Full List of International Airports in Nigeria & Locations

International airports in Nigeria aren’t that much, but they are the only ones offering flight services to other countries. On the off chance that you want to travel abroad or outside Nigeria by flight, then you should know where these few airports are located.

airports in Nigeria

Then if you are acquainted with those terminal closer to you, then you shouldn’t have much to worry about traveling to your foreign destination. In order to make it easier for you to know these international airports, this article will highlight the full list of the international airports in Nigeria and their respective addresses.

Moreover, there are more than 30 air terminals and fields, but its only 26 of them that are operated by the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN). The remaining ones includes private air terminals and fields. However, five of FAAN operated air terminals are international airports which will form the basis of this write-up.


Nigeria has a good number of airports and terminals yet out of this number, just five are recognized for international flights. The following paragraphs will highlight these international airports and where they are located in the country:


Murtala Muhammed International Airport happens to be the most busiest airport in Nigeria. Located in the remote part of Ikeja city, Lagos State, the airport is one of the globally recognised air terminals in the country.

The establishment of Murtala Mohammed International Airport was made during World War ll.  Initially, it was named Lagos International Airport before it was renamed in 1970 after the 4th military head of state General Murtala Muhammed. The international airport was modeled against Amsterdam Airport School. This was at the initial stage of it existence.

There are important classification made in Murtala Muhammed International Airport. This is seen as it has both international and local flights terminal which are one kilometers separated, albeit the two terminals share a similar runway. This feature eases flight congestion and complications for the clients.

On the whole, Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja is arguably the best airport in Nigeria. Their excellent services is utilized by regular citizens and it’s a public air terminal for all and sundry. The elevation of the airport is 135ft/41m and it is the significant air terminal for the most part serving Lagos state and the country.


Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport is a centralized location international airport in Nigeria. The Abuja Airport started operating since 2002 and it has both international and domestic flights terminal. The two terminals has a similar runway to make it connected for ease passage. The airport was named after the first president in Nigeria – President Nnamdi Azikwe.

The airport is situated in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory which happens to be the country’s capital city. As such, it is the primary airport serving the Nigerian Capital city, and which makes it to be otherwise called Abuja Airport.

The air terminal is roughly 20km west of Abuja, with an elevation of 1123ft/342m.


Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport is also in the list of Nigeria’s airports for international flights. Located in the commercial city of Kano, the airport is in the list of international air terminals in Nigeria. Mallam Amino Kano Airport serves the city of Kano, Kano state as a whole, and most part of northern Nigeria. This has made it to be the main airport offering various services for the entire northern area for the country.

With the presence of Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, everything bodes well with Kano which is the most commercial city in Nigeria, especially in the northern region.

Aminu Kano Airport has both international and domestic terminals with an elevation of 1562ft/476m.

The Kano airport was once a Royal Air power station before it integration into a federal airport; it was named after a Mallam Aminu Kano, an notable national figure from the state.


Port Harcourt International Airport is a functional international airport situated at Omagwa, Portharcourt. The airport was established since 1950 and it began operating some years later.

The oil city airport works as both international and domestic air terminal as it has both capacity. Hence, it has distinguishing terminals for both local and international flights yet has separate offices. The Port Harcourt is utilized primarily for public services and its has an elevation in the region of 87ft/27m.


Enugu International Airport, officially known as Akanu Ibiam International Airport is situated in Enugu and named after a prolific medical professional and a national legislator, Akanu Ibiam.

Since the Airport located in Enugu city, it becomes the international airport serving the city and most part of the eastern Nigeria.

Akanu Ibiam International Airport fills in as both local and international airport as it has both capacities. The airport is used mainly as a public air terminal with an elevation of 466ft/142m.


Unlike the international airports which are very limited in numbers, there are many local ones which operates domestic flights. Basically, domestic airports in Nigeria are air terminals that handle flights that are just operational inside the country. There is an absence of customs and immigration due to the fact that they can’t deal with flights to and from another country.

The following are the domestic airports in Nigeria:

  • Akwa Ibom International Airport, Okobo
  • Margret Ekpo international Airport, Calabar Cross Rivers.
  • Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Airport, Bauchi.
  • Kaduna Airport, Kaduna.
  • Maiduguri International Airport, Maiduguri Borno.
  • Sultan Saddik Abubakar Airport, Sokoto.
  • Yakubu Gowon Airport, Plateau Jos.
  • Markurdi Airport, Markurdi Benue.
  • Ilorin Airport, Ilorin Kwara
  • Akure Airport, Akure Ondo.
  • Ibadan Airport, Ibadan Oyo.
  • Sam Mbakwe Airport, Owerri Imo.
  • Gombe Lawanti International, Gombe.
  • Minna Airport, Minna Niger.
  • Katsina Airport, Katsina.
  • Benin Airport, Benin Edo.


That’s the view of all the international airports in Nigeria and their respective locations. We additionally included local airports which are best for domestic flights through the country.

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