Best 10 Countries To Study Abroad For Nigerian Students (2024)

There are many Nigerians who want to study abroad. They believe this will give them an edge over their contemporaries so they do all they can to get access to the top best countries to study abroad that are affordable.


While some seek ways to go abroad to have a better education and actually pay all that is required of them, many feel what they need are study abroad scholarships, whether full time or part-time as they believe they have what it takes to succeed on scholarships abroad and that it will help go a long way to ease the financial burdens off their parents/guardians. There are a very large group however who don’t mind if they get the opportunity to study abroad for free.

Be that as it may, this post will enlighten the reader on the best countries to study overseas and would leave the reader with the sole responsibility to decide if they will go for any one of the countries that will be discussed below and also where it is possible to get an international scholarship for Nigerian students.

List of 10 Best Countries To Study Abroad for Nigerian Students

1. Russia

Russia, also known as The Russian Federation is a large country that spans Europe and Asia. This country is particularly good for studying abroad and one University that particularly comes to mind is the N. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod. They offer quality education and Nigerians aiming to study abroad, especially in Russia should try the aforementioned University. There are plenty opportunities for Nigerian students seeking to study in Russia and I encourage them to seize it if they are really serious.

2. China

Formally known as the People’s Republic of China, this country is the fastest growing economy in the world. This means that the opportunities in this country are countless and should be seized. Studying abroad, especially in China is a real opportunity to expand one’s horizon of knowledge. The Chinese also love technology and they see it as the next big thing that is why they’re tapping into it. One University which they have established for technology sake that Nigerians aiming to study abroad should check out is Zhejiang University of Technology. They also offer scholarship for International students.

3. India

India is another country that offers cheap and affordable educational opportunity to international students. Located in Southern Asia, the Indians are highly advanced in the field of medicine and engineering; and any serious minded Nigerian who wants to study medicine or engineering in India would do well to study either of the two there. Apart from medicine and engineering, there are other top courses to study in India as the standard of education there has risen in recent years.

4. Belarus

This country is officially known as The Republic of Belarus. It is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe and it used to be part of the former Soviet Union. Belarus is just fun to be in, if you are looking for countries to study overseas as a student in Nigeria, try Belarus.

5. Georgia

This beautiful country is just the right place to study abroad. The opportunities for getting cheap quality education there are high. You should also try Georgia.

6. Indonesia

Indonesia is located in South Eastern Asia Many Nigerians visit the beautiful country of Indonesia for business purposes and expensive vacations but it has not occurred to them yet that this country’s educational opportunities are waiting to be tapped. There are available scholarships for Nigerian undergraduates seeking quality education abroad.

7. Vietnam

Vietnam’s economy is developing and one of its priority areas is tourism. If you desire to connect your life with the sphere of tourism, you can choose this foreign country for studying.

8. Thailand

Thailand is a great country in Southeast Asia. Many students go there to receive quality education and spend a very good time there as Thailand is a fascinating country.

9. Cambodia

Located in Southeast Asia, the Kingdom of Cambodia has educational opportunities that will please Nigerians looking to study abroad. Anyone qualified can receive Nigerian scholarships to study abroad and obtain a degree in Cambodia.

10. Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country in Europe. It broke away from Serbia. Montenegro has access to the Adriatic Sea and has been actively developing as a tourists’ destination ever since its independence/break away from Serbia, and there are also some educational institutions which attract people to the fun loving European country of Montenegro and it is one of the best places to study abroad for Nigerian students.


There are some things to consider if you want to study in any of these countries. Some of them offer scholarship, some free accommodation and the likes. Do a proper research before you enroll in any of them and also contact a reliable study abroad agent to help make a preferred choice on the country you would love to study abroad.

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