TV Presenters’ Salary Structure in Nigeria (2024)

Up until now, you have been seeing and viewing those people who present programs on television. These are TV presenters, whose job is to report news event to keep viewers updated on the latest happenings. Just as you will always admire these presenters in the way they present the news stuff, you may as well want to know how much they earn as salary. This will make you know what to expect if peradventure you want a career in this field. In this article, we will look at the current salary structure of TV presenters in Nigeria.

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TV presenting is one of the illustrious careers in the media industry. This is an exciting field in the industry in which a lot of people likes to be. One of reasons why people are intrigued to this career in mass communication is the fact that they find it as being interesting. Inasmuch as the career may be riveting, it’s as well challenging and can also be absolutely fun, especially to those that are in the entertainment sector.

Also, a good number of other people love the profession for the exposure that comes along with it. This being that the career can open you to various opportunities to meet people and sometimes become a notable figure. Either of the reasons you will want to have a career as a TV presenter, this piece of writing will be of immense help in giving you a picture of what to expect as salary.

After having knowledge of all the exciting funs and facts about the TV presenting profession, you may be looking for information on the salary of these media professionals. This is the main question that all who wants to end up in this career will want to ask. What actually do TV presenters take home every month as their salary? This article give answers to this question.

Salary Structure of TV presenters in Nigeria (2024)

Let’s take at how much TV Presenters earn as salary in the country.

Currently, TV presenters in Nigeria earn between ₦70,000 and ₦150,00 as monthly salary. This depends if the presenter is working in a public or private broadcast media outfit and also the educational qualifications and number of years a senior TV presenter.

In most cases, this estimate excludes feeding and wardrobe allowances. Nonetheless, the salary range for TV presenters new intro into the profession, may be a bit more lower than the figure listed.

As said earlier, TV presenters are very liked and a lot of people do want a career in this area. This profession is one of the careers in the media industry that people love to have a career. Interestingly, the salary for TV presenter professionals have been very encouraging, though not much as compared to the service they put into it.

Nevertheless, a lot of people still find it exciting ending up in the profession. One reason to be positive about the TV presenting field is that a lot of other professions rely heavily on the field in the world today. This gives a positive note that the TV presenting profession would not be where it is in the coming future. This goes to show how important TV presenting and extensively mass communication is to the any developing country.

While most of the TV stations in Nigeria do not reveal the exact amount they pay their television presenters, Nigerian television presenters salaries generally depend on two main factors which include the years of experience of the presenter and the status of the television company. Also, factors like the number of glued and active viewers of the particular TV shows have one or two to do with how much they are paid.

Who are TV Presenters, What Do They Do?

Basically, a TV presenter works for a television network as the host of a television program. His or her job description or duties include introducing reporters and offering commentary on various events, sports, news, and other programs to the public. You may be responsible for writing your own script, and this depends on the position and the job role.

The qualifications for the IT presenting career include having a pleasant appearance, excellent communication skills, strong public speaking skills, and a flexible schedule. To become more professional, most presenters hold a bachelor’s degree in mass communication. Participating in an internship program will also be an added advantage while in school.

More explicitly, we will expound more on how to become a TV presenter in Nigeria.

How to Become a TV Presenter in Nigeria

This is one of the most basic steps to take with regards to the TV presenting profession. This is on the grounds that there is not one answer to this. By and large, you don’t need to contemplate and go on a specific course in a specific field before turning into a presenter. In spite of the fact that there are sure courses and training that will make you a good TV presenter and shows you more about the field. Here are the fundamental steps to take on the off chance that you want to become an expert or professional in the TV presenting profession:

Step 1: Be Certified

Usually, TV Presenting doesn’t need a specific course of study, as a certification can get you a job there.  Nevertheless,  people that study Mass Communications and English have advantage of making it into the field. This is on the grounds that these people are mostly considered and they get acquainted with significantly more about the field and are most occasions, better prepared to dominate in the field.

That being stated, any graduate with the required degree(Mass communication, English and Communication Arts) can go into the field. Firstly, you are required to have the mandatory SSCE qualification with at any rate a credit pass in the important subjects including English, Mathematics and three other related subjects, which could include Economics, Accounting and comparative subjects.

You at that point endeavor to be have attended a University or Polytechnic with a degree in Mass Communications, English, Languages or some other related course. Normally, the span and duration for these courses is 3 – 4 years relying upon the institution and type of program.

As expressed, note that the course you concentrate in school doesn’t limit you from being a TV presenter much of the time. Having the necessary certification might get you in.

Step 2: Attending the National Youth Service Corps

This is a one-year service program where you are relied upon to serve your country. Generally, graduates of English, Mass Communications and other related courses are presented on media houses, where they are ideal to work with experts in the field.

Step 3: Certification and Training

Thereare lots of certificate programs in TV presenting, Communication and Journalism. These are certification that will give you an edge in the TV presenting job pursuit. This includes programs like Strategic Communication Management, Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Management, and a whole lot of others.


TV Presenters are very prominent in the media industry. They include the category of News presenter, Host, and Radio personality. The work of these media personalities is basically to introduce or host television programs.

This article explicate more on the roles of these people and how to get a career on this profession. We majorly dealt on the salary structure of TV presenters in Nigeria.

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