Best Hearing Aids & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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The issue of hearing loss among humans is a growing difficulty in todays world. The condition of not hearing or picking up sounds properly due to a weakened ear drum, has made those suffering from hearing loss use hearing aids to help curb this almost deafening condition. This chronic ear infection can affect both the young and old, but it is more prevalent among the aged, especially those around 70 years and above.

hearing aid prices in nigeria

Hearing loss can be simply defined as a partial or total inability to hear sounds well in one or both ears. The effect of this partial deafening condition in children slows down their ability to speak and in adults, can cause lack of social interaction and loneliness. The use of hearing aids has become the solution to such condition as it helps those suffering from hearing loss pick sounds easily.

So, how much do hearing aids cost in Nigeria? Well, this article provides the prices of the best hearing aids in the market this 2024 and things to know before buying this device.


There are various sizes, designs, shapes, mode of operation, brands and types of hearing aids. This is due to the various human ear shapes and preferences of individuals from small ear hearing aid sizes to the much bigger ones. This makes the prices of hearing aids in Nigeria today differ.


Below are the prices of the best hearing aids in Nigeria this 2024.

  • Axon C-06 Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid Personal Sound costs ₦13, 00 – ₦18, 000
  • Axon K-88 Rechargeable Mini ITE in The Ear Digital Hearing costs ₦8, 000 – ₦10, 000
  • Axon Hearing Aid Bundle (Axon K80 plus Cyber-sonic) costs ₦15, 000 – ₦18, 000
  • Axon F-16 Pocket Hearing Aid Mini in Ear Sound Amplifier costs ₦4, 000 – ₦5, 500
  • Axon Mini Hearing Aid & Voice Amplifier Personal Sound Amplifier costs ₦7, 000 – ₦9, 000
  • Beurer Therapy HA-20 Hearing Amplifier costs ₦28, 000 – ₦33, 000

These are the best brands of hearing aids and their recent prices in the market today. While there are other brands and products not listed, we believe these ones are the most popular and are very reliable. Kindly note that the prices of these products are subject to change, as nothing is constant in Nigeria. Factors such as the area of purchase and the exchange rate of Naira to the Dollar, can be a determining factor when purchasing these hearing aids.


While you can find hearing aids for deaf people in the market, various brands claim to have the best in terms of functionality. What you should know is that there are some fake hearing aids that don’t last long and have poor battery life. There are some things you have to consider before you buy a hearing aid and they include:


This is the first thing to look out for when buying a hearing aid. This is dependent upon you and the advice of your ear doctor or audiologist. Most times, the nature of the hearing loss might affect one ear, which can make you settle for a single hearing aid. At times, it might be that both ears are affected, hence the need for the more robust bilateral hearing aid which would help to a certain extent.

There are other patients diagnosed with severe hearing loss that makes their hearing ability very difficult. These patients might opt for a behind-the-ear hearing aid for deaf people that has good battery life.


Make sure that the hearing aid you are going for is well programmed with the functionality of enhancing the sound to fit your ear and the kind of hearing difficulty you are experiencing.

This should be done after your hearing specialist has prescribed the brand and the settings of the hearing aid you can adjust to get the best result. If you know that your hearing difficulty isn’t as severe as unto deafness, then you wouldn’t need a sophisticated hearing aid that is expensive.


Since there are various types of hearing aids with top-notch functionality, it shouldn’t be difficult to choose the one that suits your lifestyle. If you are the type that likes music, there are high tech hearing aids with Bluetooth functionality that sync music from your phone. You can also go for the hearing aid with has noise cancellation technology if you prefer it.


It is the duty of your ear doctor or otolaryngologist to advice whether you should use hearing aid. You can also meet an audiologist, who is like a hearing doctor to advise on the type of hearing aid you should use. You can then proceed to stores where hearing aids are sold in the country or purchase them online easily.

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