10 Best Whitening Shower Gels in Nigeria & Prices

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If probably you’re yearning for a smooth, bright, and even-toned skin, then you aren’t far from getting it. This post will go over the best whitening shower gels on the market in Nigeria then you can make the right choices for your skin appearance. However, a shower gel is one of the most important skincare products you’ll need to achieve a good-looking skin.

Whitening Shower Gels in Nigeria

Furthermore, shower gels are useful at treating acne, pimples, and other skin disorders. Safe components in the best whitening shower gels work to suppress the development of melanin, resulting in noticeably whiter skin. They also include moisturizing elements to keep your skin nourished while the whitening agents work.

Fair-skinned folks and those with a dull complexion will benefit from whitening shower gels. Choosing the appropriate shower gel is the first step in having healthy, fair skin.


There are a variety of shower gels on the market, but knowing which is the best may be a bit tough. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest lightening shower gels and their prices below:


The first in our list is Fair & White Brightening Shower Gel Carrot. Looking at the content of this skin whitener, carrot extract is a key element in the shower gel. Carrot extract is a well-known skin whitening ingredient that successfully brightens the skin without causing any side effects. Other vitamins that are good for the skin are also present in this shower gel.

After a bath, the Fair & White Shower Gel leaves you feeling revitalized. It has a silky texture and transforms into a fine foam when applied, with a pleasant, gentle aroma. The whitening shower gel cleanses the skin without drying it out, resulting in hydrated skin. It aids in the restoration of the skin’s natural color and the enhancement of its radiance.

Moreover, The Fair & White Brightening Shower Gel is ideal for those who have hyperpigmentation in any part of their body because it may balance out skin tone. This cream is sold for ₦5,000 at the market


QEI Paris is a popular skin-whitening lotion that will give you a glowing skin. The carrot oil present in the shower gel brightens and evens out skin tone, leaving you with a glowing complexion from head to toe. Vitamin A and E are abundant in QEI Paris, providing skin nourishment. Only safe components are used in QEI Paris, which do not bleach the skin and instead leave it healthier and smoother. All skin types can benefit from this shower gel. QEI Paris tones the skin and aids in the regeneration of the skin barrier. You can get this QEI Paris skin lightening shower cream for ₦6,000 only


The Pure Egyptian Whitening Shower Gel is suitable for use on both the face as well as the body. It’s a great way to get rid of black spots on the knee, elbow, thigh, and other parts of the body. It cleanses the skin well and is a good treatment for pimples, blemishes, black spots, and lesions.

Essential oils originating from plants and fruits are used in Pure Egyptian Whitening Shower Gel to cure skin damage such as age spots. It has the ability to brighten your face and physique in a way that harmonizes and balances them. Egyptian Whitening Shower Gel is an anti-aging product that contains chemicals that promote the creation of new skin cells and it costs ₦6,500.


The whitening and brightening effect of Extract Luxury Gold Shower Gel is well-known. Frequent use leaves one with a glowing skin all around. It contains important vitamins that help to rebuild the skin’s barrier and reverse previous skin damage.

The rose scent of Extract Luxury Gold Shower Gel provides a pleasant feeling after usage. Extract Shower Gel makes your skin appear brighter and healthier with regular usage. This whitening cream price is ₦5,500 as at today.


In Nigeria, Kojie San Whitening Shower Gel is one of the most popular whitening products. It contains vitamin E and Shea butter, which provide your skin with comprehensive care. This body lotion helps keep your skin feeling silky and supple. Moreover, the presence of Kojic acid in the product effectively lightens and cures skin damage such as hyperpigmentation and dark spots, leaving you with a beautiful complexion.


In the skincare sector, glutathione is a common whitening product. Glutathione is one of the most effective lightening agents, and any product that contains it will work. This shower gel thoroughly washes the skin without removing its natural oils. It contains hydrating elements that assist to keep your skin supple and restore any damage that has occurred over time.

Also, Glutathione Whitening Shower Gel comes in beautiful packaging that you are sure to adore and it costs ₦8,000 as at today.


Carrot Glow Shower Gel is a brightening lotion that cleanses your skin effectively without causing irritation or dryness. It’s an anti-aging treatment that helps to rebuild your skin barrier while preserving moisture and regulating the skin’s PH, leaving your skin smooth and supple. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, which help to treat blemishes, irritations, and other skin problems.

Carrot Glow Shower Gel price is around ₦7,500 and it has nutrients that are naturally revitalizing and promote healthy-looking skin.


Veet Gold Shower Gel is a smoothing body lotion. To avoid irritation, the shower gel is designed with natural botanical elements. This body lotion is non-irritating to the skin. It cleanses your skin effectively without drying it out or disrupting the skin barrier. Veet Gold is made up of nourishing elements that support glowing skin and uniformly brighten it.

Moreover, Veet Gold is a whitener that will even out your skin tone so that you don’t have dark spots in one place and a dazzling complexion in the other. It’s also a hydrating gel that’s good for dry skin and various skin types. Veet Gold was created with the highest dermatological standards in mind.


The above are the best whitening shower gels in Nigeria today. Looking at them, it’s seen that safe whitening components are a major content in them, which may successfully lighten your skin complexion. They include hydrating chemicals and will not dry up your skin, despite the fact that they are shower gels.

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