Customized Plate Number in Nigeria: Cost & How To Get It (2024)

To get a customized plate number in the country today might be considered a big deal. In fact, some consider it as something only top celebrities and rich individuals do. This is because, they do not know how much it would cost to do a customized plate number in Nigeria legally. What you should know is this; the cost of a customized plate in Nigeria is quite affordable for some and the process to get it isn’t as tedious as you might think.

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If you are hoping to get your own customized plate number, and you don’t know how much to pay, where to go to apply for it, then this write-up explains in details how much it would cost you to obtain your own plate number that is customized with your name.

Cost of Getting a Customized Plate Number in Nigeria (2024)

As earlier stated, to get a personalized plate number just like celebrities, politicians or rich individuals isn’t that difficult, so far as you have the cash for it, then you are good to go.

The amount of money that it will cost for obtaining a customized plate number in Nigeria ranges from ₦100,000 to ₦200,000. This amount is paid into the bank to enable the vehicle owner get a customized plate number.

Definitely, getting a customized plate number in Nigeria is certainly not a challenging issue as people place it to be. So far as the process written below is followed judiciously, then you should have no problem in getting yours easily.

Documents Required to Get a Customized Plate Number

One of the prerequisites for getting a customized plate number is having the required documents for the process. A few documents to be submitted alongside the printed out ones are:

  1. A printed application letter mentioning for a customized plate number, showing the favored number or name to be written on the plate.
  2. If the vehicle is spic and span, an attestation letter and a buy receipt will be required.
  3. Applicable shipping documents (if the vehicle was imported).
  4. A public (Nigerian) methods for individual identification like the national identity card, drivers’ permit, lasting citizens’ card, international visa. Any of the recorded documents will do, the extent that it contains your methods for recognizable proof.
  5. A legitimate driver’s license.
  6. Tax identification number.
  7. Affirmed insurance papers of the vehicle.
  8. A vehicle insurance policy number.
  9. A document demonstrating the verification of ownership for the vehicle.

How To Get A Customized Plate Number In Nigeria

Here is how to get your own customised vehicle plate number:

  • You should login at the Federal Road Safety plate number enrollment page through their website.
  • After a successful login, you download the form appeared on the web page: auto vehicle permit form, structure B, tax document, distribution of plate number form and street health commission form. The form can likewise be gotten directly at the Federal Road Safety Corps office nearest to you.
  • Guarantee that the details on the form are exact and liberated from any error or mistake.
  • The next step is to proceed to the State board of internal revenue/mobile license authority. Here you will submit the already filled out documents and continue with the preceding step.
  • Present the necessary documents – which were listed above. On the off chance that the required documents are affirmed, an official is to stamp the documents.
  • The next thing is to make payment and present the receipt to the motor license authority.

That’s it on how to get a customized plate number in the country. In case you might get a bit freaky, we will further highlight more details about this customized plate number.

All What You Should Know About Customized Plate Number in Nigeria

To begin with, what is a customized plate number? A plate number or a vehicle registration plate is a plate (plastic or metal) appended to a car for the purpose of identification. A vehicle plate number assists with distinguishing the vehicle if there should arise an occurrence of any robbery or if the vehicle disappears.

Each vehicle in Nigeria has a plate number, as the law requires however not every person has the customized plate number. The customised plate number differs from the normal one in a way that it contains customised name/number rather than the regular number.

Pros and Cons of Using Customized Plate Number in Nigeria

Here are the couple of favorable things that you will like about using a customized plate number:

  • The first thing is that customized plate number makes your vehicle special which help in easy identification of the vehicle
  • Secondly, the customised plate number may help in publicizing your business or brand. This is feasible due to the fact that it has the customizable name that can be set only by the user.
  • It also helps in promotion. This is seen as celebrities can utilize the customised plate number to build their fame just as anyone who wish to be known in a specific area.
  • The next advantage as per a few set of individuals, is that police and other security agencies won’t stop you routinely as they do to other usual plate number owners.

In the opposite side, the downsides of having a customized plate number:

  • On the off chance that you are those that would not like to be seen, at that point ought to dodge a customized plate number.
  • Customized plate number brings superfluous attention.

On the whole, customized plate number is good for the purpose of easy recognition, and in the opposite way, it may create too much attention.

How Long Will A Customised Plate Number Last?

All things considered, customized number can be used for as long the vehicle last, so you don’t need to be concerned in the event that it lapses over the long run or your entitlement to the number will be denied.  The question of how long a customized plate number will last is one inquiry that is consistently posed by a lot of people.


Having a customized plate number in Nigeria accompanies it’s a lot of attention, if you are a VIP. This is on the grounds that it is viewed as a very big deal. In the event that you don’t care for the consideration, it is ideal to adhere to the typical plate number used in Nigeria. This is your guide on the best way to get a private plate number here in Nigeria, so out of the blue you are to utilize a customized number recollect you need to follow the correct part to try not to buy an illicit plate number.

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