Top 10 Edtech Startups in Nigeria (2024)

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Recent years had been a very superb for the technology space in broad sense. Even though this was the case throughout the entire space, certain areas undoubtedly stood out. There was fintech, of course, with massive capital rounds. But the field of instructional technology wasn’t ignored. uLesson is establishing itself as the undisputed market leader in that area, gaining significant traction and receiving a sizable investment. There was also Edukoya, a startup that received significant funding when it was still in beta. Here are the top ten educational technology platforms in Nigeria for the current year, with no further hesitation.

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The top educational technology startups in the country are listed below.


Edukoya is the first on our list. This Nigerian Edtech business offers free learning resources around-the-clock. This ensures that kids understand important subjects better. It was established in 2021 with the goal of creating the biggest e-learning platform on the planet by Honey Ogundeyi. The app became Nigeria’s most downloaded education app in its first week of release. Students can practice for aptitude tests at their schools and universities using this website.

With Edukoya, students succeed academically regardless of the length of time spent studying for the test. It is a system that makes sure pupils are educated according to their unique individual capacities.


Unlike other Edtech companies, Edves enables students to go online. It is a platform built on the cloud that enables schools to execute their business online. They make it possible for schools to organize student registration, fees, report cards, e-learning, and financial matters.

The school’s administration, teachers, and parents are all kept in the loop thanks to Edves. This guarantees a seamless learning environment where parents can monitor their children’s progress online. Both innovation and artificial intelligence are used. Dimeji Falana and Dare Adebayo created Edves in March 2016.


One of the top Edtech businesses in Nigeria, AltSchool Africa, started succeeding in 2021. This company offers students free training, and upon completion, issues them internationally recognized certifications. They work together with Michael and Cecilia Ibru University, which grants the certificates, in Delta State, Nigeria.

It was established in March 2021 and is the first institution in Africa to grant developer certifications. The reason AltSchool Africa is unique is that they offer free training to students and support them in finding employment.


One of the notable Edtech startups in Nigeria is Ed Partners Africa. Its main goal is to guarantee that private schools receive sufficient support in the form of loans. This non-banking financial firm works with school administrators to provide them with loans when they are in need, transforming the education sector in the process.

Private schools that offer education to low-income students frequently require funding to maintain their operations. They require this cash to cover employee salaries, equipment purchases, travel arrangements, and other costs. What Ed Partners Africa does is offer financial assistance to school owners who are experiencing financial difficulties.


Sim Shagaya launched uLesson in 2019. It is a platform that employs qualified professors and technological advancements to produce high-quality, reasonably priced education. Students in primary and secondary education can access top-notch instruction with the uLesson app. Additionally, it provides study sessions for students getting ready for the JAMB, WASSCE, GCE, and NECO exams.

There are interactive tests with answers on the uLesson app. This makes getting ready for tests quite simple. Additionally, it aids in teaching students time management skills and examination strategy. Additionally, it aids in the development of speed, which enables pupils to finish their exams on time.


Edcent is an Edtech company that provides online training and courses to businesses and academic institutions. It is an online learning platform that gives people the chance to learn from experts from prestigious colleges and corporations.

Edcent offers classes in a variety of subject areas, including writing, art, IT, business, humanities, and more. Additionally, it awards certificates to outstanding students who successfully finish the programs.


An Edtech start-up called Teesas assists students in learning greetings, alphabets, music, history, and tales in regional languages. Additionally, it offers an app so that parents may keep tabs on their kids’ development.

When instructing students, Teesas adopts the usage of regional languages and cultures. It offers a platform where educators and students can use technology to study. In addition to English, Teesas offers video tutorials that are provided in all of Nigeria’s major regional tongues.


Edusko is an online marketplace for educational products and services for kids, parents, teachers, and businesses. It is an educational business whose main objective is to simplify things for classrooms, instructors, and students. They also make it simpler for other companies who want to improve the educational system in Africa.


Stranerd was originally established by Jeremiah Godwin and Timmy Salami. In August 2021, it started operating. A new Edtech company called Stranerd offers students the chance to earn money as they learn.

Learning is made simple and stress-free with Stranerd. Any question posed by students can receive professional advice. Additionally, they can receive thorough explanations that will help them with their homework and other academic tasks.


This is a Lagos-based startup in the edtech sector. Through online learning, it gives pupils the chance to advance their digital literacy. It employs audio and visual teaching aids to tutor students.

Both Android and KiaOs users can access LearnAM. When enrolling in a course on the LearnAM app, users have the option to choose either Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, or Pidgin English in place of English.


It’s possible that the FinTech or e-commerce sectors in Nigeria are more well-known than the EdTech sector or enterprises there. However, they play a crucial role in both the nation’s overall economy and the tech environment. Especially at a time when education quality is at an all-time low. In this article, we’ve assembled a list of Nigerian EdTech companies and explained what they do. If you have even the slightest interest in the Nigerian EdTech market, you should read this.

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