The Cost Of Starting A Blog in Nigeria (April, 2024)

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The cost of starting a blog is one of the normal inquiries people constantly pose with regards to beginning the blog. Blogging as a business is a remunerative venture to start. While most people into blogging, do it as a for revenue generation, some blog as a leisure activity. Contingent upon how simple or complex you need your blog to be, the cost needed to totally start the blog varies depending on this variable.

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This article will provide how much it would cost to start a standard blog in Nigeria. We will zero in on the center pieces of blog creation and areas you will probably spend on. Continue with us as we explicate more on this.

Monetary Things Involved in Starting a Blog in Nigeria

Looking for the amount it cost to start a blog in Nigeria? This is entirely dependent on some important factors which determines the overall cost of starting the blog. Irrespective of the type of blog you are hoping to start, it really doesn’t be so expensive. Despite the fact that the genuine beginning to end expenses can shift contingent upon the intricacy of the blog, you wouldn’t really have to burn up all available resources to finish a standard one.

Let’s now consider these important things that contributes to the cost of starting a blog, which implies the sum that you will expect to spend. We will sort each important process and feature the amount you may likely spend per step, contingent upon what you are hoping to create.

Getting a Domain Name

Starting a blog will require you to first get a domain name that identifies your site on the internet. The Domain name is the thing that makes people really discover your blog when looked on the web. The Domain name not just fills in as the personality of your blog, it conveys the name of your blog or business. Normally, you are needed to pay for a domain name in the event that you are hoping to create a standard blog. Normally, domain names purchase isn’t that costly as it commonly cost between $7 – $15 relying upon the hosting service you are using. See below the prices list of popular domain hosting service available in Nigeria and the amount they charge:

  • GoDaddy – $9 – $10
  • NameCheap – $10 – $11
  • Domain King – $5 – $10

Notwithstanding the acquisition of a domain name, you are relied upon to pay a specific sum every year for renewal of the domain. By and large, you pay comparative sum you paid for the domain purchase in any case.

Purchasing a Web Hosting Plan

Subsequent to buying a domain for your blog, the following process is to get a host for the blog. Your blog requires web facilitating to store the website content on the web and guarantees it is open to everybody. While you wouldn’t really have to know the details and the complicity around the process, you can simply arrive at online hosting services that handle these to help have the blog.

You will be required a host for your site to get it to the level you need, notwithstanding the sort of blog you are hoping to assemble. Contingent upon the host you are using, this ought not cost you up to $10 every month. Most hosting services offer web hosting for a low price relying upon the plan you are using. Albeit most hosting companies charge month to month, there are a few plans that permit users to pay limited sums in the event that they are paying yearly. – Free

WordPress is a well-known blog hosting company that allows users to create and host their blogs at a cost depending on their plan. WordPress is the platform that bear the cost and gives you the opportunity to put content on your blog. This is one of the best blogging and hosting platform of publishing content to your blog. You should simply download the WordPress application free and utilize it in getting the job done. You can likewise use the platform directly on the web. You would then be able to make posts and manage your blog.

WordPress is arguably the most used blog hosting platform in Nigeria and extensively in the world. Why a lot of people like the service is that you wouldn’t have to pay a dime for the creation and setting up your blog on WordPress. The blogging platform likewise allow users to redo your blog, plan your subjects and contents. While there are conventional plans you can use for your blog for free, there are different sophisticated plans you may be needed to pay for. This also count in the cost of starting a blog using the service.

The Estimated Cost of Starting a Blog in Nigeria

Anybody can get a blog paying little heed to what type of blog to be created. So far you can get a domain name and web hosting, normally for under $100 per annum, the job is quite completed. Based on practical estimation, it would cost much as $10 – $15 to get a domain name and another $7 – $8 every month for hosting service. Summing all this up approximates to about $85 every year.

Converting the foreign currency over to naira, you probably won’t even spend up to ₦30, 000 every year in managing a blog. This is relying upon the currency exchange rate at the time where you are buying the domain name and to a great extent, the hosting service you are choosing to host your website.

Depending on the type of blog you hope to run, it may accompany its own cost. In the event that you are running a blog that expect you to employ a content writer, you may have to remember the expense for employing the personnel. Having all these in mind will go far in giving you the best for your blog.


Are you contemplating on commencing a blog soon? Notwithstanding why you are starting the blog, regardless of whether it is for no particular reason or to make revenues, it is important for you to have knowledge of the overall cost of the process. Moreso, bloggers should also have the experience on the writing of the blogging process. This being content creation is one of the center parts of contributing to a blog. No doubt, it likewise determines the income you will make from the blog.

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