Best Broiler Feed Brands in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

Feed costs make up a sizable portion of a farmer’s expenses when raising chickens. The unfortunate reality for many poultry farmers in Nigeria is that chicken prices frequently rise without corresponding increases in the cost of poultry feed. The high cost of maize and other feed ingredients is mostly to blame for the high price of broiler feeds.

poultry feeds in Nigeria

While some feed producers are compelled to raise their prices in order to preserve the caliber of their goods, other brands employ inferior feed ingredients in an effort to keep their prices stable and retain their client base. Everyone who raises poultry wants to purchase animal feed at a reasonable cost, but they don’t want to sacrifice quality because broiler feeds with the appropriate ingredients help the birds produce more. Furthermore, if one purchases inferior feed due to price, one will ultimately pay more to feed the broilers. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top-quality brands of poultry feeds available in Nigeria, along with their costs.


Below are the best chicken feed brands with their latest prices in the market.


Ultima and Chikun feeds are popular poultry feed brands produced by Olam Animal Feed Mill, a division of Olam Groups, that can be used to raise broiler breeds in Nigeria. Modern animal feed facilities at Olan Feed Mill are a big part of how the business is able to deliver animal feed in such vast amounts and of such high quality. Feed brands like Ultima and Chikun are also offered to the typical Nigerian poultry farmer at competitive costs. The two poultry brands (Ultima and Chikun) are produced using premium ingredients and contain all the necessary supplements and additives to meet both domestic and foreign standards. The 25 kg size of Ultima Super Starter Mash for Broilers costs ₦7,500 to ₦9,600 in Nigeria depending on the location or state you are buying from.


Another quality top brand of chicken feed in Nigeria is Hybrid Feeds. Hybrid Feed Mill, a company with more than 16 years of expertise in the industry, produces Hybrid Feeds. The company has engaged in technological innovation. It offers feeds from high-quality brands, as numerous consumers can verify. Hybrid Feeds Broiler Finisher Mash costs about ₦6,570 to ₦8,500 whereas Hybrid Feeds Growers Mash price is ₦5,500 for 25kg bag. Kindly note that due to location, prices might not be stable for this brand.


The brand Vital Feed has been regarded as the best poultry feed by Nigerian farmers due to the manufacturers years of expertise. The brand was one of the first businesses in Nigeria’s agriculture sector to operate in the livestock sector. Grand Cereals Limited (GCL), an integrated food producer that asserts to produce superior food from local raw materials, produces vital feed. Because to the Vital Feed, Grand Cereals Limited has become a market leader in the animal feed industry. Because it is balanced, Vital Feed is beloved by many. Each pellet is designed to give the birds the critical nutrients they need for optimal development and production as well as effective feed usage. At every stage of development—layers, growers, chicks, broiler starters, and broiler finishers—you can find essential feed for birds. Depending on the market where you are buying from, Super Starter for Broilers Vital Feed costs ₦6, 850 to ₦8,500 per 25 kg bag.


Premier Feed Mills, one of Nigeria’s top producers of animal feed, makes Top Feeds. The company’s full product line meets all animal feed needs in Nigeria and beyond. Additionally, its products are sold for reasonable pricing. Premier Feed Mills has been a leading brand in Nigeria’s animal feed industry since 2003. Under the brand Top feeds, it serves the whole Nigerian poultry farmer market. The business is renowned for producing high-quality products like Top Feeds in addition to offering advisory services to her clients on a variety of topics, including farming, animal health, and feeding. Top Feeds are available in a variety of formats and for every stage of your bird’s development, including chick mash, broiler super starter,  grower mash, starter, and finisher, concentrate, layer mash, layer phase 2, and pre-layer mash. A Top Feed Broiler Chick Starter Feed costs between ₦6, 950 and ₦7, 930 at the livestock market.


Animal Care Feeds is a company known for its array of services and goods related to animal health in addition to its well-known chicken feeds. Animal Care is a household name in Nigeria, where it is impossible to discuss animal ailments and care without bringing it up. An entirely indigenous Nigerian enterprise, Animal Care Feeds produces commercial poultry, manufactures commercial feed, and distributes animal health products. Animal Care Feeds are offered in 25kg and 50kg sizes, with the 25kg version costing ₦5,750 while that of 50kg goes for ₦10,500.


Amo Byng Nigeria Limited, a reputable poultry feed manufacturer with more than 20 years of expertise, produces Amos Byng Feed. The business makes premium feed for both the Nigerian market and the international market. Products from Amo Byng Feed include a Grower concentrate, Layer concentrate, Broiler concentrate, Chick mash, Layer mash, Broiler starter, and Broiler finisher. Prices for 25kg packages of Amo Byng Feed range from ₦5,950 to ₦6,030.


One of the top poultry feeds produced in Nigeria is by the company, Breedwell Feeds Limited. The company has demonstrated its dedication to producing high-quality goods that will enhance the performance, health, and wellbeing of poultry. Additionally, this business produces premium concentrate. These are goods designed especially for farmers who can generate feed on their own and have access to some raw materials. During our survey at the livestock market, Breedwell Feeds are offered in 25kg at ₦5,500 and 50kg at ₦11,000.


The majority of poultry farmers in Nigeria also prefer using Stellar Feed. Konet Mill Limited, another well-known name in Nigeria’s animal feed market, produces Stellar Feed. It satisfies all requirements for animal feed in Nigeria and overseas and offers a full selection of items for every stage of a bird’s development. Additionally, the business provides advisory services, guiding clients on all pertinent matters relating to farm management, animal health, and nutrition. The business is a fully-fledged animal health-focused organization with veterinary physicians, experts in farm management, and nutritionists on staff. Stellar Feeds is similarly inexpensive, costing ₦5,550 for 25kg sized sack of broiler feed.

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