Major Waterfalls In Nigeria And Their Locations: Full List

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Waterfalls are torrents of water that fall from a high level whenever a river or stream rushes over a cliff or a high inclination. In Nigeria, there are numerous waterfalls that would form great tourist sites. Many of these waterfalls are well-known and are among the most frequently visited, while others are less well-known. In general, they are all popular tourist destinations. Continue reading to discover more about the country’s waterfalls, from the popular to the uncommon ones.

waterfalls in Nigeria and their locations


The following is a list of all known waterfalls in Nigeria with their current locations.


By far the most well-known waterfall in Nigeria is Erin Ijesha. The Olumirin waterfalls are another name for it. It’s a seven-tiered waterfall with water falling from a height of more than 20 meters.

The Erin Ijesha waterfall is unique in that it is located in Osun state at level one, but it is located in Ekiti state at level seven, which is the source of the waterfall. The path to level seven is not for the faint of heart.

If you’re interested in having a physical view of this nature’s attraction site, it is located in Erin Oke, Erin Ijesha, just a few meters from the Ilesha Akure expressway.


Another remarkable Nigerian waterfall is the Gurara Falls. It is found in Nigeria’s northern region, namely in the state of Niger.

The legend surrounding the Gurara waterfall is fascinating. It was given the names Gura and Rara after two African gods. This waterfall reaches a height of around 100 feet and splits into two large streams as it runs. The dry season, which runs from March to May, is the only time these streams are accessible.

Between March and May, the waterfall current is so strong that the two rivers confluence to produce a tremendous waterfall, making swimming impossible.

Do you want to take a visit to Gurara waterfall? The attraction site is about an hour’s drive from Nigeria’s federal capital, Abuja.


Owu Waterfalls is well-known waterfall in Nigeria in the Owa Onire, Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State. With a height of 120 meters (374 feet), Owu Waterfall is one of Nigeria’s and West Africa’s highest waterfalls, producing a chilled water pool at the base of the rock. It has become a popular tourist destination in Nigeria, attracting visitors from all over the world.


Another waterfall in Nigeria’s northern region is Matsirga Waterfalls. The location, Matsirga is a tiny settlement in South Kaduna’s Madakiya Ward, Zangin Kataf, Kafancha. The drop is around 30 meters tall.

Matsirga Waterfalls plunges into a gorge flanked by rocky outcroppings and lush greenery. Locals refer to it as the River Wonderful because of its amazing sights.

The waterfall originates in the Kagoro hills and descends 25 meters from the top to a pool of water below, forming a river that feeds into a large body of water.


In the Cross River National Park, you’ll find the Kwa waterfall. The cascade is situated in the Akampka Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria. It is another popular waterfall in the country.

Calabar is home to Kwa Falls. Calabar is 14 hours by car and 1 hour 30 minutes by plane from Lagos. The waterfall is reached through 234 man-made steps. Its lush greenery is a sight to behold.


Arinta Waterfall is among Nigeria’s lesser-known waterfalls. It is definitely a sight to behold, and it is located in Ekiti State, Nigeria’s South West. Ikogosi Warm Spring is less than a 15-minute drive away. It is a seven-layer waterfall, just as the Erin Ijesha waterfall.

The Arinta waterfall is situated in a tranquil and scenic setting, with motorable roads and picnic amenities.


Another stunning waterfall in Nigeria is the Awhum Waterfall. It is situated in the Udi Local Government of Enugu State in Nigeria’s eastern region. The topography of this waterfall is interesting, as it is bordered by certain rough climes.

The Awhum Waterfalls are roughly 30 meters tall and 100 feet long from top to bottom. When compared to other areas of the cascade, some of them are warmer. The Catholic Monastery is in charge of the Awhum waterfall.


Another notable tourist attraction and waterfall in Nigeria is the Agbokim Waterfall. The Agbokim waterfall is found in Cross River State’s Etung Local Government Area. Agbokim is a town on the outskirts of a border town. The Nigerian-Cameroonian border is not far away.

Agbokim waterfall is one of the most accessible waterfalls because it does not necessitate scaling a steep cliff or a massive mountain.


