Top 10 Best Business Opportunities in Northern Nigeria (2024)

If you reside in Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto, Gombe, etc, there are business options that will work in Northern Nigeria and yield you lots of profit. In this article, we will be examining some top business opportunities you can start in the Northern part of the country.


Northern Nigeria is a region in the country that posses lot of raw material, work force and the large populace which serves as the consumer market. These factors have made some enterpreneurs enquire on which business to opt in there.

Top 10 Best Business Opportunities Available in Northern Nigeria This 2023

There are vast number of business oppenings in Northern Nigeria, below are the top ones you can venture in;


When considering the large fertile land in this part of the country, cattle rearing and cash crop farming are the best business to settle in

  • Cattle Rearing

With most part of Northern Nigeria dealing mainly on rearing of cattle, the business has been seen as one of the most popular businesses there. The extensive product derivation from cattle has make it lucrative in that you can get the meat, milk, hide and skin, cheese, hooves etc. from it also.

  • Farming

It’s no new news that most foods in the country are generated from the north. Sorghum, millet, carrots, cowpea, and groundnut are the main commercial cash crops grown on the north.

  • Marketing of Agricultural Products

These agricultural products grown in the north can be put into business by selling or exporting them to where they are on demand. This business involve to simply grow your crops in the north, and start exporting them outside the country to the market demand.

Groundnut is a commercial cash crop there, and much can be made from it if exported to where there is high demand for the material in overseas. Much as the exporting business is good, you need to meet the conveying costs, and the means to start it.

Trading on Gold and Jewelries

Due to the availability of thes precious mineral resources in the Northern region of the country, it has make trading of jewelries thriving in this region. You can take advantage of urban areas like Kano, Kaduna and start merchandizing on these precious stones.
Interestingly, Kano has the largest Gold and Jewelry market in West Africa. Setting up the jewelry business in Kano is highly marketable as people travel from within and outside the country to Kano just to buy these precious ornamentals.

Another advantage is that it costs low capital depending on the type you go into and the quantity. The merchandizing of Gold and Jewelries is a preferred business option to invest in the Northern part of the country, as you can set up your Jewelry shop in any of the market cities there. The business can be extended interationally both for importing or exporting, selling or buying purposes, so as to increase your scope and augment profitability.

Ceramic Production

Ceramics are in commercial quantity in Northern Nigeria, both as raw materials and finished product. This has make the option of establishing a ceramic production company in the region available. The business is a simple setup and assures huge profit if it is properly managed.

Skilled labour, good storage facilities, and the business location (near your sources of raw materials), are the important factors that determine your success in the ceramic business.
As is with every business especially the manufacturing ones, making it in the ceramics dealing entails having a good network with the buying market.

Vegetable Oil Production

Groundnut is a very essential raw material and Northern Nigeria alone produces the highest in the whole world. It is one of the cash crops that is largely produced in the region.

Groundnut is used in the production of vegetable oil, and this has make it very important. With is large commercial quantity of groundnut in the North, you can consider commencing a mill company that produces vegetable oil from it.

Footwear Manufacturing Business

This is another profitable business opportunity that is lucrative in Northern Nigeria. Setting up a footwear manufacturing company involves producing shoes and boots.

Why the business is very illustrious in the North is due to the availability of raw materials like animals hides which are important in producing most footwears. Also, there is a open market to trade on this business in Northern Nigeria.

Food Business

The northern region of the country is densely populated and sadly there is a dire need for food there. However, a balance is emerged by the numerous food and agricultural produce/products available there. These factor has make establishing a fast food or restaurant business in this region lucratious.

This business moves fast as such needs even less capital to run at inception, and is very much profit making afterwards. To keep you on track, we had written a guide on how to start a restaurant/fast food business in Nigeria .

Gum Production

Gum is an essential raw material used to produce adhesives and glues which are mostly applicable in the rubber industries. With the North being the largest producer of gum, there is much of business there.

This business option is profitable and the target market are industries like printing, joinery and rubber firms that uses the product.

Printing Press

If you are looking for a profitable option in business to start in the northern part of the country, then you should consider opening a printing press.

The printing press is a type of business that incoporates producing books, newspapers, etc. It is a business in the north due to the large populace which will effect on the demand for printing products.

Clothing Business

Taking advantage from the availabilty of cotton in Northern Nigeria, you can start doing business on it either as a producer of textile product from cotton or marketer of clothing materials. The demand for and availabilty of clothing materials in this region makes this business worth an eye on.

Selling of Food Items

Northern Nigeria alone has about 150 million people living in the region. With such a large populace, the demand for food stuffs is on the high. An optical enterpreneur will see the region worth investing on marketing food items on, knowing surely the profit consequent to it.


The Northern part of Nigeria is seen as being business attractive, and as such we came up with this article to list out the business oppurtunities available there. Nonetheless, all details and information here are from research and examination of the region on what business can thrive in that region.

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