Types of Rabbits in Nigeria

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Do you intend to raise rabbits soon? Do you want to know what varieties are available in Nigeria? It is crucial to understand the many rabbit breeds that exist in Nigeria. This is particularly important if you want to create a rabbit farm or keep one as a pet. This is due to the fact that the type of rabbit you buy will depend on its intended function.

rabbit prices in Nigeria

It is advised to get both the male and female of the rabbit breed that local consumers favor if, for instance, you wish to create a farm. Get breeds of rabbit that are naturally very healthy, tolerant of Nigeria’s climate, and robust by nature. Although they are good for breeding, this does not imply that you should exclusively get them.

Knowing why you want to get a rabbit will help you choose the breed that will best suit your needs. You’ll discover interesting and practical details about the top rabbit species you may find in Nigeria and their distinctive traits in this post.


The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes 49 different rabbit breeds (ARBA). You’ll discover which kind of rabbit are available in Nigeria today.


Although abundant in Nigeria currently, silver marten rabbits are native to the United States. They are a medium size and are renowned for having exceptionally velvety fur. Despite coming in a variety of colors, including chocolate, blue silver, sable, and black, Silver Marten rabbits have silver chins, underbellys, feet, and tails.

Silver Marten rabbits weigh between 3kg and 4kg for males and 3kg and 4.1kg for does. Although many people raise them for their meat, some people also keep them as pets. They are should be fed hay, pellets, fruits, and green, leafy vegetables but not meat or dairy products. This breed of rabbits has a five- to eight-year lifespan.


Harlequin is a medium- to large-sized breed of rabbit. Their short, plush, and dense coats are well recognized. Harlequin rabbits have a spherical head and a robust physical attributes. This breed’s ears are medium in length and stand upright atop the head. This kind of the Harlequin rabbit comes in a range of hues, including lilac, orange, black, blue, and chocolate. Hay and additional pellets are advised as their diet. The life expectancy of harlequin rabbits is five to eight years.


English Angora rabbit is a member of the four different Angora breeds. One of the smallest varieties of rabbit, the English Angora weighs between 2.3kg and 2.7kg. Their heads are large and flat with small ears, and their bodies are compact. A variety of colors, including white, black, chocolate, blue tort, and chestnut, are available for this kind of rabbit.

The thick, woolly, and silky coat of the English Angora rabbit necessitates routine care. If properly fed and given routine medical care, they can live for seven to twelve years.


The Dutch rabbit is a popular breed of rabbit in Nigeria. The two colors of Dutch rabbits give them a distinctive appearance. Black, blue, chocolate, chocolate steel, brown grey, and blue tortoise are some of these colors. Typically, they will feature white and one of the many common colors. Usually, they have dark ears that extend all the way down to their faces.

This breed of rabbit makes good pets since it is friendly, active, and calm. They are raised for their flesh as well. They have a weight range of 1.59 to 2.50 kg. The Dutch breed can survive for five to ten years with adequate care. In addition to leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and premium pellets, their diet also includes fresh hay and grasses.


Flemish Giant Rabbits are huge, as their name suggests. They typically weigh between 6kg and 9.9kg and can grow up to 30 inches long. Bucks can be distinguished from other animals by their larger heads in addition to their size difference.

The bodies and tails of this type of rabbits are fashioned like arches and have thick, lustrous fur on them. The Flemish Giant Rabbit comes in seven distinct colors. These are white, light grey, steel grey, sandy fawn, light grey, and blue. If given the correct care, this breed of rabbits can live for eight to 10 years. However, Nigeria has a limited supply of these rabbits.


Nigeria does not have many Palomino rabbits. Their look is distinctive, especially the color of their coat. This breed of rabbits comes in two color variations: golden and lynx. They range from modest to enormous in size. Palomino rabbits can weigh anywhere from 3.6 kg to 4.5 kg at maturity. Typically, does weigh more than their male counterparts. The primary usage of this kind of rabbit is for meat.

Hay, extra pellets, and plant shoots are the suggested foods for Palomino rabbits. If they receive regular veterinarian care, they can survive up to eight years.


There aren’t many of the chinchilla breed in the country. They have a compact body form and are typically of middle size. They don’t need to spend a lot of time grooming because of their bodies’ soft, rollback fur. In allusion to the hue of the South American rodent known as the Chinchilla, this breed of rabbit has Chinchilla coloring. Chinchilla rabbits have a dark slate blue undercolor at the base and a darker blue edging with a light grey mix at the top. Their eyes might be dark brown, blue-gray, maroon, or brown. Their life expectancy is five to eight years.


Hyla rabbits are a typical breed that are well-liked in Nigeria. They are medium-sized rabbits that are renowned for gaining weight quickly. Hyla breed rabbits may grow up to 3kg in about 4 months, which is faster than other medium-sized rabbits. Comparatively speaking, this breed of rabbits has a higher meat-to-bone ratio than any other breed.

Hyla rabbits are completely white, and they have pink eyes. They have a firm body type and upright ears that are no longer than 5 inches. This kind of rabbit is appropriate to be kept as a pet in addition to being a good supply of white meat.


Havana rabbit is a variety of rabbits that has a compact body shape and a medium size. The typical weight of one is 3.2 kg. Havana rabbits have an upright ear structure, large cheeks, and a slender head and neck. Their coats might be brown, black, blue, or chocolate in color, with ruby-colored eyes. This breed has an eight-year lifespan.


Checkered giant rabbits are huge and have no maximum weight limit. They are built like hares—slender but muscular, with long, strong legs. The ears on their heads are upright and large. Usually raised for meat, but occasionally kept as pets, this kind of rabbit.


The numerous kinds of rabbits that can be found in Nigeria were covered in this article. I think you gained knowledge of their distinctive physical characteristics, personality traits, and other important details. There are also rabbit prices available in the Nigerian market today.

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