Full List of Low Tuition Fee Universities in Canada and Their Details

Do you want to study in Canada? Well this is the full list of universities with low tuition fees in Canada plus their details so sit back and read along.


Many Nigerians love to study abroad with Canada a preferred destination for them. This is due to the fact that the Canadian academic system is highly impressive and their standards are up there with the best in the world.

Even if tuition fees are charged by many schools in Canada, you should be aware that studying in Canada is far cheaper than what you can get in many developed countries of the world. If you are looking for a place to study for your undergraduate or graduate programmes, you should consider studying in Canada.

There are many universities in Canada that charge very low tuition fees and because of this, it is very easy for students to study in these schools, since their charges are far below what obtains in many other universities across the world.

This article is about the universities in Canada that charge very low tuition fees. You will also know about how to apply to these universities as a Nigerian student.

Universities in Canada that Charge Low Tuition Fees

1. Memorial University of Newfoundland

The school offers one of the lowest tuition fees in the whole of Canada. They offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. An undergraduate student in the university will pay $8,800, while a master’s degree student will pay $10,705.

The school is actually opened to all who may desire to study from any country of the world. Feeding and accommodation is relatively cheap here compared with what obtains in other countries of the world.

2. Acadia University

This is yet another university in South Africa with relatively low tuition fee. The university equally offers both undergraduate and post graduate degree programs. As an undergraduate student, you will have to pay $7,495 and a postgraduate student for master’s degree will have to pay $10,546.

Admission process is very simple. You only need to visit their website to register. Most of them begin admission process around March. You should ensure you start your registration process before then.

3. University of Prince Edward Island

The population in this school is very few. They are one of the universities in Canadian territory that offer education at very low tuition fee. An undergraduate in this school will only have to pay $6,428 per session, while a postgraduate student for master’s degree program will also have to pay the same amount.

You will agree that this is very affordable. The beauty of it all is that the affordable state of education in this school does not in any way stop them from offering top quality education.

4. Brandon University

This is yet another university in Canada that offers very affordable education. Their tuition fee is among the lowest you can ever come by in Canada. In Brandon University, an undergraduate student will only have to pay $6,471.

If you want to study for masters degree in the university on the other hand, you will only have to pay $7,485. Most programs in the university take 4 years; some other ones actually take longer, depending on the faculty and the program.

5. Concordia University College Alberta

This is one of the most popular universities in Canada. Aside its popularity on global scale, the university also has one of the lowest tuition fees in Canada. As an undergraduate student in the school, you will be required to pay $11,680 per session.

A postgraduate student on the other hand is only required to pay $6,100. This is the exact amount you will pay for each year of your education in the institution. There are also scholarship opportunities for intending students

6. Dominican University College

This is yet another university in Canada that offer very low tuition fee. They offer many courses in the university for undergraduate students and the quality of their education is undisputed.

They have international recognition. They admit both undergraduate and postgraduate students. As an undergraduate student, you will only have to pay $5,000 per session. Without doubt, this is the university with the lowest tutu ion fee in the whole of Canada.

7. Athabasca University

They too offer relatively affordable education. Both undergraduate and post graduate students in the school pay less than what obtains in several other Canadian universities. As an undergraduate student, you only have to pay $9, 440. A post graduate student on the other hand will have to pay $10,490.

8. Universite de Saint-Boniface

This university also offers top quality education at very low rate for students from Canada and from other parts of the world. They do not discriminate in admission process and you can apply and get admitted as a Nigerian.

Their requirements are also straightforward. An undergraduate student has to pay $6,420. The fee to be paid by postgraduate students is not available at the moment.

In early 2017, the government of Canada made an announcement that education in the country will be made almost free for students who are from poor background and can therefore not afford to pay for their education. Those who are wealthy on the other hand will have to pay every dime for their education.

This plan by the Canadian government can be enjoyed by both Canadian residents and international students who seek to get educated in Ontario University.

Requirements for Admission Into Low Tuition Fee Universities in Canada

The items listed below are the documents you need to provide as a Nigerian in order to get admitted into these universities.

1. Canadian visa

2. Your international passport

3. Photocopy of the Personal Details page of your international passport

4. Evidence of English proficiency, like TOEFL and IELTS.

5. Letter of recommendation.

6. International application form

7. Application fee, which is non-refundable

8. Secondary school result, like SSCE or WAEC. Some accept NECO

9. Transcript from your secondary school

The above are the general requirements for admission into Canadian universities. Some schools may however make other requirements. You need to liaise with the university you are interested in to find out what other requirements they demand for. The application fee varies from one university to the other.

Most of the schools demand for minimum of 570 as score for TOEFL if the student did paper based examination. A student that start for internet based TOEFL on the other hand is expected to score minimum of 84. If you sit for IELTS on the other hand, you are expected to score minimum of 6.5 to qualify for admission.

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