How Much is Golf 3 in Nigeria Currently in 2024?

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If you are in the market for a new car, you may be considering purchasing a golf 3. This vehicle has many great features that can benefit you, your family, and your wallet. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the good features of the golf 3 and also the cost of a golf 3 in the country this 2024. Stay tuned to learn more!

golf 3 price in nigeria

The Volkswagen Golf 3 was a compact car that was produced by the German automaker Volkswagen from 1991 to 1997. It was the third generation of the Volkswagen Golf, and it was succeeded by the Golf 4 in 1998.

The Golf 3 was available in a range of body styles, including a 3-door hatchback, a 5-door hatchback, and a station wagon (called the “Variant” in Europe and the “Jetta” in North America). It was also available with a variety of engine options, including petrol and diesel engines with displacements ranging from 1.4 liters to 2.8 liters.

This vehicle was known for its refined driving experience, spacious interior, and solid build quality. It was also praised for its fuel efficiency and low emissions. In terms of safety, the Golf 3 was equipped with airbags, ABS, and traction control as standard.

Although, the Golf 3 is fading away, it is still desired by many in Nigeria and even around the world. This is due to it being a compact and classic car by many enthusiasts today.


It is difficult to provide an accurate range of prices for used Volkswagen Golf 3’s in Nigeria, as the prices will depend on various factors such as supply and demand, condition, and location. However, here are some general guidelines for the prices of used Golf 3s in Nigeria:

Average price: The average price for a used Volkswagen Golf 3 in Nigeria may range from around ₦950,000 to ₦1,500,000 depending on engine options and body parts.

Highest and lowest prices: The highest prices for used Volkswagen Golf 3s in Nigeria may be found for cars that are in excellent condition with low mileage and rare or high-demand trim levels. These prices could potentially reach up to ₦5,000,000 or more. On the other hand, the lowest prices for used Volkswagen Golf 3s in Nigeria may be found for cars that are in poor condition with high mileage or common trim levels. These prices could potentially be as low as ₦200,000 or less.

Model year: The model year of the Golf 3 can also affect its price. Older models may be less expensive than newer models, although this will also depend on the supply and demand for the car and its condition.

Trim level: The trim level of the Golf 3 (such as the “GL” or “GTI”) can also affect its price. Higher trim levels may be more expensive than lower trim levels, as they often come with additional features and higher-quality materials.

Mileage: The mileage of the Golf 3 can also affect its price. Cars with low mileage will generally command a higher price than cars with high mileage, as they have been driven less and may have less wear and tear.


When seeking to buy a car like the golf 3, you should know that engines of Golf 3 have ranges from the 1.4 and 4 cylinders to the range-topping 2.9 VR6 Syncro. These various ranges of the car engines determines both performance and price.

With various engine options and body types of golf 3 available today in Nigeria. you might need the experience of a top car dealer or even go with an agent who is grounded in automobiles so as he will teach or help you to know how to select the right vehicle with the right engine range.

There are also the options of the cost of golf 3 that is automatic or uses the manual options, all depends on individual preference. There are also range from 1.6 litre engines up to the VR6 and the 2.0 GTI 8 and 16V which are manual. All these should be put into consideration when you want to buy a golf-3 in Nigeria.

Before you buy, also decide on the number of doors you prefer in the Golf 3 as there are those with 5 doors while others have 3 doors with different engine/transmission options. The number of doors also determines how much the cost will be.


Below are some final thoughts and advice for those interested in purchasing a Volkswagen Golf 3 in Nigeria:

  • Determine your budget: It is important to determine your budget before you start shopping for a Volkswagen Golf 3 in Nigeria. This will help you narrow down your options and avoid overspending.
  • Consider the condition and mileage: The condition and mileage of the Golf 3 are important factors that can affect its price and performance. Look for a car that is in good condition and has low mileage, as these cars are likely to be more reliable and have a longer lifespan.
  • Research prices and availability: It is a good idea to research the prices and availability of Volkswagen Golf 3s in the auto market before making a purchase. This will help you get an idea of what to expect in terms of price and will also allow you to compare different offers.
  • Consider purchasing from a reputable dealer: Purchasing a Volkswagen Golf 3 from a reputable dealer can provide peace of mind and ensure that you are getting a high-quality car. Look for dealers who have a good reputation and a history of selling reliable cars.
  • Get a vehicle inspection: Before making a purchase, it is a good idea to have a professional mechanic inspect the Golf 3 to ensure that it is in good condition. This can help identify any issues that may not be immediately apparent and will give you a better understanding of the car’s condition.


Although, there are some particular requirements that the individual would want in the car plus the price range. We often advise that you buy from top car dealers in Nigeria, as every seller have their own rate that is being imposed on these cars.

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