Best Mass Communication Courses in Nigeria To Study + Salary (2024)

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 12:12 am

Studying any of the mass communication courses in Nigeria opens you to many career opportunities in the future. Apart from journalism or getting employed in a top media house in the country, mass communication graduates are recognized locally and even internationally.

mass communication courses

There exist many academic institutions touted as the best colleges for journalism practice or even top universities for mass communication courses in the country but what are these courses that you can study as a student to get a degree, certificate or even a job?

Below are marketable courses under mass communication to study that can earn you a career, degree or a job in the country.

Broadcasting in Mass media

Broadcasting is one of the top mass communication courses you can study that gives you exposure both on TV and Radio. Here, you can earn a degree which you can use to seek employment in mass media organizations like CNN, BBC, Radio stations, Nigeria Television Authority, Channels, etc as a journalist.

In this course, you learn how to transmit information (news) to a wide number of scattered audience using magnetic waves. Broadcasting is more technical and practical in nature. Since private radio and television stations are springing up in Nigeria, the jobs available in the broadcast media is less competitive.

Those who get a professional masters degree in broadcasting are normally respected than graduates with a Bachelors degree or a diploma in the said course. Salary range for this course is N50, 000 and above, depending on the level.

International journalism

This is another top popular courses in Mass Communication that students should study and take serious especially if you are targeting having a career on a global stage. Journalism entails collecting and presenting news through the media on issues bothering the society.

Getting a degree in International journalism widens your scope beyong Nigeria. You are being taught different media concepts of other foreign countries, theories of the press, various house styles, etc. Most colleges offer journalism courses. You can freelance for international media outlets if you wish or even apply to Nigeria media organization for gainful employment.

For those who studied international journalism, salary is normally in dollars plus other benefits.

Public Relations

One of the listed courses under mass communication is Public Relations. Do you know that PR is management functions that deals with providing true information to a large audience on public opinion. It is different from advertising.

As a Mass Communication student, you can specialize in Public Relations, working as a Public Relations Specialist. The requirements for undertaking these cause are normally seen at the various mass comm departments in every recognized nigerian university.

Public Relations Specialist or a PR person function is to develop and maintain relationship between his organization and clients or customers. You can see jobs in advertising agencies, firms, NGO’s, government parastatals. You have to learn how to write journals, press releases, News report and must rapport with the media often.

The salary of a PR officer is from N60 thousand and above.

Wrapping Up

All the courses listed above are the best you can study under mass communication in Nigeria. You only need to find a good school that has been dully accredited, meet their requirements and apply for admission into any mass communication department in any higher institution of learning and earn a professional degree.

The NUC has splitted mass communication into the following cinematography, media studies, public relations studies, advertising, broadcasting, film and multi-media studies, development communication studies, information and media studies.

This means that mass communication will no longer be an independent course on its own. This will allow for more flexibility and choice by students to choose among the above listed courses since mass comm is a wide area of study

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