Best Solar Companies To Work For In California (2024)

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It’s hardly surprising that California is at the leading edge of renewable power because the state is recognized for its sunshine. The state is arguably the biggest when it comes to driving the solar energy revolution in the US. We considered it crucial to consider the potential of the local industries because of this. As a result, we discuss our top selections for solar companies in California. Nevertheless, there are many American solar brands in existence. We encourage you to look through our most recent list of the best solar businesses to work for in California. Employee preferences and job satisfaction were used to determine this rating.

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The best places to work in California’s expanding solar sector are listed below.


Momentum Solar is our top recommendation for a solar provider to work with in California. The company only offers its services in states with approved net metering policies. Through a technique called net-metering, your utility company keeps track of the extra energy that your solar system produces. Your power bill is then reduced by the regulated quantity, which might help you make or save funds.

Momentum can concentrate more on customer service and satisfaction than other solar installation firms because of its limited stock. In order to meet your unique solar needs, the company also offers solar panels from other providers.

Momentum Solar has made a name on its own as a top employer in California. It is really incredibly rewarding to work for them. You receive annual bonuses in addition to a competitive base income when you work for Momentum Solar. Momentum Solar offers wages ranging from a low of $61,148 to a high of $81,737, with an average compensation of $70,669 per year.


Tesla’s electric automobiles may have prompted you to recognize it as among the most well-known brands in renewable energy. Tesla does, however, also provide cutting-edge solar energy solutions. It specifically provides solar shingles, which construct a solar roof.

The Tesla Powerwall solar battery is another product of Tesla that is well-known in the solar business. This energy storage system provides backup power for your house during blackouts and at night.

Tesla Solar open opportunities for roofers, installers, and electricians who will collaborate to deliver Solar Roof in California and other states around the country. The average hourly wage for Tesla Solar Installers in the US is about $24.17.


SunPower pioneered the market for home solar energy. It was established in San Jose in 1985. The firm is the company on our list with the most years of industry experience.

SunPower produces its solar panels in collaboration with Maxeon Solar Technologies. Your solar system is fully integrated and designed by SunPower so that every part, from production to installation and monitoring, functions as a single unit without any hiccups.

Additionally, SunPower offers additional customization options and adapts its solar energy systems for California’s environment.

SunPower employs hardworking, customer-oriented personnel in North America. There seems to be no improved company to work for in a sector that is transforming the future of global energy than that for SunPower.


SunLux serves as evidence that number and quality are not equivalent. The company has special purpose network coverage only within California and Texas. SunLux offers a lot of the benefits and services that bigger companies offer. This comes with a mobile app, active monitoring, and thorough warranties—but also with a friendly and approachable customer care team. Moreover, the company purchases its solar panels from well-known suppliers for its systems.

How is working for SunLux Solar like? How much is Sunlux Energy’s monthly payment in the US? The hourly wage at Sunlux energy varies from about $12.96 for an office assistant to $39.69 for a lead electrician. The annual compensation range for a Telemarketer at Sunlux Energy is from $25,000 to $124,503 for a Director of Marketing.


Solar4America is a major producer of solar products in California. Given that it’s situated in Livermore, California, it also ranks among the best in the state.

Solar4America has a large selection of EV chargers, solar batteries, and panels. It also sells prefabricated DIY kits for building a solar panel system that is completely off the grid. The kits are perfect for moderate solar projects like retrofitting sheds, boats, RVs, or off-grid cabins in Northern California.

Solar4America is a good career choice in the booming solar industry in California. The annual pay for Solar4America ranges from about $46736.


The solar panel solutions provided by Palmetto Solar is robust and all-inclusive. The company offers numerous extra services in complement to regular system maintenance.

Palmetto has a stellar reputation for providing excellent customer service. Palmetto further offers a 25-year manufacturer warranty for its Q-Cells monocrystalline solar panels.

The environment in which Palmetto workers operate fosters growth because it is made up of individuals from various ethnic diversity and geographic locations. You can browse Palmetto’s website or any of their facilities in California to learn more about the employment possibilities they provide.


California is one of the few states that offer Elevation services. The solar company provides a distinctive elevated home service that makes your home as sustainable as possible. Elevation performs an energy audit of your property before designing a unique solar energy system that is fully connected with it.

The systems offered by Elevation may also include monocrystalline solar panels, microinverters, solar batteries, and chargers for electric vehicles. Also, the company offers insulation and duct sealing, two essential components of energy efficiency.


The most extensive product range of any supplier on this list may be found at Green Home Systems. The firm sells monocrystalline solar panels of the highest caliber from reputable suppliers. This includes Panasonic and LONGi as well as a range of solar batteries and standby generators. Additionally, Green Home Systems deploys rooftop solar panels made of tiny monocrystalline panels that serve as roof tiles.


Solar energy investment opportunities abound in California. The state provides excellent tax breaks, incentives, and solar installation providers of the highest caliber. We considered the best of these companies to work with.

SunPower can work in your favor because it has a lot of the solar industry expertise, while Momentum Solar provides a great selection of solar products and expert technical services. This article examined these two as well as a number of other top solar firm names to work with in the United States.

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