DStv Champions League Plan & Channels: Full List (2024)

Are you looking for which DSTV channel shows UEFA Champions League matches in Nigeria or the DSTV subscription plan to get access to watch all champions league matches, then you are on the right page.

dstv channels showing champions league


The UEFA Champions League is arguably the most famous football tournaments or sports competitions in the world. If you really want to view intriguing competition’s matches on DSTV, plan to incorporate to the premium bouquet or compact plus and change to any of the programs listed above depending on the match you want to watch. As a result, this article on the DStv champions league channels for Nigerians was written to help you settle on the best fit plan.

The UEFA Champions League (UCL) seems to be the most famous football sporting event in the world. This is so because it is a tournament between the best teams from various leagues across Europe. The tournament is contested by 32 teams, each of which is comprised of the best clubs from their respective national tournaments. Since its inception, 22 different clubs have won it, with Real Madrid being the most successful. Not only that, but they are the only team to have won it many times. They won the title three times in a row, from 2015 to 2018.


On DStv, which channels broadcast the UEFA Champions League? The following are channels on DSTV showing Champions League football matches.

To watch live UCL matches, tune in to any of the channels listed below:

  • SS Football: Channel 205
  • SS Football Plus HD: Channel 202
  • SS Variety 1 HD: Channel 206
  • SS Variety 2 HD: Channel 207
  • SS Variety 3 HD: Channel 208
  • SS Premier League HD: Channel 203
  • SS La Liga HD: Channel 204
  • SS Variety 4: Channel 209


Which DStv bundle includes matches from the Champions League?

UEFA Champions League matches are available to DStv customers to watch from the comfort of their own homes. You must, nonetheless, purchase either of the extra expensive plans. So, which DStv bundle and channels provide coverage of Champions League games?

The UEFA Champions League is largely regarded as the best league in the world. The greatest European clubs compete for the UCL crown, much to the delight of soccer fans. The fact of the matter is that Africa’s largest cable TV network allows users to watch those events if they enroll to the appropriate package.

Furthermore, if you want to view Champions League matches, you must have a DStv Compact Plus subscription. The DStv Compact Plus subscription plan costs NGN12,400 and includes a number of football-specific channels on which you may watch UCL matches.

Should your favorite football team did not qualify for the Champions League, you can now watch matches from the UEFA Europa League. Keep track that multiple matches are being played at the same time. As a result, you may need to check through each of them to find a channel that features your favorite UCL game.


Channel 202 is the channel where you can tune in to watch the Champions League final match between Man City and Inter Milan on DSTV.


With something like a DStv Compact subscription, you may watch the following sports channels:

  • SuperSport Tennis HD (214)
  • ESPN 2 HD (219)
  • SuperSport Action HD (210)
  • SuperSport Football Plus HD (202)
  • SuperSport Variety 1 HD (206)
  • SuperSport Premier League HD (203)
  • SuperSport Variety 2 HD (207)
  • WWE Channel HD (236)
  • ESPN (218)
  • SuperSport LaLiga HD (204)
  • SuperSport Variety 3 HD (208)
  • SuperSport Variety 4 (209)
  • SuperSport Football (205)
  • SuperSport Blitz HD (200)


The UEFA Champions League (referred to simply as UCL) is a yearly club football competition organized by UEFA and participated by top-tier European clubs. It is among the most coveted events in the world, as well as the most prestigious club tournament in European football, and it is contested by the national league winners (and, in certain cases, one or perhaps more runners-up) of the most powerful UEFA national associations.

The European Champion Clubs’ Cup, better generally known as the European Cup, was first held in 1955 as a direct knockout event available only to each country’s champion club. In 1992, the tournament was renamed, and a round-robin group stage was added, as well as the ability for numerous entrants from specific countries. Now it has been enlarged, and while most national leagues in Europe can still only enter their champion, the strongest leagues can now participate up to five teams.

Clubs that finish second or third in their national league but do not qualify for the Champions League are eligible to compete in the UEFA Europa League, which is the following competition.

The Champions League, in its current version, kicks underway in late March featuring four knockout preliminary rounds and a play-off round. The six teams who survive advance to the group stage, where they will compete against 26 other teams who have already qualified. In a double round-robin method, the 32 teams are divided into eight groups of four teams. The top eight finishers in each group advance to the knockout stage, which ends in the final match in March.

Real Madrid has won the competition 13 times, along with the first five years. Chelsea is the current champion, having defeated Manchester City in the 2023 final in Porto by a score of 1–0. The Spanish clubs have the most victories (18), followed by England (14), and Italy (13). With five clubs having won the league, England has the most winning teams in the world.


In conclusion, the UEFA Champions League is one of the most popular football leagues or sports competitions in the planet. Nevertheless, it appears that Nigerians are enthusiastic about this specific tournament.

Even with its high plan costs, DSTV is one of Nigeria’s most popular cable TV network providers with channels that has access to a wide range of sports that only they can supply. As a result, I’ve written an article about the DStv Champions League channels, their packages, and their prices.

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