Cost of Painting/Repainting Cars in Nigeria (2024)

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Do you wish to update the appearance of your vehicle? If that’s what you’re want, repainting will suffice. How much does it cost to spray paint or repaint a car in Nigeria? We’ll look at the price of this service later, but first, let’s look at what repainting an automobile entails. Car painting and spraying are common in the automotive industry and among car owners. Car refinishing has the ability to give an old car a new and appealing appearance. It is an important aspect of automotive maintenance since vehicles require a new appearance, especially when their previous appearance has worn out.

car painting in Nigeria

Painting and repainting vehicles, as well as rebranding cars and buses, is a common habit among motorists. Nigerians utilize cars or vehicles extensively due to poverty and insufficient output. As a result, car painting or repainting is unavoidable.

We believe it is critical to discuss the cost of painting and repainting automobiles in the country. In this article, we’ll talk about how much it costs to paint or repaint a car or vehicle in Nigeria.


How much does it cost to paint or repaint a car in Nigeria? Let’s have a look at the price of this service.

Painting, repainting, or spraying a car in Nigeria costs on average ₦100,000. Furthermore, the cost of repainting cars is solely determined by a number of elements that influence the service’s worth. The type of car paint to be applied, the equipment to be utilized, and the specialists providing the service are all considerations to consider. Vehicle painting, repainting, and spraying can be expensive at some advanced car repainting shops. However, less experienced automobile painters can be found in Nigerian cities all around.

For painting or repainting cars, less experienced car painters or sprayers can charge between ₦30,000 and ₦50,000. Vehicle painting and repainting can cost anything from ₦100,000 to ₦200,000 in advanced painting outlets.

The decision to hire an advanced painter or a less experienced car painter is based on the vehicle owner’s budget. Painting and repairing cars in Nigeria has become prohibitively expensive in recent years.

It’s also worth noting that the cost of repainting an automobile is dependent by the vehicle’s size. Larger vehicles, such as SUVs, buses, and family automobiles, may have higher painting costs than smaller vehicles. This is due to the amount of paint to be used and the amount of time it will take to paint the cars.


The following are some considerations to keep in mind about before getting your car spray painted or repainted in Nigeria. Here are five critical things to think about while getting your car painted.


Painting the complete vehicle is usually not a good option if your vehicle has a few minor chips and faults. Based on the amount of effort involved, repainting the hood and correcting entryway dings should cost between ₦85,000 and ₦500,000. Keep in mind that the number of adjustments required may differ based on where you live.

In hot weather, where the sun is the most dangerous foe, vehicles face hazy finishes and fuzzy paint caused by extreme heat and destructive beams. Clean-up fixes may be more challenging because damaged zones are likely to be huge surfaces. Naturally, vehicles in colder locations may have rust streaks beneath the paint that require attention.


The better the paint planning, the greater the price. Only a few stores will tolerate shoddy, time-consuming work. Some will give varied degrees of painting opportunities. Businesses will remove additional trim elements and features like head-and-tail lamps as you climb up the value ladder. This guarantees that the sheet metal’s steep bends are covered by the coating.

Sanding off old paint, correcting outside damage, and, in any event, removing the glass will almost always be required in preparation for more expensive paint projects.


Never cover a major problem with a thin, restorative concealer. It’s also not a good idea to cover over imperfections or corrosion without addressing the root of the problem. If your car has a lot of dings and rust patches, covering them up can only make things worse in the short and long run. A shiny fresh coat of paint would most likely highlight body problems, whereas rusty boards will deteriorate if not properly maintained. Paint is used to fix issues rather than to conceal them.


Assume you have an older car with a lot of miles on it that is worth a lot of money. Although it appears to be slightly drained, you admire the automobile; it operates flawlessly. If you only need a fast exterior update at a modest cost, a less expensive repaint in a similar tone would suffice. If you want to sell this comparable automobile, this may stay the same.


The setup will indeed be marginal for low-cost paints, and the store will also most probably not really have rust and entryway dent repairs. Prior to repainting, the glass area and other non-painted exterior trim will be covered, but that’s it. It may appear fine from a distance of 50 feet, but up close, there will be multiple evidence that it was a surface respray. As a result, you must first comprehend the painting work required before beginning to paint the car.


In the automotive industry and among automobile owners, car painting and spraying are routine. Repainting or repainting an automobile can give it a fresh and appealing look. It’s an essential part of car maintenance. This is due to the fact that automobiles require a fresh appearance, particularly if the previous one is worn out.

We believe that discussing the cost of repainting a car in Nigeria is essential. This is owing to the fact that Nigerians rely heavily on automobiles. As a result of the regular use, car painting or repainting is inevitable.

We discussed how much it costs to spray paint or repaint a car or vehicle in Nigeria in this blog post. This knowledge, I believe, will go a long way toward giving your car a new updated look.

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