Cost of House Rent in Anambra State (2024)

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Anambra State is a South-eastern state in Nigeria. The state has an estimated population of 7 million and of the assessed populace, most of these figures live in urban areas like Onitsha and Awka. While Onitsha is the significant business capital of the eastern region of the country, Awka is the seat of Anambra State government. In the course of this article, we will take a look at how much it costs to rent a house in these areas. It will by and large include the cost of house rent in the entirety of the state.

cost of house rent in anambra state


Location, nature and the facilities of a house are the major factors that determine its overall cost. In this manner, the cost of house rent in Anambra is influenced by these variables. This incorporates significant factors which are almost the same in each and every urban area.  The top factors that impact the cost of house rent in significant Anambra urban areas are outlined below.

  • Type of Apartment: The kind of the apartment you want to live in, influences the cost of the house for renting. Categories of houses that have the capacity of 3 room, 2 room, one room and self contain, all offer diverse house rent with respect to the nature of the house. In like way is the cost of renting a duplex in Anambra.
  • The Location of the House: The place where the house is located also decides how much the tenant should pay to rent the apartment. There are loads of urban areas in Anambra State and you wouldn’t need to pay exactly the same thing in all the cases. Similarly, the average cost for a house in Awka will contrast from what is obtained in Onitsha which is a very commercial city in Anambra State.
  • Facilities in the House: Additionally, another factor that determines the expense of house rent in Abuja is the kind of equipment available in the house. Houses or apartments with basic facilities and equipment like air-conditioning systems, latrine and kitchen equipment, etc, are dependably higher in the expense of renting them.


The cost of renting a house in Anambra depends on the factors which we highlighted above. If you would want to rent an apartment in any of the urban areas of the state, it’s important to put these factors into consideration, so you would not end up having more than your spending plan.

Anambra state is a state in Nigeria well known for its commercial activities. The state’s largest urban area, Onitsha has proven to be the business and commercial capital of the eastern region of the country. A lot of businesses are going on in the city. Also, the state’s capital, Awka is one of the many places where you can look for a house.

However, if you are finally settled to rent a house in any of the urban areas in Anambra State, here is the view of how much you should budget for renting a house.


For anyone who wants to know how much it costs to rent a house in Onitsha, here is a picture of what he or she should have.

As we have already said, Onitsha is the most developed and commercialized city in Anambra State. The most elevated number of tall structures in Nigeria can be found in the city. Likewise larger parts of Onitsha are markets and loaded with business and commercial activities.  All of these developments in Onitsha city play a part in the cost of rent in the city.

Greater number of apartments in Onitsha are 3 room bedroom flats. The cost of renting these houses in Onitsha is somewhat affordable when contrasted with significant urban areas in the country. Looking at the figures, the cost of a 3 bedroom flat apartment in Onitsha cost between ₦200,000 to ₦300,000 on a yearly basis.

There might be only a few other commercial cities in Nigeria where the cost of rent is this modest.

A two (2) bedroom flat or apartment in Onitsha cost around ₦180,000 per annum.

However, if you’re looking for the best places to get a house in Onitsha, you should go for the Limca Road axis, New parts axis and GRA. Likewise, there is an access road and some good houses at Fegge Onitsha. The expenses of rent at this part of Onitsha are moderate and as well affordable.


Anambra State capital, Awka has many houses that are available for rent. In order to know how much these houses cost, it is important to look at the expense of rent in the capital city of Anambra.

A lot of high ranking personalities in Anambra live in Awka, the state’s capital. That has made a good number of the occupants of the city to be government employees. Awka also has infrastructures, in which about 3 significant colleges in the state, are located in the city.

Let’s look at the cost of renting a house in Awka. However, the cost can be comparable to those of other urban areas in Nigeria.

The cost of a standard 3 bedroom flat in Awka is on an average of ₦500,000 per year. By and by, those somewhat below or over the cost can be found in and around the city.

Two (2) bedroom flat or apartment in Awka costs about ₦350,000 yearly.

The expense of a single room in Awka is on an average of ₦150,000 each year.

Likewise, there is a slight variation in the cost of house rent in Awka contrasted with Onitsha. That is due to the factors influencing the change, which we earlier stated.


That’s the view of the cost of renting a house or an apartment in Anambra State. We believe you now have a picture of how much it costs to rent a house in the urban areas of the state like Onitsha and Awka.

However, in view of the overflowing populace in the city, most builders in Anambra center more around creating houses so as to meet the growing demand for accommodation especially in the state’s urban areas.

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