List Of Psychology Courses in Nigeria And Requirements (2024)

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The study of the mind and how it influences behaviour is what psychology as a course discipline is all about. In this writeup, we will enunciate what this course entails and the entry prerequisites to study it.

Psychology courses in Nigeria

Psychology is basically the scientific study of the mind and how it reacts with human behaviour. As a course offered in social sciences, it expects to get people by building up general standards, designs and investigating explicit cases concerning human dealings.
Psychology as an educational discipline involves many branches; clinical, scholastic, and scientific psychology.


A psychology graduate or an expert professional or analyst in the field of the course is known as a psychologist and can likewise be alluded to as a social, or intellectual scientist. The role of psychologists is to endeavor in determining the mind of people and also the person’s psychological capacities. The course also investigates the whole mindset of individuals and their attitudes, thereby comprehending the standards of what really matters to individuals. Irrespective of what logical strategy is employed, the insights included are dubious to see.

In studying this particular course at the university or college, the undergraduate will be educated to think as a psychologist which will in turn augment your social aptitudes and also advancing your mind behaviour, especially the way you think.


Psychology is a wide field of study that has many courses in it. The psychology courses offered in Nigerian universities varies and they include:


This is the practical aspect of psychology which involves utilizing all the logical techniques, so as to detect, see and hence picking up the thinking of people. The result of this course in psychology is to explore at the point it is subjective to the discipline.

Moreover, intellectual psychology centers around contemplating higher mental procedures, for example, dynamic. When doing research in psychological laboratory, trail therapists take part and use creatures as their means of taking tests.


This psychology course deals on ecology, it investigate the connections among people and their physical and social environment. This view can be taken in a scenerio to know the numbers of the population and its impact on air pullution, crime, stuffing and other harmful consequences for the general public. The course is strictly the mental study of the physical world.


This branch of psychology sees to the logical methods for managing psychological issues, which may be related to health. Clinical psychology is a combination of science, hypothesis, and practice.

The course which is also known as psychotherapy, encompasses a treatment-situated methodology in managing mental issues.
Psychotherapy is a branch on clinical psychology which centers around the anticipation and fix of mental issues with the utilization of psychotherapeutic treatment.


As the name goes, this course in psychology is specifically about women. It specifically look at various issues concerning the feminine gender as a whole, from victimization of women and the connection between these issues and mental variables. Studying this course opens the mind to having the inert knowledge of how to protect and improve the female gender.


This is a course which involves instructive brain science aligning on managing the logical investigation of human conduct. As an intricate psychological branch, it manages learning issues, juvenile practices and so forth.

The Educational Psychology also centers essentially around the distinctive formative phases of youngsters and teenagers, in their learning behaviour.


The course on psychology connected with mental processes of understanding is the Cognitive or Subjective Psychology. It reviews mental procedures such as contemplations and others like discernment, memory and critical thinking. Cognitive psychology deals on the knowledge of understanding the mind.


This is the course that studies on issues in working environments. It applies mental standards in solving the working ideas.
Psychologists of this field are alluded to as authoritative clinicians, due to the reason that they are frequently utilized by organizations to direct tests so as to gauge the perspectives and abilities of workers.


This psychology examines people which includes their activities, jobs, capacities and impacts of their mind. It also consolidates neuroscience and the investigation of psychology. How these elements impact our doings and practices is the role of Biopsychology course.


As the name, Health psychology concentrates how conduct, science and social setting impact the strength of people. Health psychologists which are analysts, work nearby other Health experts in clinical settings to analyse their works.


This branch of psychology endeavors to clarify the development of people throughout their lives. It examines the advancement from children to develop grown-ups just as the advancement of culture throughout the years and contrasting the differences.


Just as any other educational discipline, Psychology has prerequisites for applicants to meet before going through to study the course.

For UTME (those from Olevel through JAMB), their requirements for B.Sc program in Psychology is to have atleast five credit in SSCE/NABTEB/NECO/GCE or some other identical O’ level assessments. Subjects must include Mathematics, English language, Biology/Health science, and in any two other Social Science subjects from any of: Government, Economics, Geography, Civic Education and Social Studies.

All these, notwithstanding UTME entry level requirements. The JAMB UTME subject combination should incorporates English language, and two different subjects in Economics, Government and Geography, notwithstanding some other subject from the social science.

Moreover, you should note that admission requirements is different from one school to the another. Be guarantee to look at the school that will meet your available requirements to study Psychology.


As a psychologist or a graduate of Psychology, there are many openings in many areas from health to the education sector. The oppurtunities for psychologists are:

  • Training teachers
  • Health psychologist
  • Occupational psychologist
  • Marriage and Family therapist
  • Counseling


That’s all on Psychology courses and the requirements, as we have explicate it in toto. We also mentioned the job openings that are available psychologists and even graduates in this field. Preferred schools to study psychology in Nigeria are the University of Lagos, University of Ibadan and University of Uyo.

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