Top 10 Most Happiest States in Nigeria (2024)

Which are the happiest states in Nigeria in 2024?

With 36 states spanning multiple ethnic groups and economic development levels, the quality of life people experience vastly differs based on where they reside.

Measuring happiness allows us to peek into those states where good governance and human welfare are making life most enjoyable for citizens. It also helps spotlight models for other states to emulate.

This article ranks the 10 happiest states in Nigeria as of this year as per the simple misery index report.


If you’re looking for where to live happily in Nigeria, then the following ten states shouldn’t be far from your options.


Nestled in the heart of southwest Nigeria, Osun state claims the top spot with a low “misery index,” a measure combining unemployment and inflation rates.

With the lowest unemployment rate in the country and manageable inflation, the state takes the number one spot as Nigeria’s happiest state.

Significant investments in infrastructure, healthcare, education, agriculture and economic diversification are paying dividends.

Osun has built a reputation for transparency, accountability and people-centered governance.

This has built high levels of citizen trust and community solidarity.

With youth empowerment and social protection schemes also ranking amongst the best nationwide, optimism remains high as most residents believe the best is yet to come.

Osun shows that good governance and caring for citizens’ welfare are vital for happiness.


Second on the list as Nigeria’s happiest state in 2024 is Anambra.

Nicknamed the “Light of the Nation” for its entrepreneurial prowess, Anambra has built a thriving economy around trade, agriculture, and small-scale industries.

With some of the country’s lowest poverty levels, most residents of Anambra tend to express high levels of life satisfaction.

Its governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, elected in 2021, has implemented innovative governance programs centred on adequate security, increased investments in education, healthcare access, rural development and youth empowerment.

The outlook remains positive for Anambra to continue being a haven of happiness.


Ranking third happiest, Lagos State has confirmed its status as Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre.

Scoring highly for economic and educational opportunities, Lagos continues to attract migrants from across Nigeria seeking better prospects.

With rising investments in infrastructure, Lagos has been able to better manage its large population, reducing congestion and improving liveability.

Government initiatives aimed at promoting tourism, arts, recreation and better housing are also paying dividends.

By reflecting on the diversity of its residents, Lagos continues to provide something for everyone within its borders.


Industrialisation, stability and agricultural development have cemented Ogun as one of Nigeria’s happiest states in 2024.

Under the leadership of Governor Dapo Abiodun, the “Gateway State” continues to witness rapid socioeconomic transformation, especially in reducing unemployment and poverty.

Investments in the education and health sectors have started yielding positive outcomes for human development indicators.

Residents report a high degree of safety within Ogun State, thanks to various urban renewal projects addressing past infrastructure deficits.

With its proximity to Lagos, Ogun retains its attraction as a hub for industries and logistics operations.


Coal City State Enugu is the fifth happiest state in the country.

With exceptional rural development programs raising remote communities out of poverty, life expectancy and health outcomes in Enugu continue to rise.

Coupled with substantial investments in education, security reforms, and youth empowerment initiatives, residents report significant improvements to living standards compared to a decade ago.

Enugu’s economy is also diversifying beyond just civil service, boosting job creation and retention for its fast-growing labor force.


Rivers State ranks sixth happiest state in Nigeria.

As one of Nigeria’s leading oil-producing states, massive investments in infrastructure development – especially road networks, schools, and hospitals – are highly visible across Rivers.

This infrastructure drive has opened new areas for economic activities and improved social service delivery.

However, there are concerns that Rivers may lag if human capital development and private sector participation.

The state also had a good score in the misery index.


Ranking seventh happiest this year, coastal state Akwa Ibom continues to raise living standards.

Blessed with oil wealth, Akwa Ibom has invested in infrastructure and social development, leading to improved living standards.

With investments in infrastructure reviving moribund industries, Akwa Ibom has created tens of thousands of jobs for its youth.

The influx of companies from across Nigeria and beyond illustrates Akwa Ibom’s strategy of improving the ease of doing business.

With relative peace and security, its predominantly agrarian and petroleum-based economy should help Akwa Ibom residents maintain their optimism.


Kaduna State ranks eighth happiest in 2024, having become one of Nigeria’s top investment destinations in recent years.

With the establishment of a $250 million agropolis project and a $190 million dairy farm funded by the African Development Bank, Kaduna’s economic landscape is set for a major transformation.

There is also greater collaboration between the state government and the private sector to revolutionize public service delivery using technology-a key demand by youths.

With Stats showing improved security and education reforms, Kaduna residents are full of hope about the state’s future.


The “Heartbeat” of Nigeria is living up to its nickname, with Edo State emerging as the ninth happiest in the country.

Edo has been steadfastly pursuing an agenda centered on institutional reforms, education, infrastructure, industrialization, social welfare enhancement and rural development.

The state has been providing opportunities for self-actualization and job creation.

This is reflected in the high life satisfaction that exists amongst youth and rural communities.


Ranking 10th happiest is Kwara State, under the leadership of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq.

Kwara has witnessed an influx of infrastructure, evidenced in the construction of new roads, schools, and power projects.

However, challenges like youth unemployment and the debt burden remain concerns, requiring proactive mitigation if Kwara is to rise higher on the happiness ladder.


There we have the 10 happiest states in Nigeria in 2024.

States like Osun, Lagos and Anambra lead the way in providing good governance, economic opportunities, and social welfare – key ingredients for having happy citizens.

Of course, there is still room for improvement in issues like unemployment, infrastructure deficits and standard of living gaps.

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