How To Call South Africa From Nigeria Easily (Area Code For Dialing)

Calling South Africa from Nigeria requires an area code to enable the network provider route the call to the location you want. If you are in Nigeria and would want to make a call to South Africa, then you should avoid mixing numbers. Typically, making a call to a foreign country entirely differs from the local calling format. This implies that on the international call, you should input the prefix correctly before your call will go through to the intended destination.

calling south africa from nigeria

South Africa has a unique dialing format which you must input when calling anyone in the country. Also note that the dialing format is contingent on the area code of the destination region. This article will provide the area code to make calling South Africa from Nigeria possible.

Before going about to let you know how to call South Africa from Nigeria, let’s take a peek at this Southern country in Africa.

South Africa as the name implies is situated in the southernmost tip of the African continent. The country is ostensibly the most visited in the continent and its renowned for its tourist attraction, varied topography, great natural beauty, and cultural diversity. All of these and the economic activities has made South Africa a favoured destination for travelers and tourists.

Looking at the economic development in South Africa, the country is a mining one. South Africa is actually the world’s biggest producer of precious minerals like gold, platinum, chromium, vanadium, manganese and alumino-silicates. The country also produces nearly 40% of the world’s chrome and vermiculite. South Africa has the largest port in Africa in Durban. The port is also the ninth largest in the whole world. It’s also interesting fact that South Africa generates two-thirds of electricity in Africa.


If you want to put a call through to South Africa then that should take much of your time. All you need is to have the correct dialing format for the international call to the foreign country.

We will highlight below the dialing procedure to enable you call South Africa from Nigeria. In this guide, you will as well find information on how to make an international call from Nigeria to the foreign country’s fixed line number or mobile number. Continue reading as we uncover more on how to do all of these processes.


On the off chance that you want to put a straight call to a number in South Africa, then you should first have knowledge of the destination area code and the country as well. This will imply you utilizing the country’s dialing format. It’s also important to out the outgoing international code from your current country, Nigeria.

If you would want to make a direct call to South Africa from Nigeria, this will need you to follow the international dialing format. Don’t get freaky as we will outline that information below. Note that the dialing format is same for calling South Africa mobile or land line from Nigeria. So all you should keep in mind is knowing this format correct.

  • To call a South Africa land phone number from Nigeria, dial: 009 – 27 – Area Code – Land Phone Number
  • In a similar way, to call a South Africa mobile number from Nigeria, dial: 009 – 27 – 9 Digit Mobile Number

That’s the format you should use when making an international call to a South Africa land phone number or mobile number. Just follow the dialing format as we have displayed above whenever you want to call South Africa From Nigeria.

When using those dialing formats, ensure not to miss any number because a single digit signifies a particular function. Here is what those formats mean:

  • 009 – That’s the exit code for Nigeria, and is to be used for making any international call from Nigeria
  • 27 – ISD Code/Country Code of South Africa
  • Area code – South Africa has about 36 area codes which are very unique with different digits. On the off chance that there is an area code you want to call, just dial the area code of the city in South Africa you are calling after dialing ISD Code. However, if there is no area code just dial the Recipient’s Telephone Number after ISD Code.


If you would want to call a South Africa mobile number from Nigeria, here is how you call an international call to a mobile phone number in the foreign country.

  • 009 + 27 + 6? ??? ????
  • 009 + 27 + 7? ??? ????
  • 009 + 27 + 8? ??? ????

Those formats should be followed when calling a particular region in South Africa from Nigeria. Those spaces with question mark will be replaced with the mobile number you intend on calling.


The international standard dialing code or Country code of South Africa is 27.


The southern African country has about 36 area codes which are distinguishing. You need to know the South Africa Area Codes for the particular call you want to make from Nigeria.

In order to keep you updated, here are South Africa area codes to use:

  1. Rustenburg – (0)14
  2. Potchefstroom / Klerksdorp – (0)18
  3. Malmesbury – (0)22
  4. Durban – (0)31
  5. Pietermaritzburg – (0)33
  6. Ladysmith – (0)36
  7. East London – (0)43
  8. Queenstown – (0)45
  9. Bloemfontein – (0)51
  10. Bethlehem – (0)58

You will have to ignore the number within bracket while calling these places from another country. While calling within South Africa, the number within bracket will then be dialed along with area code only.


  • 10111 – Police
  • 10177 – Ambulance
  • 10111 – Fire


In order to avoid untimely calls, it’s important to have knowledge of the time difference between South Africa and Nigeria. This will by and large help you to schedule your calls.

If the current time in Nigeria is 07:11 PM +00:00, then the current time in South Africa will be 09:11 PM +02:00

Nigeria time is 2 hours behind the South Africa time


That’s the size of this article on how to call South Africa from Nigeria. We took time to give the dialing formats to use when calling the southern African country. This included the area codes which we gave in list.

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