mean that they haven’t stepped up. A lot of scammers go as far as registering a business name so as to gain the trust of unsuspecting individuals. Thanks for the BVN, which is required in every top bureau dealing with Nigeria, it would be difficult for scammers to get away with their bad schemes.

  1. What is TIN?

TIN stands for “Tax identification number”. You can apply for your TIN online. But you need to have a  business name and a company that is registered.

  1. What is BN?

BN stands for Business name number

  1. What is RC number?

RC stands for registered Company number. the RC number can be used to check whether a company is registered in Nigeria.

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