Football: History & Competitions

Football is one of the most popular games/sport in the world with more than 4 billion fans across the world. Although, it is also called soccer by some. Football is widely accepted by all and sundry. Apart from the banters, joy, happiness one draws from watching this sport, it also serves as source of income to fans and footballers alike.


In modern days, people make money by predicting the outcome of matches online; watching of football matches through the Internet (live streaming) also serves as source income. The importance of football cannot be overemphasized. Football serves as source of exercise which helps to maintain proper conditions of the body whether psychological, mental and emotional.

Despite been a popular sport, football’s history still remains unknown to many die hard fans of the game. As we all know that nothing on earth is in existence without a history, so is it with the game of soccer.

History of Football

Football first originated from China and the ancient Greeks in 1235. By this time, the sport wasn’t as popular as we have it now. During that time, the game of football was only played among little children. It’s important to note that what was used at then was not a round leather ball but a small round substance made of nylon.

The modern day football started from England called ‘mob football’. It was played between villages and towns during festivals, in an open space. It was played with the ordinary feet (no soccer boots nor chin-guard).

It was after many years of experiments and development, the first official match was played in 1872 in Glasgow between Scotland and England. Ever since then, football has continued to develop into a popular and more competitive sport as we have it today.

List of Competitions

After years of existence, Football became an elaborated sport that many countries participate in. This made the football governing body, FIFA to come out with various competitions which shall be highlighted below:

World Cup

This is the most celebrated football competition in the world. It takes place every four years, meaning that there’s is an interval of 4 years in between two world cup tournaments.

World cup comprises of 32 countries, with Europe (UEFA) having the highest number of Representatives. It must interest you to know that Africa (CAF) has 5 representatives. Though the tournament is said to be increased in size and the number of countries that will be participating. This means that from 32 countries, world cup will become a tournament of 40 countries.

Below are some facts you must know about FIFA WORLD CUP

1. It is played by 32 countries who are vying for the world cup trophy.

2. One of the greatest defeat in the history of the world cup is the beating of Brazil by Germany (7-2).

3. Brazil hosted the last world cup and were defeated by the ‘German machine’.

4. Germany was the winner of the last world cup after defeating Argentina in 2014.

5. Egypt was the first African team to qualify for the world cup.

6. The first world cup tournament was hosted and won by Italy in 1934.

8. Brazil is the most successful team in the world cup history

Apart from the senior world cup tournament, there are also various tournaments for younger players whose age doesn’t exceed 17 (Under-17 world cup), 20 (U20 world cup) etc.

Uefa Champions League (UCL)

Based on our research, the UEFA Champions League has been in existence since 1955, though with another name. The name which it currently bears came into recognition 1992 when the competition was
rebranded and reorganized.

Below are some facts about the UEFA Champions League (UCL)

1. It consist of 32 clubs (8 groups, 4 clubs in each group).

2. Only clubs from Europe have the opportunity to participate.

3. Only top four(4) clubs from each European leagues has the opportunity to participate.

4. Since its inception, total number of 79 clubs have competed for the trophy.

5. Real Madrid is the most successful team in the competition, winning the trophy for a record of 12 times.

Football Competitions in Africa includes

  • CAF Champions League
  • CHAMPIONSHIP OF AFRICAN NATIONS (CHAN). This tournament is for only players playing within the chores of Africa.
  • U23 AFCON , U17 AFCON, etc (both men and women categories).

We must also list some of hottest leagues in the world

  • English Premier League (EPL) played in England
  • Spanish Laliga (Spain)
  • German Bundesliga (Germany)
  • Serie A (Italy)
  • Ligue 1(France)
  • NPFL (Nigeria)
  • MLS (American)
  • CSL (China)
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