Advantages Of Military Rule in Nigeria

Below are the merits and advantages of Military Rule in Nigeria.

There’s no need saying it, civilian rule is better than military rule. This can be seen from recent happening in countries like North Korea where military rule is practiced to far back in history when the military high handedly ruled Nigeria.

It only takes a group of tactical soldiers to dethrone and enthrone another Head of State. However, the military rule also has it own advantages and this will be discussed below.


There’s no cause arguing if people were more disciplined during the military era. Yes, they were. However, this was as a result of fear in the mind of people.

Remember the War Against Indiscipline (WAI) when General Muhammadu Buhari was a military ruler? You can’t try that in a civilian rule. During the civilian rule we are in, you can’t try that.

Corruption Not Widely Spread

The military rulers then had their hands dirty with corrupt practices. However, this was not the order of the day and within the civilians and junior army officers.

Corruption was accepted generally during the Shagari regime and since then had proliferated into the general public and had gotten to the grass roots.

There’s hardly any sector of the country without corruption being part and parcel of it. This wasn’t the case in the military era where corruption was not widely spread.

This might seem not to be a good thing but from the moral point of view, it is.

General Development

This was another merit of military rule in Nigeria. There was development in the nation when the military was ruling as opposed to the retarded kind of development experienced in the civilian Government.

A lot of agencies and infrastructures were developed during this period and till date, they are still in use while some of their projects were not maintained by the civilian government and as such, had gone beyond repair.

It was also during this regime that states were created, Abuja made the Federal Capital Territory and the country was divided into 6 geopolitical zones for administrative purpose.

Looking at all these, even though the disadvantages of military rules is more than it advantages in Nigeria, they have had their own positive effect on the nation.

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