Classification of Hotels

Hotels are classified based on location, size and property, length of stay, theme and target market.

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Classification of Hotels Based on Location

1. City Centre: Generally located in the heart of the city within a short distance from business centers, shopping arcade. The rates are normally high due to their location advantages.

2. Motels: They are located primarily on highways, they provide lodging to highway travellers and also provide ample parking space. The length of stay is usually overnight.

3. Suburban Hotels: They generally have high traffic on weekends. It is ideal for budget travellers. In this type of hotel, rates are moderately low.

4. Floating Hotels: As the name implies, these hotels are established on luxury liners or ships. It is located on river, sea or big lakes. In cruise ships, rooms are generally small and all furniture is fixed down. It has long stay.

5. Airport Hotels: These hotels are set up near by the airport. They have transit guest who stay over between flight.

6. Resorts: They are also known as health resorts or beach hill resorts depending on their location or position. They cater for people who want to relax, enjoy themselves at hill stations.

7. Boatels: A house boat hotel is referred to as boatel. This is because, the building structure of the hotel looks like a boat.

8. Rotels: These are hotels on wheels their interior is done like the hotel rooms. They are normally used by small group travellers.

Classification of Hotels Based on Size of Property

1. Small Hotels: Hotels with 100 rooms and less are termed as small hotels.

2. Medium Sized Hotels: These are hotels that has between 100 to 300 rooms.

3. Large Hotels: They have more than 300 rooms.

4. Mega Hotels: Are those hotels with more than a thousand rooms.

5. Chain Hotels: Are those group hotels in various locations.

Classification of Hotels Based on Length of Stay

1. Transient Hotel: Here, guests stay for a day or even less, they are usually five star hotels.

2. Residential Hotels: These are hotels where guests can stay for a minimal period of one month and up to a year. The payments can be done monthly or quarterly.

3. Still Residential Hotels: These hotels incorporate features of both transient and residential hotels.

Classification of Hotels Based on Theme

1. Heritage Hotels: These hotels offers the guest their own history in other words, they serve there guests with their traditional cuisines.

2. Ecotels: These are environmental friendly hotels, they use Eco friendly equipment in the room.

3. Boutique Hotels: These provides exceptional accommodation, furniture, in a theme and stylish manner and caters for corporate travellers.

4. Spas: They are resorts which provides therapeutic bath and massage along other features of the Luxury hotels.

Classification of Hotels Based on Target Market

1. Convention Hotels: These has a large convention complex which caters for people attending conferences or conventions.

2. Resorts Hotels: These leisure hotels are mainly for vacationers who want to relax and enjoy with their families.

3. Suites: They offer rooms that may include compact kitchenette. They cater for people who are relocating.

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