10 Best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria (2024)

Last updated on August 4th, 2023 at 08:12 pm

This article will list out the best online shopping sites/stores in Nigeria to buy items from who have overtime gained reputation as one of the online markets in the country.



Online shopping in Nigeria is now becoming rampant as different online stores are springing up not just in Nigeria but in the world. If you are internet savvy, you must have come across international online stores like Ebay, Amazon and Walmart.

These online stores over the years have built trust with their customers and they deal directly with manufacturers of the products they sell. These are the shopping sites that are making millions of dollars from retailing online.

Popular online stores in Nigeria have also copied these international stores, even though they are not perfect, these shopping sites are really working hard to gain the trust of Nigerians as they aim to take online shopping in Nigeria to the next level.

Below is a list of the best online shopping sites in Nigeria who in terms of excellence, service and popularity has gained the trust from Nigerians.

1. Jumia Nigeria

Jumia website is jumia.com.ng. Jumia Nigeria is the first online store in the country who set the pace for others that emerged to follow.

The question most people might ask is- can Jumia online stores be trusted? How long will it take Jumia to deliver my goods when I place my order? and so on.

Jumia delivery service are quick as delivery through takes within seven days depending on your location.

What makes them really unique is that they sell almost anything e.g from cosmetics to electronics, groceries, clothing and phone accessories, e.t.c.

Jumia also offers special discounts and promotions especially on “Black Friday”. They also have Jumia affiliates where one can earn a commission after selling a product

2. Konga Nigeria

The number two on the list of trusted online shopping stores in Nigeria to buy products from is Konga, the immediate competitor of Jumia.

Konga stores has since remained in the forefront of e-commerce in Nigeria and they are doing really well.

I personally prefer shopping online on Konga than Jumia. This is because of their customer care service support which I must confess is professional. The website of Konga in Nigeria is konga.com.

What makes Konga online shopping Nigeria really unique is that they have a number of independent retailers under them. They encourage individuals to use their platform to promote products and sell it on their store.

3. Slot

Slot website is slotlimited.com. They are mostly known for their specialization in mobile phones, computers, tablets and other related gadgets.

Although, the head office of Slot is located at Ikeja in Lagos, they recently moved online and they are one of the trusted online stores and shops where original or “follow come” as Nigerians will put it products are being sold.

4. Parktel Online

Parktel Online has come to stay as one of the leading brands in the business.

Just like Slot company in Nigeria, they deal in mobile phones, tablets and computers. Parktel website is parktelonline.com

5. Kara.com.ng

Another trusted online retail store in Nigeria is Kara.com.ng which specializes in selling home appliances and electronics like generating sets, DVD’s, televisions, home and kitchen appliances and even automobiles.

Kara website is kara.com.ng.

6. Dealdey

If you are looking for where to buy cheap things online, online shopping for clothes in Nigeria, then Dealdey is the right place to be.

Dealdey is the sister company to Konga online and there customer care service is also professional

7. Kaymu

Kaymu is another best Nigerian online store that deserves to be on this list. Kaymu online shopping website is kaymu.com.ng.

Items like mobile phones, shoes, jewelry and watches and several other items are sold on Kaymu

8. Mystore

Mystore.com.ng is a unique online store that specializes in sales of gift items.

If you do not know the gifts to buy for your loved ones, visit mystore.com.ng which also allows you send your gifts directly to your loved ones using their fast delivery services.

9. Taafoo

One of the first online retail stores in Nigeria that specializes on fashion products

10. Buyright

This trusted online store in Nigeria sells items like heavy duty items like inverters,stabilizers, batteries, e.t.c

Top 10 Online Shopping Stores in Nigeria

Nigerian online stores are sprouting everywhere on the internet. But which of these online stores are reliable that Nigerians can really risk to shop online with? This post will reel out the top 10 best online shopping stores in Nigeria that are popular and credible.

Lets face a fact, Nowadays, it is difficult to buy from either eBay, Amazon and other top online stores in the world due to the Dollar and Naira battle for currency supremacy. Most online buyers who trade using credit cards or use payment services like PayPal, Payoneer and others have found it extremely difficult as the charges from these payment gateway processors are to exorbitant.

The good news to Nigerians is that the use of  US OR UK shipping addresses for delivery is now a thing of the past as you can now enjoy buying online at cheap and affordable prices and the best part is that you can also pay on delivery, from stores online with offices located here in Nigeria.

This list of top 10 trusted Nigerian online shopping stores are not just popular but are reliable at offering good customer support service, customer satisfaction, good delivery options as and when due and product availability.

Top 10 Online Shopping Stores in Nigeria

1. Jumia.com.ng

Jumia Nigeria is the first on our list of best Nigerian online stores because they offer lots of product for sale on user friendly website. Shopping on Jumia is safe because of their Comodo security. Products such as latest mobile phones, wines, furniture, electronics, computers, fashion items and even wines can be found on Jumia stores online. Jumia Nigeria head office is located at Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria.

2. Konga.com

Konga Nigeria is also a best pick when it comes to safe and secure online shopping in Nigeria. Konga has many pick up locations located at Surulere, Ikeja and Victoria Island, Festac in Lagos. On Konga Online stores, you would see varieties of computers, laptops, accessories, phones, electronics, fashion wears, books and home and kitchen appliances. They also offer pay on delivery services and free shipping for most of their products especially to those residing within Lagos.

3. Mystore.com.ng

Another good retail store operating online in Nigeria is Mystore.com.ng. On my store, you can purchase items like mobile phones, home appliances, electronics,e.t.c. Their head-office is located at Idimu-Egbeda road in Lagos.

4. Taafoo.com.ng

If you are looking for secure online shopping, then Tafoo should be your choice as Tafoo.com.ng is an online store that uses Comodo and Veriseal security to protect its users from hackers. They also deliver goods nationwide, selling a large number of items and their office is located at Oregun in Lagos.

5. Kaymu.com.ng

Kaymu is also an upcoming online shopping store in Nigeria that are trustworthy. They sell items like computers, jewelry, appliances, vehicles and computers. You can pay through bank deposit, online banking or even pay on delivery.

6. Kara.com.ng

Kara head-office is located at Ikeja, Lagos. They are also one of the best online stores you can find in Nigeria. Like Kaymu, they also deliver nation wide and sell items like solar systems, home appliances, computers e.t.c.

7. Regalbuyer.com.ng

At Regal buyer, you can purchase your favorite electrical gadgets, phones and tablets. Shipping on Regalbuyer is done via FEDEX and they also provide warranty on their products.

8. Gloo.ng

Gloo.ng is another online shopping store where you can purchase foodstuffs, groceries, books in Nigeria. They also offer free shipping amongst other host of services. Payment can also be made with debit or Visa ATM cards.

9. Dealdey.com

Dealdey is a sister store to KONGA ONLINE. They are also one of the best and reliable Nigerian online stores that sells on wholesale at cheap prices on goods and services. You can buy and sell clothes, shoes and other items from their store.

10. Hellofood.com.ng

Last on the list online shopping stores is Hellofood.com.ng. On this site, food delivery to various places across the country is made possible due to their patnership with vaious top restaurants in Nigeria.

Apart from that, they also lists clothing, computers and other items for sale on their website. Its head-office is located at Lekki in Lagos. POD is also available if you choose to shop online with them.

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