Top Sectors to Invest in Nigeria (2024)

Despite its challenges, Nigeria is a good place to do business. High returns on investment (ROI), relatively low labor costs, a massive market, large consumer spending resulting from her large population (estimated at over 200 million people), and a large endowment of natural resources to provide input to industries are some of the critical drivers.

top sectors in the Nigerian economy

There are numerous sectors in Nigeria to invest in that can provide a smart entrepreneur with a lifetime of wealth. Many investment opportunities exist in this country as a problem that anyone can take advantage of. Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, is a rapidly growing market with a number of promising sectors for investment. Here are some of the top sectors to consider:


Now, let’s take a look at the top sectors of the Nigerian economy where you should put your money. Opportunities abound in these sectors, whether you are a microentrepreneur or the owner of a large multinational corporation:


Oil and gas is an excellent industry with numerous investment opportunities. Nigeria currently relies on oil and gas for the majority of its revenue; you can choose to play a dominant role in the sector by assisting the government with refineries or begin production/distribution of end products such as asphalt, bitumen, and the rest.

Nigeria is a major oil-producing country and the sector is a significant contributor to the country’s GDP. The government is making efforts to increase transparency and improve the business environment in the sector, making it an attractive option for investors.

Regardless of the sectors in which you choose to invest. Keep in mind that you must have at least a basic understanding of how it works before putting your money there. We hope you find this information useful as you embark on your investing journey.


The real estate sector in Nigeria offers some of the best investment opportunities. Because almost everyone, whether they can afford land or not, will need to live in a house. You can buy land in major cities and then sell it when it appreciates in value. Alternatively, you could invest in large commercial buildings, such as the hall, to rent out for conferences, seminars, and other events. Even though this type of business opportunity will necessitate a significant investment, you are guaranteed to profit in either case.

The real estate sector in Nigeria is also growing, with increasing demand for both commercial and residential properties. The government has implemented policies to encourage the development of affordable housing, making it a promising sector for investment.


Without a doubt, one of the most pressing issues confronting the majority of Nigerians is the lack of access to high-quality health care. Health care is another brisk investment opportunity in Nigeria.

Providing quality care by investing in the construction of hospitals where they are needed and hiring the necessary personnel. You can also collaborate with a variety of organizations to accomplish this. Though the process of establishing a hospital, pharmacy, or other related health care facility is highly regulated and can be time-consuming at times, it is unquestionably a worthwhile sector in which to invest money in Nigeria.


Agriculture is one of the most profitable sectors to invest in in Nigeria. It not only has a high return rate, but it can also be done with low labor costs. Nigeria also has ideal weather conditions for agriculture, as well as fertile and arable land.

Nigeria has a vast agricultural sector, with a range of crops including cocoa, rubber, and palm oil. The sector has significant potential for growth and investment, particularly in the areas of processing and value-added products.

You can consider livestock farming such as pig farming, poultry farming, and snail farming, or you can focus on crop production such as rice, tomatoes, beans, plantain, maize, and so on. If direct farming is not for you, you can invest in agricultural companies. They assist you in investing your money and returning it to you on a regular basis with interest.


The Nigerian entertainment industry has seen a lot of growth in recent years, from music to movie production to the emergence of relaxation centers like cinemas.

Despite being one of the fastest growing and most popular industries, there is still room for many new investors to enter. Many relaxation centers, movie production companies, and music production companies are still needed. In addition, many types of equipment, such as cameras, studio sets, and training of sector professionals, are produced, creating a fertile ground for investors to invest money in Nigeria and earn a lot of money.


The education sector is one of the best investment opportunities and most profitable sectors in Nigeria. We are all aware of how Nigerian public schools have fallen short of expectations, paving the way for private investors and entrepreneurs. The importance of a good education, whether for a professional career, skills, or knowledge, cannot be overstated, as many people strive to obtain it for a variety of obvious reasons.

You can enter this industry by offering standard basic schools, tertiary schools, trades learning centers, and other related schools. You’re in for a profitable adventure if you use a good penetrating strategy.


Nigeria has enormous purchasing power; however, only a few indigenous companies are benefiting from it. Furthermore, a greater proportion of purchasing power is extended outside of the country. Most household and other types of products used in Nigeria are imported, indicating that the sector is underutilized.

Nigeria’s manufacturing sector requires a large number of investors who are capable of producing goods and commodities required by Nigerians. Investing in the manufacturing sector will be one of the best sectors to invest in Nigeria with a good marketing and distribution strategy.

Nigeria has a large and growing population, providing a potential market for locally-produced goods. The government is also looking to increase local production and reduce reliance on imports, making the manufacturing sector an attractive option for investors.


ICT is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the Nigerian economy in which to invest. Nigeria is not lagging behind in the digitalization of the world. With millions of online users, you can invest in this sector by providing relevant solutions to problems that many people face. You can also invest in Nigeria’s stock exchange.

You can capitalize on this business opportunity by collaborating with organizations or providing services to users. You might want to concentrate your efforts on some of these untapped goldmines, such as programming, app development, software and hardware development, artificial intelligence, and so on.

The telecommunications sector in Nigeria has grown significantly in recent years, with the number of mobile phone users increasing from less than 10 million in 2002 to over 180 million in 2020. There is still room for growth in the sector, particularly in the areas of broadband and internet services.


Unlike in the past, traveling is now one of the most popular daily activities for many people. Nowadays, almost everyone travels, and the transportation industry is expanding.

You can capitalize on these investment opportunities by establishing a transportation company that provides safe and comfortable transportation between states and cities. To accomplish this, invest in or establish airlines, travel agencies, or collaborate with reputable organizations.


Retailing is one of the fastest growing sub sectors of the Nigerian economy and will continue to be so for a long time due to a growing population, rising consumption, technological advancements, an increase in mobile payment, and the growing sophistication of the working population.

Another aspect of retailing that is gaining traction in Nigeria is ecommerce. Popular brands such as Jumia, Konga, Dealdey, and Jiji currently dominate the sector.

As the number of internet users grows by the day, so do the opportunities in the Ecommerce space. According to recent data from the National Communications Commission ((NCC), approximately 111 million Nigerians access the internet, with a significant proportion of them shopping online.


These are the top ten industries in Nigeria to invest in. You must choose an area of interest and conduct extensive research and feasibility studies to ensure that your efforts will be worthwhile. Overall, Nigeria is a diverse and rapidly-growing market with a range of sectors offering investment opportunities. It is important for investors to thoroughly understand the risks and potential returns of any investment, and to seek advice from financial professionals as needed.

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