Cost of Painting or Repainting Cars in Nigeria (2024)

Car painting and spraying are commonplace in the motor world and among car owners. Repainting or repainting cars can give an old car a new and appealing appearance. It is an important aspect of car maintenance because vehicles require a new appearance, especially when the previous one is worn out.

Re-painting and painting Rebranding vehicles or buses is a popular activity among vehicle owners, and we believe it is vital to discuss the cost. Nigerians utilize cars or vehicles extensively due to poverty and insufficient output. As a result, car painting or repainting is unavoidable.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how much it costs to paint or repaint a car or vehicle in Nigeria.


A car in Nigeria costs an average of ₦150,000 to paint, refinish, or spray. Furthermore, the cost of repainting cars is purely determined by the type of car paint to be used, the equipment to be utilized, and the specialists providing the service.

Some advanced automobile repainting shops charge exorbitant prices for vehicle painting, repainting, and spraying. Less proficient automobile painters, on the other hand, may be found in every corner of Nigerian cities.

In Nigeria, automobile painters or sprayers might charge between ₦50,000 and ₦100,000 as workmanship for painting or repainting cars. Vehicle painting and repainting in advanced painting shops might range from ₦150,000 to ₦500,000.

The choice between an advanced painter and a less sophisticated automobile painter is determined by the vehicle owner and their budget. Painting and repairing cars in Nigeria is currently much more expensive than it used to be.

It’s also worth noting that the cost of repainting a car is dictated by its size. Larger vehicles, such as SUVs, buses, and family automobiles, may cost more to paint than smaller vehicles. This is due to the amount of paint to be used and the number of hours of labour required to paint the cars.

Here are five key important points to consider while having your vehicle painted:


If your vehicle has a couple of minor chips and defects, then painting the entire vehicle is probably not a good idea. Repainting the hood and repairing entryway dings should cost between ₦85, 000 to ₦500,000, depending on the amount of work required. Remember that the number of fixes can vary depending on where you live. Vehicles in scorching conditions, where the sun is the most dangerous foe, battle foggy finishes and fuzzy paint caused by intense heat and harmful beams. Because impacted zones are likely to be large surfaces, such as the hood, rear deck, and rooftop, clean-up fixes may be more difficult. Of course, vehicles in cooler climates may have rust streaks beneath the paint that need to be addressed.


Never apply a thin, superficial, restorative concealment over a major issue, and painting over blemishes or rust without addressing major issues is just that. If your vehicle has several dings and rust spots, covering them up will only aggravate the difficulties in the short and long haul. A gleaming, new coat of paint would most likely make body damage more obvious, whereas rusted boards will continue to deteriorate if not properly cared for. Paint is used to remedy problems, not to hide them.


Assume you have a more established automobile with a large mileage that is valued at several thousand dollars. It appears slightly depleted, but you adore the vehicle; it truly runs fantastically. If all you need is a quick outside refresh at a low cost, choosing a less expensive repaint in a comparable tone is fine. This may remain constant if you want to sell this comparable vehicle.


The arrangement will be minimal for low-cost paints, and the shop will most likely not exclude rust and entryway dent repairs. The glass area and other non-painted exterior trim will be hidden prior to repainting, but that is all. From 50 feet away, it may appear OK, but up close, there will be several signs that it was a surface respray, such as overspray on the elastic gaskets around the windows and on the outside trim, contrasts in the shade of the doorjambs, and places of overspray where the veiling off wasn’t great.


The higher the price, the better the paint planning. A few shops simply will not accept sloppy, time-consuming labour. Some will offer paintwork prospects to varying degrees. As you progress up the value ladder, businesses will remove additional trim pieces and items such as head-and-tail lamps. This ensures that the coating will cover steep bends in the sheet metal and go into the body hole where the more established paint may have emerged on the opposite side. Preparation for more expensive paint jobs will almost always require sanding off older paint, repairing outside damage, and, in any case, removing the glass.


Painting or repainting your car is something you’re likely to do if you’ve had it for a long time and still want to utilise it. It all comes down to finding the best automobile painting or repainting shops.

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