Bloggers Salary in Nigeria: How Much Do Freelance Writers Earn (2024)

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Do you wish to pursue a career in the internet world, specifically blogging or freelance writing? The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this is how much money you could make. I know the sensation of trepidation that comes with beginning something you’re not sure will work or not. Seeing others who have pushed themselves to the limit and succeed can just be the incentive you need to keep going. We’ll take a look at how much money Nigerian bloggers and freelance writers earn in today ‘s article. We’ll also explain how you can make use of the benefits of this online business for yourself.

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Successful bloggers get paid a reasonable quantity of money. The majority of them are paid in both dollars and naira. Top Nigerian bloggers earn between $1000 and $3000 each month. This should fall between ₦400,000 and ₦1.5 million when converted as per the current exchange rate.

Others who are high-earning bloggers in Nigeria earn much more than the above-mentioned sum. On a daily basis, Nigeria’s most successful bloggers earn between $50 and $80. Bloggers in Nigeria make roughly $400 per week. This demonstrates how profitable blogging is in Nigeria.

Making money and earning money from blogging does not happen overnight. To monetise their site using an internet ad provider, new bloggers will have to work for a while. As per their traffic, new bloggers might earn anywhere from $30 to $50 each month.

However, if a new blogger in Nigeria works hard and consistently, their earnings are likely to rise to $100 per month. I just wanted to provide an estimate of how much money you should expect to make from your blog after a few months. You must realize that if you are preoccupied with money from the outset, you will be extremely frustrated.

Instead, think on the value you’ll be providing to your blog’s readers. Consider it this way: the greater the number of values your traffic can consume, the greater your earning potential.


Blogging is undeniably a lucrative online business. The most common ways for bloggers to make money is through the placement of advertisements on their blogs. They are compensated in this manner by ad networks that pay per impression or per click. One of the most prevalent ways for Nigerian bloggers to earn money is through the placement of advertisements on their websites.

However, there are other ways for bloggers to make money and they include the following

  • Affiliate marketing – This is a type of advertisement that you can put on your blog or website. It entails making product recommendations in exchange for commissions.
  • Advertisements – This is similar to Google AdSense, which is a Google program that allows website publishers and bloggers in the Google Network of content sites to deliver text, image, video, or interactive media advertising that are tailored to the content and audience of the site.
  • Sponsored posts – This is when a website sponsors a blog article. Bloggers make money by having their posts sponsored by advertising.

Those are some of the many ways that bloggers get money. However, there are numerous additional options available to you. Are you curious about how bloggers make money from their blogs? Subsequent in this article are some of the most common methods that Nigerian bloggers are compensated.


According to many estimates from 2020, freelance writers are made up of 68 percent of self-employed writers. Despite the increasing population of freelance writers, many people still think of it as a way to supplement their income between full-time jobs. However, for several writers, freelancing incomes are rapidly outpacing their full-time salaries.

Whether you’re a content marketer wanting to employ freelance writers or a freelance writer looking for work, you’ve probably pondered how much freelance writers earn. We’ll take a closer look at how well freelance writing pays for writers in this section of our article. We’ll look at how it pays in different industries, specialties, and countries. We’ll also talk about how to grow your freelance writing career so you can make a livelihood from it.

How much do freelance writers charge? Knowing how much freelance writers charge for each task is crucial to calculating their annual earnings. Pricing varies greatly from one freelance writer to the next and is determined by a variety of criteria, including the length of the job and the freelancer’s cost of living.

It can be difficult to discover an efficient price technique for writing because it is such a dynamic job that combines hard-to-quantify talents like research, creativity, and expertise. The majority of freelancers employ one of the following options.

  • Project-based charging
  • Charging based on the number of words written (word rate)
  • Charging on an hourly basis

Let’s take a look at how much a typical freelance writer earns.

How much are freelance writers paid in Nigeria? This is a question that you might want to ask. A content writer in Nigeria earns roughly ₦305,000 NGN per month on average. The lowest salary is ₦143,000 NGN, and the highest is ₦481,000 NGN (but might exceed this amount). This is the monthly average pay, which includes housing, transportation, and other amenities.


As a blogger or freelance writer in Nigeria, you can get paid in a variety of methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Local Currency
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin, Mith, and other cryptocurrencies
  • Payoneer, Perfect Money, and other e-wallets

If you plan to start a blog or affiliate marketing business today, you’ll need a PayPal account to collect money. You’ll also need one of the payment platforms indicated above.


I never imagined I’d be writing about “how much do bloggers and writers make in Nigeria” today, because I used to Google such terms myself. Both blogging and writing are good ways to generate a lot of money in the lucrative online market. Don’t be fooled; blogging is a real and legitimate way to make a lot of money online.

However, it has its ups and downs, just like any other business. That isn’t to say you won’t be able to make money. It all relies on how well you plan your path to success. If you’re still unsure about how much money you may make as a blogger or freelance writer in Nigeria, the information in this post should clear things up.

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