Is Anambra An Oil Producing State in Nigeria: See Answer

It is true that oil producing states in Nigeria are mostly made up of states in the Niger Delta region located in Southern Nigeria. It is fair to say that the well being of the country depends largely on these regions.

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There has always been a debate as to whether Anambra is an oil producing state or not? Well this article gives a vivid answer to the question as to whether crude oil can be found in Anambra which currently falls under the South Eastern geo-political zone of the country.

Anambra Oil News

Before the federal government of Nigeria recognized Anambra as an oil producing state, it was the effort of the former Governor Peter Obi that made this recognition possible.

In fact, it was during the foundation laying event of the first private refinery in Nigeria, Orient Petroleum Refinery (OPR) by the governor at Aguleri town that marked the beginning of a new era in the state.

The Oil and Gas company was given the license by the Federal Government in 2002 to explore the state in search of this natural mineral resources including the construction of a private refinery able to produce a capacity of 55,000 barrels of refined crude oil per day.

By 2012, the status quo of Anambra changed as it joined its brother state, Imo in the list of oil producing states in the country. Following this success, OPR has increased its crude oil production to 3,000 barrels per day and activities in two new oil wells in its Aguleri oil fields has since improved to support economic activities in the Oil and Gas industry in the State.

One thing to be noted is that the quantity of oil produced in Anambra State cannot be compared to what is produced in other states that produces oil in the country. For now, international oil companies have not pitched their presence in the state as the oil in Anambra is produced from marginal oil fields through barges as opposed to pipeline drilling that carries large quantity of crude oil.

Other crude oil producing states in Nigeria include:

Abia State

Abia is also one of the south eastern states that oil has been found in Nigeria with about 100 oil wells out of which 50 is controlled by Shell. It is on record that Shell has most of the licenses for the oil production of the state.

Edo State

Edo state is also among the crude oil producing states in Nigeria. She is blessed with other natural resources like clay, iron, fine sand and even gold.

Imo State

The state is termed as the richest in natural resources in the south east with over 163 oil wells in the state and top oil companies like Agip, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell and Addax Petroleum.

Lagos State

Lagos state is the most developed state in the federation and houses most of the top oil and gas firms in the nation. It is also on the list of crude oil producing states of Nigeria and the major commercial hub where business strives in Nigeria.

Cross River State

Cross River is one of the major niger delta states in the south south region of the country. This states survives more on tourism than oil but it is also among the richest states in Nigeria.

Bayelsa State

Bayelsa state is also considered a top oil producing state because you can find natural gas and crude oil deposits there.

Delta State

Delta State oil region is Warri. With over 25 local government areas, its status as an oil producing region in the country can’t be questioned.

Rivers State

Rivers produces 70% of crude oil in Nigeria today. Touted as one of the richest states in the country, you can still see more natural resources there apart form crude oil.


Akwa-Ibom is the most beautiful city in the country and number one in crude oil production in Nigeria.

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