How To Enroll For A MBA Degree In Business Administration In Nigeria

Do you want to enroll for a Master of Business Administration Degree in Nigeria, this post will show you how. Business Administration is a professional degree course offered in almost all accredited business schools in Nigeria and Nigerian universities. The certificate you are awarded after studying this course is termed MBA or M.B.A.


Apart from helping you advancing your career in business administration, the benefits of having a MBA degree are enormous. Below are just some few reasons why you should acquire a MBA degree in Nigeria.

Advantages/Benefits of MBA Degree

  1. You have better working opportunities both home and abroad.
  2. In whatever choice of profession you chose, it provides you with an edge over others.
  3. It is a sure means of getting promotion at your place of work.
  4. With an MBA degree, you will be able to earn more, since you will get promoted, leading to better pay.
  5. With a masters degree in business administration, you can be put in a managerial position in any company that uses MBA degree to appoint managers to handle business-related tasks and problems.
  6. With an MBA degree, you will be fully equipped to start your own business as managing the business won’t be that difficult for you since you know about proper business management and entrepreneurship.
  7. MBA program will help broaden your mindset about business management techniques and help you achieve financial success.
  8. You can be a good business manager, and learn how to be a good team player and leader.

As earlier stated Masters in Business Administration is a post graduate course for anyone who desires to study the advanced level in business administration. The online MBA program started officially in the United States and has since been acquired as a post graduate professional course in various top educational institutions abroad.

There is virtually no university in Nigeria that do not offer this program whether on a full-time basis or part-time basis. Even the National Open University in Nigeria, NOUN offers MBA programs as distance learning program where the student will not have to visit the main campus to receive lectures. Whatever basis you would want, the institutions offering MBA programs in Nigeria would surely make that available to you.

Duration of MBA program in Nigerian Universities

The duration of running a masters degree program in Nigeria differs. As earlier stated, MBA programs are offered either on a full-time, part-time, executive and even distance-learning forms. Below is the duration or better still different period of time it would take you to complete a MBA degree program in Nigeria.

Full-time MBA program takes 2 years to complete while the part-time MBA program takes longer to complete since lectures are held on weekdays and even on weekends depending on your arrangement with the school.  It usually takes three years or more to complete the course. The executive MBA program is restricted for executives and managers and runs for two years or less depending on the business school.

For those who choose distance-learning MBA, the student receive off-campus lectures not inside the main campus. The duration for distance learning MBA degree program depends on the arrangement with the school.

Admission Requirements for MBA Degree in Nigeria

The admission requirements for MBA programs at various educational institutions in Nigeria differs as many schools that offer MBA Degree in Business Administration in Nigeria require that the student has certain minimum credit level in order to get admitted while others might even admit the student with a pass.

The one thing that is similar to these institutions is the presentation of transcript from the university that the applicant graduated from, a resume that shows all work experience(s) and a letter of recommendation from the same university. Please note that university degree i.e B.Sc is not only the acceptable degree for MBA program admission, those with Higher National Diploma from accredited institutions can also gain admission to study Masters in Business Administration.

There are some Nigerian business schools that may ask the student the purpose of study, i.e why you want to acquire a MBA degree in Business Administration (see reasons above). The admission requirement for applying for MBA program abroad in countries like England in the United Kingdom or the United States as an international student also differs as you would have to register for and pass the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Registration for MBA Programs In Nigeria

Thanks to the internet, forms for enrollment for MBA degree in Nigeria is available online. You only have to visit the school portal for registration for online MBA programs, provide a valid email address, fill the necessary forms, attach all necessary documents online that meet the admission requirements, fulfill all necessary criteria required for admission before applying, make payment and you are set.

Although we cannot give a fix price on the cost of running MBA degree program in Nigerian universities as they all differ, we advise that you compare schools that are most affordable and convenient for you to make your choice.

Finally, the MBA program is regulated and monitored officially by the National University Commission (NUC) as with all other programs being offered in Nigerian institutions.

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