Coat of Arms of Lagos State: Image & Meaning

The Lagos State Logo, which is officially known as The Coat of Arms of Lagos State, is the seal of the Lagos State Government and the State’s official symbol of authority.

Lagos coat of arm in lagos state

Picture of Lagos state logo

The State is Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre. It is also a one-time Capital of our dear country and is widely regarded by many as the richest state in Nigeria.

Lagos State is the smallest state in Nigeria in terms of Land Area, covering a total area of 3,577 square kilometres and within the State lies The Lagos Metropolitan Area, which is Nigeria’s largest urban centre with mega city structures and excellent road networks befitting of a modern city of its stature.

The current geographical area known and addressed today as Lagos was given its name in 1427 by Portuguese explorers and it means “Lakes”, but before the said date, it used to be known as “Eko” which used to be a war camp under the then Oba of Benin, Oba Orhogbua, who ruled the Benin Empire at that time.

The name “Eko” is still widely used as an alternative name to Lagos by its native Yoruba speakers.

At the height of the Benin Empire, the Oba of Benin waged war with the Aworis, who are the original inhabitants of Lagos. The Oba sent his son to execute judgement on the Aworis for harassing and obstructing trade relations between the Benin Empire and some Ghanaians.

On getting there, the Awori people did not put up any resistance against the Oba’s son, rather, they requested that the prince of Benin stayed in their land and became their leader. The Oba agreed and provided his son with the necessary support required for ruling the Aworis.

From that time onward, Lagos (Eko) became a very important centre at the heart of the Benin Empire’s trade. Eko also provided the resources for running the empire’s affairs until the 1850s when the British arrived these shores.

The British annexed Eko and declared it their colony. The fall of the Benin Empire and the eventual fall of the Sokoto caliphate to the British led to the amalgamation of The North and South of the region now known as Nigeria in 1914 under the Leadership of Lord Frederick Lugard.

With that in mind, let’s shift our attention to Today’s Lagos and what its Coat of Arms represents. Today’s Lagos has well over 20 million people, 57 local government areas. Often regarded as no man’s land and the Land of opportunities, Lagos is Nigeria’s centre of excellence!

Upon the creation of Lagos State on March 24, 1967, its Coat of Arms/Logo was designed shortly afterwards. The design was widely accepted by many as a true reflection of the State because of its unique features which are white cap, akoko leaves, wheel, fishing activity, cowries, three lines, coconut palm, and the Lagos State motto.

Without further ado, this is what the Lagos State Logo depicts.

1. The White Cap

This symbolizes authority, it can be said that the white cap represents the white cap chiefs who are members of the cabinet of the Oba of Lagos.

2. The Leaves known as “Akoko” Leaves

The leaves are placed at the base of the white cap in the Lagos State logo and they symbolize longevity. The actual akoko leaves are used in real life during the installation and coronation of traditional rulers in Yorubaland to pray the gods for long life for the new ruler.

 3. The Cowries
The cowries are a reminder of the past. Before the Naira and Kobo became our currency, the cowries were used in times past as legal tender for goods and services.

4. The Brownish-Gold/Yellow Background

The Brownish-Gold/Yellow background beneath the cowries symbolizes the colour of the foreshore sands that can be seen in all the divisions of Lagos State.

5. The Fishing Activities

Large parts of Lagos are riverine in nature and as such, the fishing activities depicted on the Lagos State coat of arms reveal the traditional occupation of the early inhabitants of Lagos.

6. The Coconut Trees

These symbolize the rich agricultural history of Lagos.

7. The Wheel 

This represents industry and as we all know, Lagos is the industrial hub of Nigeria.

8. The Red Background

This symbolized power generation.

9. The Motto

“Justice and Progress”. This means that Lagos State respects the rule of law and abides by it, and it is indeed a progressive state in its own right.

10. The three lines
The three lines dividing the shields indicate the past, present, and the future of Lagos State and her people.
This is all there is to know about Lagos State, her history and the meaning of her Coat of Arms.
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