Best School Management Software Systems in Nigeria (2024)

With the world reaching more heights in technological advancements, there are some addons to the system of running schools. This is through various school management software. In this article we will look at these softwares, outlining the top ones in Nigeria. Also, the pros, cons and costs of these management softwares will also be covered in this writeup.

Best School Management System Softwares in Nigeria

School Management Software are used by educational schools and institutions to streamline the paperless management of all activities in the school. This new innovation helps in keeping up school records, scholarly history, and other basic student data and information.
The usefulness of the software is that it gives quick access to records, students details and academic results that help teachers and administrators settle on better choices about the child. The system further enable the parents and guardians to monitor the academic history of their ward(s).


In general, these school management softwares are varied with different specifications. To keep you abreast, we outlined these best 5 softwares to use, after a careful survey of these softwares in the country.


Nersapp is a free cloud-based school management programmed software that does the multi-task function of school management.

Description: The application is set up in a way that it can perform functions of running the school, and it is moderately useful for a free application use.

Cost: NersApp is totally allowed to be used for free, though additional charges may apply to set it up. The setting up takes a considerate long time and one-on-one trainings likely happen. The software developers makes it easier as they additionally take care of everything of help. You’re answerable for calling them, after which they will come and install the software in the intended institution with additional charges inclusive.

Pros: In terms of qualitativeness, obviously Nersapp school management software offers a through freedom to schools that are not much rich. This includes ones that don’t have a reliable spending plan for the technological software.

Cons: Though this software is cheap, but does not mean you will spend nothing. In looking for a software to utilize your school’s time, work force, and others to help, train your staffs and teachers, Nersapp software may not be able to carry out all these, but will only work to its best.
Also, observe that since this product is free, there is no assurance that the business won’t shut down out of the blue due to being not able to keep the lights on while using the software to administer the academic programmes.

Verdict: NersApp is a perfect choice if paradventure your school is lacking in money factor. The software system will cut off overload costs to give you a profitable venture.


BlueBic has its school management software available for an affordable rate. It’s anything but difficult to set up and use. BlueBic products and client assistance is positively extraordinary and incentive for cash despite the fact that their software system might be somewhat a big bargain for some schools to afford.

Description: One of the exciting features of Bluebic software is that it is mobile friendly, easy to use, rich display and compactible for all use.

Cost: The cost of this software is N500 paid each term per student.

Pros: An advantage of this device is that it has backing, which means existing customers of the company reserve the right to convey all non- technically knowledgeable, educators along and deal with a smooth change to computerized record keeping.

  • This software is a fantastic item which is very versatile to carry out all the operations put on.
  • BlueBic also had much of customer satisfaction from the schools which run the system. The clients were suppurtive of the product and how it manages the school program.

Cons: After analysing this school management software, this is something worth being thankful for on the grounds that the modules they have are highlight rich, adaptable, give valuable reports. This software display good characteristics but still have anomalies that should be avoided in the process of running the software.

Verdict: BlueBic school management software spares school administrators and teachers a great deal of having boggling issues on attending to student academics and records. The software is quickly developing and the company has figured out how to draw in some schools, locally and global to see to their management by using it.

Interestingly, BlueBic software is our second choice for schools to use, if they can manage the cost of it.


Another trusted option is the SAF School Management Software, that has over 12 years of experience in this discipline. The software is cloud-based and is an established management software for schools in the country.

Description: SAFSMS has jumbled UI that is bulky and hard to use. The software is quite mobile friendly and the developer has a portable android application that functions with the software system.

Cost: The cost is N100k which is charged from the school on a per term basis, with an extra of N700 termly charged per student.

Pros: The software agents are answerable for contacting them to look for help and training on how to use the school management software. The quality of SAFSMS cannot be under-view as it has more than twelve years offering this assistance to their clients. Their business has set up solid balance and will be around for quite a while to service the demand for these softwares.

Cons: The support is responsive, however it isn’t extremely proactive about arranging for another school. Some of these product from this source night be a way difficult to use.

The users of this product: the school staffs and teachers may be debilitated by its cumbersome user interface, and they will require more help and training to become conversant with the product.

Verdict: SAF school management software is not just a usual application, but through its specifications, its here to stay in this area. This software developer is a built up business and is probably not going to close down which may constrain your school to experience a difficult under service.


This is yet another top school management software. This programme is developed by popular software creator, WebGuru, and the product comes with a free site to aid the running.

Description: This software product is much like any other software programme, but the distinguishing difference is that it comes with a free added website.

Cost: WebGuru offers a flat rate charge of N40,000 for a single term for this software.

Pros: It advantage is that the software comes with a free school site and the programme also bolsters disconnected organization or schools.

Cons: This software may be awesome, but the pricing and training cost may be some discouraging factor.

Verdict: WebGuru school management software is essentially perfect for setting up a programmed site for the running of your school.


Indian software developers, Fedena Group offers SchoolSoftwarePro as a school management software. The software is likewise affiliated to the tech group.

Description: SchoolSoftwarePro has backing for their users by proving the know-how on how to use the software. In some case, they install the product for their clients, but may involve additional charge.

Cost: The cost of running SchoolSoftwarePro in your school is N65,000 if your student population is under 200, and N100,000 for more than 200 students. This pricing is charged on a per term basis.

Pros: The product is made from a reliable foreign software giant, and this prompt it to be of high standards for school management.

Cons: Since this company is based in India, they may not be able to redo, update, fix issues, or improve the software overtime.

Verdict: SchoolSoftwarePro incoporates the school management and individual students recordings. The software comes with modern features which enable the safe of your school history.

This has been the size of our writeup, as we’ve tried to outline the top 5 school management software systems in Nigeria. This few are preferred in the country, as they perfectly meets the agonising demand for school management softwares in this modern technological era.

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