Top 10 Best Cement Brands in Nigeria & Prices (May, 2024)

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The cement industry in Nigeria has grown at a very fast rate. Their are many cement brands coming up and they are competing with each other to get the top spot. We have compiled a list of top 10 best cement brands in Nigeria, their prices, and what makes them special for you as the customer to know about. While there are many different brands of cement in the country,  it is important to note that the quality of these products may vary depending on the brand you choose. This article will go over the top 10 best cement brands in Nigeria and what they cost so you’ll know which one to buy.

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Choosing a good brand of cement is very important when carrying a building project. Just as there are lot of cement producers, their respective qualities will differ one from another. In order to get the best out of cement, it’s advisable to go for renown brands that are notable for quality products. A good selection will by and large make the durability of your building structure, because a low quality cement won’t go for a long run. Since a good cement will always be from a top brand, this article will list the top 10 best cement brands in Nigeria and their prices.


There are good number of cement brands in the country. This includes the likes of Dangote, Ibeto, LaFarge, Unicem, and BUA Cements. In the following paragraphs, we will highlight the top ten of these cement producers in Nigeria and their prices for May,  2024.

DANGOTE CEMENT (₦8,500 – ₦9,600)

Dangote Cement is ostensibly the best cement brand in Nigeria. This is a well known cement producer in Nigeria. Dangote cement is owned and operated by the Dangote Group, which was established by Alhaji Aliko Dangote to improve the local production of cement in the country. Dangote group operates in more than 14 African countries, Dangote cement brand is the best cement to use for construction building in Nigeria and is presently the most utilized in the country. Are you interested in buy this quality cement from Dangote company? If that’s the case, the price of a 50kg bag of Dangote cement is between ₦8,500 – ₦9,600.

IBETO CEMENT (₦8,550 – ₦8,700)

Ibeto cement is also an indigenous cement company which is exclusively situated in Nigeria. The brand is owned and overseen by the Ibeto Group Nigeria Limited. Since 1997, the parent company started business in the Nigerian cement industry with the importation of stowed Portland cement with ships through the Apapa sea ports. Right now, a 50kg bag of Ibeto cement cost between ₦8,550 – ₦8,700 in the country market.

LAFARGE (ELEPHANT) CEMENT (₦8,550 – ₦9,000)

LaFarge is a renown construction company that operates in Nigeria and many other countries. This cement company is heavily influenced by its parent organization LafargeHolcim which is a French-Swiss organization with headquarter in Paris, France. In Nigeria, the company mainly sell construction products and as well do construction works.

Elephant cement is a subsidiary of the Lafarge group in Nigeria. The brand is broadly known for top notch finished products like cement which they supply to the country. Elephant cement rates high when compared to other cement brands in Nigeria and the cost of their products in the country is between the range of ₦8,550 – ₦9,000 per 50kg bag.

UNICEM CEMENT (₦8,500 – ₦8,900)

United Cement Company of Nigeria Limited owns this brand of cement which is very popular in the country. Unicem Cement as a brand is owned by this cement producing company which operates in Cross River State.

Moreover, Unicem is one of the top cement brands in the eastern part of the country. Just like the preceding brand, the United Cement Company of Nigeria Limited is a subsidiary of the Lafarge group which happens to control the country’s cement production industry. The price of a 50kg bag of Unicem Cement costs between ₦8,500 – ₦8,900, and the price varies.

BUA CEMENT (₦7,550 – ₦9,000)

Renown multinational company, BUA Group owns a cement brand called BUA Cement. This their company produces one of the best cements in Nigeria. The company’s production site is in northern Nigeria and this makes them a brand which is most well known in Northern region of the country.

The BUA group likewise holds a stake in Damnaz Cement Company Ltd which is the significant investor in cement Company of northern Nigeria. Looking at how much BUA cements goes for in the market, the price is between ₦7,550 – ₦9,000 for a 50kg bag. However, the cost might contrast in some areas in the country.

ASHAKA CEMENT (₦8,550 – ₦9,000)

Ashaka Cement alternatively known as Ashakacem is another famous cement brand in Nigeria. Just like Elephant Cement and PowerMax brands, Ashaka cement is a subsidiary of the Lafarge group which is a large cement company in the country.

Ashaka Cement is prevalently alluded to as the ‘Star of the North’ as it is an extremely mainstream concrete brand in northern part of the country. Looking on buying their cements? The price of 50kg bag of Ashaka Cement is between ₦8,550 – ₦9,000.

NIGERCEM CEMENT (₦8,570 – ₦9,500)

NigerCem Cement is one of the oldest name in the Nigerian cement industry. It was the principal native producer of the concrete in the country. The company is situated in Nkalagu, Ebonyi State, Nigeria and their products are sold to all areas in the country, especially in the eastern parts. It is right now one of the well known cement brands in Eastern Nigeria. The cost of NigerCem cement cost between ₦8,570 – ₦9,500 which is per 50kg bag.

EAGLE CEMENT (₦8,500 – ₦8,600)

Eagle Cement Corporation Nigeria is the owner of this brand of cement called Eagle Cement. This is one of the recognized cement brands in Nigeria. Their products are durable and rated when compared to other concrete producers in the country. Eagle Cement and is available in all parts of Nigeria, and a 50kg bag of their cement is sold at a price of ₦8,500 – ₦8,600.

REAGAN CEMENT (₦8,500 – ₦9,000)

Reagan cement is yet another notable producer of cement in the country. The brand is a subgroup of Reagan Cement Company Nigeria Limited which oversees the brand.

Reagan Cement ventured into the Nigerian cement industry in 2013 and from that point forward, they have demonstrated to be one of the best. When compared to other cement brands in the country, Reagan stands out tall. The current cost of a 50kg bag of Reagan portland cement is between ₦8,500 – ₦9,000 depending on the current market.

POWERMAX CEMENT (₦8,500 – ₦9,000)

PowerMax cement is also one of the best brands of cement in Nigeria. This is brand affiliated with Larfage Nigeria group. It is portrayed as a top notch company specialized in producing quality cements that has the strength and upgraded solidness.

Albeit the fact that PowerMax cement is one of the best cement brands in Nigeria, it’s yet one of the mainstream concrete used by Nigerian builders on account of its roughness. Looking at the average price of PowerMax cements in Nigeria, a single 50kg bag cost between ₦8,500 – ₦9,000.


According to customers ratings and feedback, here is a list of the best cement making companies in Nigeria.

Sr. No Best Brands of Cement Company Rating
1 Dangote Cement 1.00 ⭐
2 Ibeto Cement 2.00 ⭐
3 Lafarge (Elephant) Cement 3.00 ⭐
4 Unicem Cement 4.00 ⭐
5 Bua Cement 5.00 ⭐
6 Ashaka Cement 6.00 ⭐
7 Nigercem Cement 7.00 ⭐
8 Eagle Cement 8.00 ⭐
9 Reagan Cement 9.00⭐
10 Powermax Cement 10.00 ⭐


Presently Nigerians really like to belittle the best cement brands in the country for fear of collapse of their buildings due to cements that are below par. In the course of this article, we highlighted the top ten of these cement brands so you can know which one to go for.

All cement brands on this list are high quality products and you should feel free to choose whichever one suits your needs best. These prices may vary depending on where you buy it from so be sure to check out what stores near you have available as these cement brands for sale might change when they go into another store location.

That’s the view of the top ten best cement brands in the country. These companies have demonstrated to give quality cements to service the country’s construction industries.

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