Ebonyi State: List of Local Government Areas & Towns

Ebonyi state has numbers of towns making up the 13 local government areas of the state. From the agricultural production areas to the tourist attraction sites, all are located in the state’s area.

map of Ebonyi state

In this article, we’ll explain the urban areas that are situated in the local government areas of Ebonyi state.

Overview of Ebonyi State

Ebonyi state is referred to as the “Salt of the Nation” due to the large deposits of salt in the area. Created in 1996 by the Gen. Sani Abacha rigime, the state one of the youngest states in the country. Ebonyi State is located in the south-easthern region of Nigeria. The State is bordered with Benue State to the North, Enugu State to the west, Imo and Abia States to the south and Cross River State to the east.

Agriculture is the major economic activity in Ebonyi state. The people of the State are predominantly farmers and traders. The main crops produced in the State are rice, yam, palm produce, cocoa, maize, groundnut, plantain, banana, cassava, melon, sugar cane, beans, fruits and vegetables. Fishing is also carried out in the river area such as Afikpo. In terms of mineral resources, the state has a variety of many, such as lead, limestone, zinc and marble. Moreso, Ebonyi state has a slogan “the salt of the nation” due to the large salt deposit at the towns of Okposi and Uburu.

Tourism is not excluded from the state, as a lot of tourist attraction sites are in the State. They include Ndibe Beach in Afikpo, the salt lakes in the towns of Okposi and Uburu, and Ishiagu Pottery Works in Ishiagu. Other attractions to the State is the rich cultural heritage they have. This is expressed in the many colorful cultural dances, folklore and artwork, which have attracted a lot of national and international attention.

Abakaliki town, the state capital is the largest urban area of the state, with Afikpo town being the following. Other towns that are located in Ebonyi include Ikwo, Izzi, Onicha, Edda, Onueke, Ezzamgbo, Nkalagu, Uburu, Ishiagu, Amasiri and Okposi.

List of Local Government Areas and Towns in Ebonyi state

Ebonyi state has thirteen local government areas (LGAs), namely: Abakaliki, Afikpo North, Afikpo South, Ebonyi, Ezza North, Ezza South, Ikwo, Ishielu, Ivo, Izzi, Ohaozara, Ohaukwu and Onicha.

Below is the outline of towns that are situated in these Local Government Areas;

Abakaliki Local Government Area

Abakaliki LGA is the most developed area in Ebonyi state, due to being the state’s capital. It is one of the thirteen local government areas of the state, with an administrative headquarter Nkaliki town. Other towns in Abakaliki LGA include: Abakpa, Amachi, Amagu and Amagu Unuhu.

Afikpo North Local Government Area

Afikpo North LGA is another Local Government Area in Ebonyi state. Afikpo town, which the area got it name is the headquarter of the LGA. Other notable towns include: Ohaisu, Itim, Nkpoghoro, Ugwuegbu and Amaizu.

Afikpo South Local Government Area

Afikpo South LGA is headquartered in town of Nguzu Edda and there are other towns within the area which include: Nguzu Edda, Owutu-Edda, Ebuwana-Edda, Etiti-Edda, Amangwu-Edda, Oso-Edda and Ogbu-Egbu.

Ebonyi Local Government Area

Ebonyi LGA is a Local Government Area in Ebonyi state. The LGA is obviously where the state got it name. The administrative headquarter of Ebonyi LGA is in the town of Ugbodo with other urban areas like Amadi, Nkoleke-Achara, Izzi Unuhu, Nkaleke-Achara, Okpui-Tumo, Edda, Amagu and Ishieke also making up.

Ezza North Local Government Area

Ezza North is one of the Local Government Areas of the state. It has an headquarter located in the town of Ebiaji. Towns like Amagu, Amawula, Achara-Ezza, Amana, Amazu, Ameka, Amuda and Amudo-Ekka are the notable towns in the LGA.

Ezza South Local Government Area

Ezza South is one of the prominent Local Government Area in Ebonyi state. Onueke-Ezza town is the administrative headquarter of the LGA. Other towns in the area include; Amaeka, Amaezekwe, Amagu, Amana, Amudo, Amuzu, Echare, Ezzama, Ikwuator, Onueke and Umunwagu.

Ikwo Local Government Area

Ikwo Local Government Area has it headquarter located in Onu-Ebonyi Achara town. Other notable towns in Ikwo LGA is Ndufu-Alike, which host a Federal University and others include: Ndufu-Achara, Eka-Awoke, Ndiagu-Achara, Akpan-Wudele, Igbudu, Ndiagu-Amagu, Ndufu-Amagu, Etim- Ekpuitumo, Edua-Alike, Enyibichiri-Alike and Inyimagu.

Ishielu Local Government Area

Ishielu is one of the Local Government Areas of Ebonyi state. The LGA has it own administrative headquarter situated in Ezillo town. Other towns in the local government area include the following: Ezillo Urban, Azuinyoba, Nkalaha, Nkolagu, Iyonu, Ntezi, Okpoto, Agba, Ezzagu, Emuhu, Emuhu-Ali, Amazu, Egge-Egde and Ebeagu.

Ivo-Ebonyi Local Government Area

Ivo-Ebonyi LGA is an economic hub Local Government Area in Ebonyi state, and it has Isiako town as the headquarter. Towns and districts in the LGA include: Ishiagu, Akaeze Ukwu, Amagu, Amonye, Ihenta, Ogidi, Iyioji, Akaeze, Ndiokoro Ukwu, Ngwogwo, Obinagu, Okue, Umobo, Agbaja and Anyanwuigwe.

Izzi Local Government Area

Izzi Local Government Area has an administrative headquarter located in Iboko town. Other notable towns in the area include: Agbaja, Ezz- Inyi-Magu, Igbeagu, Mgbala Ukwu and Ndiezeuzor.

Ohaozara Local Government Area

Ohaozara is a Local Government Area in the state. Its headquarter is located in Obiozara Uburu town. There are other urban areas that made up this LGA include the following; Uburu, Ugwu-Langwu, Ishiagu, Okposi and Akaeze.

Ohaukwu Local Government Area

Ohaukwu Local Government Area has it headquarter sited in Ezzamgbo town, and it consist of other towns and districts which are: Ezzamgbo, Umuezeoka-Ogbo, Umuogudu- Oshia, Amoffia, Ngbo, Okposi-Eheku, Umugudu, Okposhi-Ngbo, Ekwashi-Ngbo, Ukwuagba-Ngbo and Effium.

Onicha Local Government Area

Onicha is yet another Local Government Area in Ebonyi state. The Local Government Area is one of the notable LGA in the state and has it capital is in town of Isu and other towns include: Oshiri, Abaomega, Onicha-Igbeze, Ukawu and Isu.


These are the rundown of the local government areas in Ebonyi state. We’ve also incorporate the prominent towns in the respective areas, so as to give you a glimpse on where to visit in the ‘salt’ state.

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