How Much Money Do Successful Nigerian Bloggers Make (2024)

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Blogging is no doubt a money-spinning online business. This business involves the work by dedicated online mavens of the internet. This category of people are referred to as bloggers and how do they earn from their work? Typically, the most ideal ways bloggers earn money is by ads placement on their blogs or sites.

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Popular Blogs in Nigeria 2024

With this way, they are paid through ad networks which pay per impression or per click. Placing of ads on site is one of the most common ways bloggers make money in Nigeria. Nonetheless, there are other ways bloggers earn money. That and how much money they make will be covered in this article.

How Bloggers Make Money in Nigeria

There are a lot of ways in which bloggers rake money from their websites. Here are the mediums:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing and advertising is a good way to earn money as a blogger. This works by adding followed affiliate link into the content of your blog. There is much to gain from the affiliate program, as you will make a little commission each time a user makes a buy of the product through your blog. Also, the link will lead perusers to the site of a advertising brand, and the cash you get is to express profound gratitude for sending customers to their site.

Practically, all online eCommerce sites have an offshoot affiliate program in which bloggers can get a shot on. You can get affiliate program from e-commerce sites like Jumia in the country. On the international scene, the likes of Amazon and Apple offer affiliate marketing programs.

Placing Standard Adverts on Blog

As a more visual method of advertising, you can use your blog space on your blog page to advertise things to your readers. Placing of ads on site is one of the most common ways bloggers make money in Nigeria. A fast means of earning money as a is using Google AdSense, which is equally the most prominent ads network. This service give bloggers value for their contents by placing ads on their sites.

Through this platform, you can earn money in one of two different ways – CPC and CPM. CPC (cost per click) implies you’ll get a set earnings for each reader who taps the advert, while CPM (cost per impression) implies you’ll arrange a set installment for each 1,000 ‘impressions’ the ads gets. However, with the development of AdBlocker browsers which block ads, the CPC and CPM can be low, yet it relies upon your industry, and there’s little mischief in giving them a shot.

On the adverts can be placed anywhere in your blog, and generally they’re usually found across the highest point of blog pages or in the sidebar.

Writing/Placing Advertorials and Sponsored Contents

Perhaps the most ideal methods of earning in the blogging industry is through contribution of sponsored contents and advertorials. This is as indicated by good number of bloggers who have make a fortune. These are basically adverts as a paid-for article or blog entry.

Writing or placing advertorials is a adaptation strategy that typically works best when you have a remote audience in your blog. Whenever you’ve developed your readership, brands will regularly move toward you to talk about sponsored posts.

Selling Digital Products On Blog

In the event that you have aptitudes to bring to the table, another option of making money from your blog is through selling digital products. This involves charging an expense for admittance to eBooks, video instructional exercises, courses or workshops. This isn’t that simple as you may think.

To make this medium work, you should have the prowess to show you’re amazingly acceptable at what you do, or that your contents has demonstrated to be unimaginably important. This isn’t simple. Also, it may be really hard to persuade online networks to settle up, as there’s a propensity for people to think that all online offers should be for nothing out of pocket.

Other Means Bloggers Make Money

Yet another way of making money as a blogger is by selling your blog’s bulletin or newsletter space. It’s likewise a choice to charge a brand for either promoting space or a notice in your week by week/month to month newsletters (in the event that you have one!). Nonetheless, you’ll need to develop a fair size mailing list for brands to think about this.

Other means of earning some cash as a blogger involves writing for websites and blogs. This implies writing articles and contents for blogs. Certainly, you will be paid with respect to your content!

How Much Do Successful Nigerian Bloggers Make in Nigeria

Blogging is a seen as an enterprise that will require a lot of your dedication. Though you may not earn in the beginning, but as you subsequently advance, you should expect a lot of cash coming in. You do have to get that in case you’re excessively about the cash from the on-start you’ll be truly baffled. Along these lines, all things being equal, you should consider the worth you’ll be contribution to your blog users. Consider it thusly, the more qualities your traffic can devour the more your capability to bring in cash.

So how much money do successful bloggers make on the average in the country? This is the recurring question that a lot of tyro in the blogging industry always ask. To clear the air on this issue, ‘successful’ Nigerian bloggers ought to earn around ₦400,000 ($1,000) – ₦800,000 ($2,000) on an average. This is after long stretches and work done on their blog. We will subsequently highlight the biggest earners in the Nigerian blogging industry.

Top 5 Richest Bloggers in Nigeria According to Income Generated From Blogs

Presently, there are good numbers of persons who have make a fortune out of the blogging business. Here, we will investigate the all around successful bloggers in the country bringing in a lot of cash. Here are top 5 of them:

  1. Makinde Azeez (
  2. Linda Ikeji (
  3. Ovie (
  4. Uche Eze Pedro (
  5. Bamidele Onibalusi (


After seeing how much Bloggers make on the average, you’d agreed with that you can actually make a lot of income as a blogger in Nigeria. We have outlined the ways bloggers can earn money from their blogs. With this, you should now know that there’s no blog on the internet that cannot make you money, as there will always be a way to monetize it. That’s the size of this article on how much Nigerian bloggers make on the average.

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