Best Places To Get Wedding Rings in Nigeria (2024)

Are you looking for a good place to buy your engagement ring? There’s no doubt that a lot of stores out there has a collection of this product, but getting the most ideal certainly means you will have to source from the best place. This write-up will highlight the best places to buy wedding rings in Nigeria. This will help you to get the best deal. Subsequently, we will highlight what to look for before settling for one of these places.

Wedding Rings

Top Best Places Where to Buy Wedding Rings in Nigeria

Certainly, it’s not all jewelry vendors or stores that has the perfect kind of engagement rings. Let’s take a gander at the best places to always source wedding rings in the country:

Eternal Circles

Eternal Circles is the best renown jewellery store to get your wedding rings in the Nigeria. They offer services on return and exchange, delivery, and many more which have made them to be touted as the leading wedding bands merchants in the country. In terms of affordability, both their products and services are affordable as you can get them all hassle-free. Also, a good number of bridal sets, i.e wedding rings costs as low as ₦60k which is relatively cheap compared to other collection. These rings also have customizable sets.

With respect to location, Eternal Circles have their head office in Lagos, precisely inside Riggs plaza, Omole bus-stop, Omole, Lagos. You discover more about the store by reaching them via their website:


Zavandi is a premium engagement & wedding ring company based in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. The company has a showroom at 31a, Isaac John street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, where you can shop the latest collection of wedding sets. Their products are very best of the fine jewelry industry from USA, UK, Thailand, India and Hong Kong. Moreso, Dolapo and Kieva Chris-Amusan, are the lovebirds & co-founders of Zavandi. The jewelry store offer to you a diverse collection of: Natural Diamonds; Forever Moissanite; Semi-precious Gemstones e.g Amethyst, Morganite, Sapphire, Topaz…; Cubic Zirconia; Solid Sterling 925 Silver; Titanium; and Tungsten Carbide.

With the aim of Zavandi being to provide you with excellent value, you can always have a place to source your jewelries like wedding rings. They are also able to customize rings to suit your taste and preference.

Deinte Collection

Deinte is one of the best places to source engagement or wedding rings in the country. This isn’t just a primal jewelry store, but thay are equipped with some of the most exquisite collections around. Though their products may be of this kind, but they aren’t overly expensive. Wedding rings by Deinte are really catchy and appealing, complementing with their affordable prices. These wedding sets have a lot designs and they are sure to meet the taste of the users.

Taking a peek at the prices of Deinte wedding sets, it can be seen that some of their wedding rings go for ₦40,000 – ₦80,000. Also, the jewelry store have appreciable customer service and delivery service to give you a buyer satisfaction.

The head office of Deinte is located inside the Silverbird galleria mall, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. You can also reach them via their website:, and discover more about their collection of wedding rings.


In terms of affordability, Azarai store can’t be left out. This is a jewelry store that provides one of the cheapest wedding bands in the country. Another interesting fact is that their products have been tagged to be one of the highest quality. Looking at how much their wedding sets cost, they have a whole lot of these rings which ranges from as low as ₦10,000 and sets for as low as ₦40,000. Azarai has a swift delivery service all around the country and their customer service is really enviable.

Azarai’s office is located at The Penthouse, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. You can also reach them via their website:, and be sure to discover more about their collection of wedding sets.

Juli Collections

Arguably, some of the affordable yet attractive wedding sets in the country is here in Juli Collections houses. In terms of the cost of their jewelry, some silver sets go for a price as low as ₦40,000, while their ₦18,000 Italian gold bands (which comes in varied grades and designs) go for as low as ₦70,000. Though, the pricing may slightly differ from this figures, due to the changing variables which influences the cost of these products. Nevertheless, Juli Collections has a collection of many of these wedding rings which are abundant in giving you a choice.

Juli Collections is located at Block 3, Shop 15, Odua Modern Mart, 384 Ikorodu road by new garage, Ojota, Lagos. You can also discover more about their collection of wedding rings in their website:

Moreover, Juli collections have a delivery and customer service that has been said to be top notch. Also, the collection has been argued by many to offer a unique wedding rings in Nigeria.

Benkol Gold

Another prominent place to source wedding rings in Nigeria is Benkol Gold. They are a preferred place due to the fact that they offer high quality wedding sets at considerate prices.  Although the prices are a bit more elevated, customers that are in search of quality gold, silver and diamond, will always opt for this jewelry store.

Looking at the cost of Benkol Gold wedding rings, it’s obvious that it starts from the lowest to the high-end price. They have wedding rings with price ranging from ₦42,000 – ₦187,000 in both single bands and sets. If you intend on making a buy from Benkol Gold wedding sets, you can reach them via their website:

How To Source For The Perfect Wedding Ring

Regardless of who is proposing to his/her sweetheart, it’s best to know how to get the best of the wedding rings. You will find this concise guide exceptionally helpful in making a choose.

Decide on Your Budget

Setting your spending plan before buying the ring will always keep you exceptionally conclusive as there’s consistently a lot of collection to choose from. You can get a quality wedding band from costs as low as ₦30,000 generally for authentic silver rings. You might also be willing or ready to spend more to get a strong gold wedding band with moderate costs from N150,000 (approx $400). In any case, in case you’re looking towards the high-end product, then you’ll be taking a gander at costs in the range of N1,000,000 or higher. Nonetheless, everything relies upon your selection of materials, and we will examine them below.

Choose Your Jewelry Designer

Your rings should be kept up routinely all through for a long period. In achieving this, you have to have a jewelry dealer who will get the job done. Other than guaranteeing that you pick a profoundly skilled jewelry designer, however much as could reasonably be expected, you need to ensure that your jewelry designer meets certain measures like: Flexible return/exchange policy; Customer-friendly warranty policy; Great customer service; and Ring upgrade programs.

Choose A Metal

There are a lot of metal options in which wedding rings are made of. There are distinctive metal alternatives, going from valuable metals like Platinum, Solid Gold, Sterling Silver to contemporary metals like Tungsten, Titanium. Normally, valuable metals cost essentially higher than contemporary metals with Platinum being the most costly, and gold next. Notwithstanding, authentic silver wedding bands are truly reasonable to go for in terms of affordability.

Make The Purchase

Now, we know you’re presumably knowledgeable and apprehensive all together with what and where to get wedding rings in the country. Up until this point, you have had the option to set a sensible budget, pick a boss wedding ring jewelry store like Azarai, Benkol Gold, Deinte, Eternal Circles, Juli, Zavandi, discover their ring size, and sort out which configuration your fiance is bound to be content with.


This article covered much on the best places to buy wedding rings in Nigeria, by highlighting them appropriately. We also give a shot on how to source this jewelry (wedding sets). This will give you a clue on how to make the best buy of this product.

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