Full List Of Command/Military Schools In Nigeria

In addition to public and private schools, Nigeria has military schools that give quality education and instil discipline in students.

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The Federal Government of Nigeria developed command/military secondary schools to instil discipline in any student/child who desires to pursue a career in Nigeria’s armed forces.

If you’re looking for the top command secondary schools in Nigeria to enrol your child in, this guide is for you. This article offers a comprehensive list of all military secondary schools in Nigeria.

Military schools are not the same as regular schools, which are led and managed by a principal, instructor, or proprietor. They are run by military officials and personnel in this situation. Regular students are not uncommon at command/military secondary schools, which are established for students who desire to further their education and pursue a career in the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Students who do not want to join the Nigerian Armed Forces in the future might attend the command secondary school to acquire or complete their secondary school education.

Military/command schools, like federal and state government colleges, have good and quality teachers who will teach your child, instil discipline, and impart knowledge into him/her

Nigerian military schools are affiliated with the Nigerian Armed Forces, which include the Nigerian Navy, Army, and Air Force.

Furthermore, nearly all military secondary schools are housed in military or armed forces barracks, ensuring your child’s safety. Your youngster will be safe from external threats such as kidnappers.

Although the command secondary schools resemble military academies, the academic curriculum is identical to the Ministry of Education’s standard school curriculum. The command secondary schools follow the same curriculum as other secondary schools in Nigeria.

The refined manners and discipline instilled in youngsters by command and military secondary schools is a striking trait.

They also provide training and activities that are not available in private or public secondary schools. Some command schools in Nigeria are day schools, while others offer boarding.


Nigerian Queries has created a thorough database that lists all of Nigeria’s military schools. The following is a list of all command secondary schools in Nigeria’s 36 states, as well as their locations.

  1. Command Secondary School, Ohafia, Abia State
  2. Nigerian Navy Military School, Ikot Ntuen, Akwa-Ibom
  3. Air Force Comprehensive School, Uyo.
  4. Command School, 23 Brigade, Yola.
  5. Air Force Secondary School, Yola.
  6. Igwebuike Grammar School, Awka.
  7. Government Day Secondary School, Shadawanka Barracks, Bauchi
  8. Army Children School, 72 SF Markurdi.
  9. Air Force Secondary School, Makurdi.
  10. Command Day Secondary School, 21 Brigade, Maiduguri.
  11. Command Children School, 13 Brigade Calabar.
  12. Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Calabar.
  13. Command Secondary School, Mbiri. St Patrick College, Asaba.
  14. Command Children School, Abakaliki.
  15. Army Children School NASST, Ugbowo, Benin City.
  16. Christ School, Ado Ekiti.
  17. Command Day Secondary School, Enugu.
  18. Air Force Comprehensive School, Enugu.
  19. Government Secondary School, 301 Artillery Regiment (GS), Gombe.
  20. Command Children School, Obinze Barracks, Owerri.
  21. Command Children School, Dantuku Road, Imo State.
  22. Command Children School Ribadu Cantonment, Imo State
  23. Air Force Secondary School, Kaduna.
  24. Jigawa State Polytechnic, Dutse.
  25. Command Children School, 3 Brigade, Bukavu Barracks, Kano.
  26. Air Force Secondary School, Kano.
  27. Command Children School, Kaduna.
  28. Command Children School, Dantuku Road, Kaduna.
  29. Command Children School, Ribadu Cantonment, Kaduna
  30. Air Force Secondary School, Kaduna.
  31. Natsinta Day Secondary School, 35 Battalion, Katsina.
  32. Nagari College, Birnin Kebbi.
  33. Command Children School, Chari Maigumeri Barracks, Lokoja.
  34. Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Okura, Kogi.
  35. Command Children School, Sobi Barracks, Ilorin.
  36. Command Secondary School, Ipaja, Lagos
  37. Command Day Secondary School, Ikeja.
  38. Command Children School, Army Barracks, Yaba.
  39. Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Navy Town, Ojo, Lagos.
  40. Nigerian Air Force Secondary School, Shasha, Lagos
  41. Government Secondary School, Lafia.
  42. Command Children School, 31 Brigade, Minna.
  43. Army Children School, Nyango Barracks, Abeokuta.
  44. Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Abeokuta.
  45. Army Children School, 32 Brigade Barracks, Akure.
  46. Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Imeri, Akure
  47. Osogbo Grammar School, Osogbo.
  48. Command Science Secondary School, Saki, Oyo State
  49. Command Children School, Mokola Barracks, Ibadan.
  50. Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ogbomoso.
  51. Air Force Comprehensive School, Ibadan.
  52. Command Children School, 3 Division, Jos.
  53. Air Force Military School, Jos.
  54. Air Force Girls Comprehensive School, Jos.
  55. Command Children School, 2 Brigade, Port-Harcourt.
  56. Air Force Secondary School, Port-Harcourt.
  57. Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Harold Wilson Driver, Borokiri, Port-Harcourt.
  58. Command Children School, Sokoto.
  59. Command Day Secondary School, Lungi (Gado Nasko) Barracks.
  60. Air Force Girls’ Comprehensive Secondary School, Abuja.
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