Top 10 Best IT Training Institutes in Nigeria (2024)

In Nigeria, there are good number of IT training institutes that gives special education on IT courses. With digitalization taking it course in the country, there is certainly a need for IT training institutes in order to train professionals for the information and technology sector.

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Also, looking at the requirements for employment nowadays, having an IT certification gives an edge in eventually obtaining the job. With these merits of information technology, it’s important to write on the best institutes that offers this professional training. That will be our aim here as we will highlight the top ten IT training institutes in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best IT Training Institutes in Nigeria

The information technology is now a trend that is becoming more prominent over the years. This has result to the sector being one of the most sought-after areas of work in the country. There are special IT training offered to those who want to get the IT skills and as well use them in their employment application and field of work.

This special education is only guaranteed by IT training institutes, and the best of these institutions will give you the most elevated knowledge on this. Which are the best IT training institutes in Nigeria? This is a question that will be answered in details as we progress in the write-up.


Aptech is ostensibly the best IT training institute in Nigeria, most especially due to how they offer distant/home learning and training. This is complemented with their 14 modern, computerized automation centres located in various locations in the country.

Aptech offers top-notch training in various fields of information technology; their IT courses include NET, Networking, Java, Oracle, Mobile and Web Application, Development, Cloud computing and Enterprise.

There are online classes for home learning where you can participate in classes and take examinations online. These classes help you to learn information technology from the basics and also improve on your qualifications.

Moreover, graduates of ApTech are opened to the practical experience and learn current trends in the field of technology. This helps them to flare in their fields of work.

New Horizons Nigeria

Another prominent IT training institute in Nigeria is New Horizons Nigeria. Since its establishment in the United States in 1982, it branch in Nigeria began training students in 2005.

Since then till now, there has been a tremendous teaching experience in which modern scientific approaches were developed. A good number of elite and leading IT specialists received their education at this training institute.

The courses offered by New Horizons Nigeria IT training institute includes programming, networking, information security, Java technology, web development, Oracle, Microsoft, and CompTIA. To aid the learning process, each student is provided with a modern flat screen computer, and the school’s training rooms are equipped with the needed facilities and amenities to support information technology training.

Nevertheless, if you want to discover more information about this training institute, just visit their official website at, and get in touch with them.

GNT Nigeria

Located in Lagos, GNT is a popular training institute in the city, and as well in the country. The IT Institute offers a wide range of training in the information technology.

GNT offers courses you will learn more on IT. These courses include: Computer hardware engineering, IT project management, Cybersecurity, Computer networking, Cybersafe, Ethical hacking training, Cybersec first responder, Cisco networking essentials, and Information system security professional (CISSP).

Moreso, with how GNT Nigeria makes use of well qualified and highly knowledgeable instructors, you can hope to get the best training on information technology.

NIIT Nigeria

NIIT is a leading Information Technology training institute in Nigeria. Since it establishment in India in 1981 and eventual starting in 1999 in Nigerian, NIIT has been a reliable place to get the best training on IT.

Currently, they have many training centers different areas of the country. You can trust that these centers teach modern and up to date Internet and technology programs. The list of courses offered by NIIT include: Oracle, CCNA, Window Administration, Linux, CCNP, Web Application etc.

Also, students can get practical training and become professionals in Software development and Network Engineering.

On history, one could say more about NIIT as it used to be the best Information Training Institute in Nigeria some years ago. However, the Institute still offers quality IT training that has made them to still be considered as one of the best presently.


FirstLogic is another leading institution and certification IT centers in the country. The school was established in 2003 they began operation on March that year. Currently, they has branches in Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt.

Courses offered at Firstlogic incorporate important IT courses which are Cisco, Comptia, Java, Microsoft, Web Development, Oracle, other related areas.

To complement quality learning, FirstLogic institute has experienced and qualified teachers who utilize the best teaching methods and techniques to give the most elevated information technology training.


HIIT is a notable IT training institute that offers programs on project management, accounting, web development, principles of work with Oracle, Comptia, Microsoft. With over 20 years of their existence in Nigeria, the Institute has become one of the leading IT training school.

Its graduates have excelled in IT education, publishing, consulting, servicing and creating original solutions for customers. HIIT has accredited centers in Kano, Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos and some other strategic locations.

Mamtech IT Consultancy Services

This is an IT training institute located in Kano state. The school is one of the best on information technology training as they provides top-notch training facilities, classes and laboratories, high-speed internet access to augment.

Courses offered at Mamtech IT training institute include: Information management, Web design, E-commerce, Graphic design, Freelance web designer programme, Web hosting, Domain name business, Bulk SMS reselling, and SMS marketing.

Moreover, with Mamtech, one would have intense practical classes with manuals and training from the best professionals on IT sector.

SGL Technologies

Located in Ikeja, Lagos State, SGL Technologies is a leading information technology institute in the state and as well the country. The school is popular for providing quality and modern training in various fields of Information Technology.

Courses offered at SGL Technologies IT training institute include: Microsoft (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), Cybersec, CompTIA Linux, CompTIA network, Computer hacking, Forensic investigation, Web development, Networking, Basic electronic repairs, Digital marketing, and others like Laptop repairs.

Mikon Institute of Information Technology

At Mikon institute of information technology, you will find good information technology courses for beginners and professionals. This include courses like Oracle and others: MCITP, Sage accounting, Web application development, Autocad, Revit, Java programming, Net programming and many more.

Located in Benin city, in Edo state, Mikon Institute of Information Technology has well-trained professional tutors who gives students the best training on IT.

Alabian Solutions Technologies

Located at Ikeja, Lagos State, Alabian solutions technologies is an IT training institute that offers courses on Web design, Web app development, Mobile app development, Graphic design, Digital marketing, Email marketing, Social media management, Web hosting and Domain registration.

With their affiliation with big firms in Nigeria such as Ecobank plc, Fidson health care plc, Nigerian institute of management and many others, you can expect the best training from their IT school

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