10 Best Mining Companies in Nigeria

It is not hyperbolic for one to say that Nigeria is massively rich both in oil and in solid minerals, hence the presence of mining companies in the country.

mining companies in Nigeria

Mining is said to have started in Nigeria in 1903 when the Northern protectorate was surveyed. Mining of gold in Nigeria started around the year 1910, but the gold exploration momentum was affected by the second world war. The white men expatriates who lead the exploration course left the country because of the war. After the war, Gold exploration in Nigeria has never regained the momentum again.

There are large reserves of several minerals across the sedimentary basins of the country. Before the discovery of commercial quantity of oil in 1956, solid minerals such as coal, tin and columbite were explored in large quantity for exports. Since 1956, the country shifted her attention to crude oil due to the high earnings and the solid minerals sector began to dwindle.

It became worse in the 1970s after the civil war. The war displaced lots of white men expatriates and many mining companies left the country.

Mining is not a sector that grows at a very fast pace. It takes years for the minerals in a reserve to mature.

Nigeria also has enormous reserves of Iron ore in kogi state. This prompted the country to establish the Ajaokuta Steel Company and Delta state steel company to aid the extraction and exploration of the mineral.

The act of extracting of solid and oil minerals (mining) is still going on in the country but with less attention to the solid minerals. Crude oil is where the country is focusing on, but researches have it that in the next hundreds or maybe thousands of years, the crude oil may dry off. This has instigated the country to start considering other options.

Hence, more focus will certainly be diverted to the solid mineral sector. This goes is inline with President Buhari’s agenda to diversify the economy. In Nigeria, mining activities are regulated by the Federal ministry of mines and steel development.

There are many top mining companies in Nigeria who are still carrying out exploration services in the country. Some are owned by Nigerians while some are foreign companies. In this article, we will highlight the top 10 mining companies in the country based on the minerals explore and the services they offer.

Coal can be found at great depths and in the top subsurface most especially in areas around Enugu state and environs. The coal found in Nigeria is said to be of very high quality.

In the 1940s, mining and exportation of coal were major sources of foreign exchange in the country, but many mines were abandoned due to the Nigeria civil war.
Mining of coal and other minerals like iron ore are still going on in the country though on a low key.

There are various indigenous and non-indigenous mining companies who are still operating in Nigeria but they lay more emphasis on Crude oil exploration. They are the players in the mining sub-sector of the economy.

We shall now highlight the top 10 key players in the mining industry in Nigeria. Most of these companies are into mining of several minerals. Please note that this listing is not in any specific order.

Top 10 Best Mining Companies in Nigeria

Agropet Nigeria Limited

Agropet are a top mining firm in Nigeria, experienced in providing many mining, environmental, agri-business and engineering services. They are specialists and consultants in exploration of solid minerals such as coal and iron ore.

Eta-Zuma Group Ltd

Eta-zuma is a group of conglomerates who are specialists in mining and exploration of coal, limestone, marble, Gold, iron ore, etc. They aim to become the key players in the recuperating solid minerals sector of the economy. Their plants are located in kogi and Enugu States and their coal and lignite products are focused on power and energy generation.

Greenfield Metals Limited

Greenfield Metals Limited are into iron ore and metals exploration and exportation. They extracts and refines zinc, Copper, and lead. Greenfield Metals Limited are key players in the distribution of metallic minerals in the country. They have plants in Ebonyi state and Kogi States.

Japaul Mines and Products

They are leaders in aggregate mining. They have quarry plants in ondo state and Akamkpa in cross river state. Japaul mines limited strives to satisfy the aggregate needs of the mining and construction industry. They produce various sizes of aggregates like armour rocks, road base, sub base, etc.

Kinsfield Energy Ltd

Kinsfield Energy Ltd are specialists in oil and Gold mining and exportation. Their focus is on exploration of base metals for generation of power. Kinsfield Energy Ltd aims to establish power plants across the country. They have Gold and other base metal field in yagba west in kogi state and in osun state. Their headquarters is in houston, USA.

Western Goldfields Group Ltd

Western Goldfields Group Ltd is involved in exploration of coal reserves. It is one of the biggest players in the coal mining sectors. They are on the verge of becoming the largest mining company in Nigeria. Western Goldfields Group Ltd owna many coal mine reserves in the country and they have over 150 professional staff.

Multiverse PLC

Multiverse PLC recently changed their name to multiverse mining and exploration plc. They specialize in extraction and exploration of Iron ore, tin, and lead. They also have quarry for stone aggregates. Multiverse PLC has iron mines in kogi and their cooperate headquarters is in Lagos.

Red Mining

Redmining limited are into solid mineral exploration. They aim to fill the gaps by grabbing the huge opportunities that abounds in the mining sector. Redmining company have mines and plants in Bauchi and Adamawa states.

SBOG Nigeria Ltd

This company is privately owned by Mr S.B. Olatunji. They are into mining and exploration of metallic deposits. They are also into quarrying and blasting. So far, they have exported large volumes of lead, iron and zinc to Asia. Their headquarters is in Lagos state and they have metallic mineral fields in Kogi and Bauchi states.

Tongyi Allied Mining Ltd

Tongyi Allied Mining Ltd is into geophysical surveys, exploration and refining of solid minerals. They have mining fields in Bauchi and Osun states. Their cooperate office us located in Abuja. Tongyi Allied Mining Ltd exports their metallic products to China and Korea through their partners who are based there.

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