10 Best Degree Courses To Study in Nigeria in 2024

Nigerians cannot but study abroad in top universities that offer quality education due to the low standard of education that has beclouded most Nigerian institutions.

The worst part is that these universities in Nigeria tuition fees are so expensive for the courses they offer.

Most students, after studying are not even guaranteed of getting a job. Well, be sure that there are interesting courses you can study in Nigeria that can fetch you employment after graduation.


Best courses to study in Nigerian Universities

If you are one of those not well informed of a lucrative course to study in the country that would secure employment opportunities for you, we have listed 10 of those best courses that are considered the most prestigious and the best to study in Nigeria that can fetch you a good paying job when you graduate.

Top 10 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria That Offers You Employment /Job Opportunity

1. Mass Communication

Mass Communication or Journalism has always been dubbed the most marketable course to study Nigeria because it is an art course that is offered in many universities and could fetch you employment in the print or broadcast media.

Graduates of Mass Communication can work in Radio houses, TV stations, Newspaper Publishing Firms, Embassies, just to mention but a few

2. Marketing

What makes marketing one of the best courses to study in the country is that most companies are looking to hire sales representatives to help them market their brand.

They would prefer a certified marketer from a Nigerian University. And the fun part is that these companies pay well.

So, if you have good communication skills and you are able to convince people with words of mouth, marketing should be your best bet. It is a management science course and is offered by virtually all institutions in Nigeria.

3. Nursing

Although, nurses don’t earn huge salaries in Nigeria as compared to those nurses abroad, they are never poor and are always sought after.

This is because nurses offer the necessary healthcare as they work alongside physicians, medical doctors and therapists to treat patients.

There is no hospital in the world that do not require the services of nurses. They are important in the medical world.

4. Computer Engineering

With the advancement in technology on a daily basis, every company in Nigeria or even abroad would need an Information Technologist or computer engineer to take charge of their IT department.

IT specialist and computer engineering graduates are hot cakes any day any time. So if you are good with computers and understand the tech world, while not study this top course in the university and be a hot cake in the labor market.

5. Pharmacy

Who doesn’t need drugs? Those studying pharmacy in Nigeria are so lucky as there is a high need of quality pharmacists in the medical world.

Pharmacists are known to dispense and prepare drugs. Their expertise is rare. It is one of the best science course to study in Nigeria with massive employment opportunities.

You could work in any of the top pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria or even in the world.

The take home pay of a fresh pharmacy graduate is rumored to be N250,000 minus other heavy packages allotted to it. You can even establish your own drug store.

6. Law

Most people will argue that lawyers are every where and so, it should not be on the list of top courses one can study in the country, but that’s far from it.

After passing through the Nigerian law school with good results, you could establish your own law firm or even be an attorney for any of the top companies in Nigeria or even a family lawyer.

Lawyers are known to charge clients exorbitant amounts of money per sitting in a court case.

7. Chemical/Petroleum Engineering

This is one of the most difficult courses you can study in Nigeria today, which makes Chemical/Petroleum Engineering graduates hot cakes.

Of course, its the multinational companies in Nigeria, i.e Oil and Gas Firms like Shell, Chevron, Total, NNPC that would recruit Petroleum Engineering graduates.

Do you want to know how much an entry level worker will earn as a chemical/petroleum engineering graduate? It depends on the company, but its within the range of N250,000 to N350,000 per month.

8. Accounting

We listed in one of our post that accounting is one of the professional courses you can study in Nigeria.

Accounting is a management science course in Nigeria that is offered by most universities in Nigeria.

If you have an accounting degree alone, you might not work in top companies as they prefer those with professional qualifications such as ICAN certified accountants.

9. Estate Management

Estate Management is considered the second most marketable course in Nigeria. Up until now, estate management graduates are few as not all Nigerian universities offer such course.

With the increase of land owners in the country, estate managers are in demand to manage such lands which makes it one of the best courses to read in the university.

10. Medicine

Medicine is one of the high paying lucrative courses to study in Nigeria. It is a top science course and for the best minds.

Do you know that the take home pay or salary of a professional medical doctor in Nigeria is nothing less than N150,000 or more depending on the level and type of hospital you work with.

Medicine, although one of the most difficult courses you can study, it pays well when you graduate.

Those are the list of top 10 best courses to study in Nigeria with good employment opportunities.

Did we miss any course on this list, please help point it out by using the comment section below.

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