Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria (2024)

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Billboard advertising is an ideal option for advertising media, organizations, individuals and non-gvernmental organizations (NGOs) to publicize their businesses to people. The significance of this advertising medium can’t be underestimated as it has proven to be the sure-enough means of public advertising. If your are looking forward to placing an advert on billboards, then this post will update you on how much it would cost to promote your business on billboards in Nigeria.

cost of billboard advertising in Nigeria

With many billboard advertising agencies springing up in the country, there is a need to be aware on the various types of billboard that would best suit your publicity needs. The reason being that there is a standard size of billboard in Nigeria that could draw attention if placed at the right location. Sizes like 12 by 24 feet and 14 by 48 feet are commonly used to really draw attention when placed at authorised spots in the country.


Billboard advertising is an outdoor ads placement that is regulated by the relevant government authority. The Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) is the only body responsible for vetting every advert be it TV or as billboard adverts, should be confirmed by the government agency. APCON is the body charged by law for guideline of commercials in Nigeria.

However, if there should be a billboard advertising, the sponsor of the ad can decide to buy an advertising space from office or erect a new billboard. Independent of billboard advert space possession, reviewing fees should be paid to the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria followed by charges for the advert space.


Here are the important things to note before placing a billboard advert in anywhere in the country.

  • Advertisements Vetting Fees: This is the fees paid to the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria, as they are the body responsible for managing advertising charges or reviewing charges for each advert. The fees are a few times dependent on the sort of advert and location the advert will be placed. On the whole, APCON is government recognized body that manages commercials in Nigeria.
  • Length of Advert: The duration or how long the advert should last is additionally dictated by how much the advertiser can offer. Obviously, a year billboard advert will have significant cost contrast with a half year advert length. You should take note of all these variables. Every one of them are a portion of the essential issues that make up cost of billboard advertising in Nigeria.
  • Rent/Lease: It is significant that you consider the expense of renting the advertising space for the billboard advert placement. The cost of leasing advert space in Nigeria varies from one place to another and that implies that you shouldn’t expect the same amount of rent in Enugu to be in Lagos. You should consider that because every one of these factors influence the value advertisers can pay for leasing billboard advert space.
  • Printing/Shooting Cost: The cost of printing also contributes to the cost of billboard advertising. As such, it is important to consider it during planing of board advertising in Nigeria. The cost of printing of the advert message in the situation of static billboard is less compared to the cost of shooting adverts in case it is electronic or computerized billboard. In Nigeria, it’s obvious that static billboards are more traditional and generally utilized in Nigeria. The cost of static billboard is determined by the size; the bigger the flag, the more costly the expense of printing.


On the average and depending on the type of billboard, it would cost over ₦500,000 to ₦3,000,000 to place an outdoor billboard advert anywhere in Nigeria.

Below is how much it would cost in placing a billboard advert in various states in Nigeria this 2024.


Nigeria’s most commercialized city, Lagos has the most number of billboard adverts than anywhere in the country. All things considered, the general cost of making such advert placement in the city is usually costly.

The cost of Billboard advertising in Lagos can be between ₦200,000 to ₦3 million relying upon above stated factors influencing the cost. Also, leasing an advert space in Lagos can cost between ₦1.5 million to ₦3 million relying upon the location.

Putting in the duration and location factor, these amount can be higher if the advert is intended to last is longer than 90 days or then again if the location of the bulletin is highly targeted.

The cost of billboard advert placing in Lagos remote places like Ikeja, VI, Lekki can cost around ₦3 million for a duration of 3 months (90 days). Likewise, these areas are preferable and best areas for making this kind of outdoor advertisements in Lagos city.

Likewise, if it is a computerized advert, the cost for leasing or setting up the billboard adverts in Lagos will be higher in that case. In Lagos, the cost of renting a space in computerized billboard is from ₦1.5 million or more, contingent upon area and location. In the wake of renting an advertising space, then, at that point comes printing of adverts and payment of confirming charges to APCON.


Abuja city is another remote urban area in Nigeria. Being the capital of the country, there are lot of activities going in there and it has one of the most highest number of billboards in Nigeria. Taking a peek at the expense of placing a billboard advert in Abuja is less, we can see that it’s invariably the same when contrasted with Lagos.

The cost of billboard advertising adverts in Abuja remote areas like Wuse, Maitama Garki is around ₦2 million to ₦2.5 million for 90 days duration. The listed areas are best locations for advert placement in the city. Nevertheless, this cost is dependent upon the variables we recorded previously.


The cost of placing a billboard advert in Port Harcourt is also on the high side. This is because of the industrial and commercial activities in the oil rich city. There are a few areas in Port Harcourt that are viewed as best for billboard advert placing. A portion of these areas are Ikwere Road, Aba Road, Ada George and Airport Road. Looking at the cost of placing a billboard advert in any area in the city, it is almost like the aforementioned cities. Billboard advertising cost in the Port Harcourt high target areas is around ₦2 million for time of 90 days.


Kano is the most commercialized city in Northern Nigeria and as such it’s the best regions for mounting of billboard adverts. The best billboard placement areas in the renown city include Kano metropolis, Dala, Fagge, Gwale, Kano Municipal, Nassarawa and Tarauni.

Looking at the cost of billboard advertising in Kano, it is something like Lagos and Abuja costs. The cost of placing a billboard advert in Onitsha is around ₦2 million for those high target areas we mentioned. The price may be low for the less remote areas.


Enugu state capital, Enugu is also a good place to place your billboard adverts. The best areas for this kind of adverts in the coal city includes Ogui Road, Otigba Junction, Holy Ghost and so forth. Generally, the cost of billboard advertising in Enugu is around ₦1.8 million for the duration of 90 days.


In the course of the article, we examined the cost of placing an advert in anywhere in Nigeria. Though we didn’t dwell deep in the cost for all areas in the country, however we covered some significant urban areas. We explicitly examined the cost of board advertising in notable Nigerian cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Enugu. This will give you a view of billboard advertising costs across significant urban areas in the country.

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