The Farin Ruwa Waterfall in Nasarawa State is one of Nigeria’s most renowned waterfalls. Farin Ruwa is a Hausa word that loosely translates to “white water.” This is owing to the apparent coloration it produces as a result of its height.

Farin Ruwa Waterfall is one of Africa’s most impressive waterfalls, standing at a height of about 150 meters (492 feet). Farin Ruwa is now Nigeria’s and Africa’s highest waterfall. It stands far higher than the Victoria Falls, which is at only 354 feet.


Marchanka is a Hausa word that means “slaughter site.” During the pre-colonial traditional form of government, Marchanka served as the execution place. Before the advent of colonial control, this is where traditional rulers sentenced criminals to death. This location has remained significant for hundreds of years. Thanks to civilisation, the once-feared location is now a tourist attraction open to the public.

Marchanka Waterfalls may not appear to be a well-known waterfall in Nigeria, yet its historical significance is extensive.


Several of Nigeria’s most well-known waterfalls can be seen above. Some of Nigeria’s lesser-known waterfalls are listed here. Some of these waterfalls have yet to be designated as tourist attractions. They can be found in several locations of Nigeria.

The following are some of them:

  • Marchanka Waterfalls, Suleja, Niger State.
  • Ezeagu Waterfall, Enugu State
  • Ngwo Waterfall, Enugu State
  • Ogba Ukwu (Owerre Ezukala) Waterfalls, Anambra State
  • Oferekpe Waterfalls, Ebonyi
  • Ipole Iloro Waterfalls, Ekiti State
  • Osome Waterfalls, Kogi State
  • Effon Waterfalls, Ekiti State
  • Kurra Falls, Plateau State
  • Upper Ogba Ngwu Waterfall, Enugu State
  • Obudu (Grotto) Waterfalls, Cross River State
  • Usoma Falls, Kogi State
  • Barup Waterfall, Gembu, Taraba State
  • Awlaw Waterfall, Enugu State
  • Opi (Uhere) Waterfall, Enugu State
  • Afam Mmaku (Obialu Ohuu) Waterfall, Enugu State
  • Karu Waterfalls, Nasarawa State
  • Nwaekpu Waterfalls, Enugu State
  • Lower Nwaekpu Fall, Enugu State
  • Karshi Waterfall, Abuja
  • Dutse Waterfall, Abuja
  • Ngalagu Waterfall, Enugu State
  • Yadim Waterfall, Adamawa State
  • Amanagwu Waterfall, Arochukwu, Abia State
  • Iyi Nzu (Ezimo) Waterfall, Enugu State
  • Sassa Waterfalls, Adamawa State
  • Mambilla Waterfalls, Mambilla Plateau, Taraba State
  • Ushafa Waterfalls, Abuja
  • Pankasha Waterfalls, Edo State
  • Oferekpe Waterfalls, Ebonyi State
  • Kurudu Waterfalls, Abuja
  • Assab Waterfalls, Kaduna State
  • Gidan Dadi Waterfalls, Abuja
  • Ahoyaya Waterfalls, Kwara State.
  • Ajobi Waterfalls, Kogi State
  • Nyanya Waterfalls, Abuja
  • Egame Waterfalls, Kogi State
  • Ofobaje Waterfalls, Kogi State
  • Owelle Waterfalls, Kogi State
  • Uloko Waterfalls, Kogi State
  • Obeagu Waterfall, Enugu
  • Upogo Waterfalls, Kogi State
  • Juhh Waterfalls, Taraba State
  • Jurgel Waterfalls, Taraba State
  • Mbela Waterfalls, Taraba State
  • Marchanka Waterfalls, Niger State
  • Tunga Waterfalls, Taraba State
  • Jibam River Falls, Plateau State
  • Kikoba Falls, Plateau State
  • Khawang Falls, Plateau State
  • Zongu Falls, Plateau State
  • Aise Waterfalls, Kwara State
  • Ijoko Waterfall, Kwara State
  • Eromola Waterfall, Kwara State
  • Mbamnga Waterfalls, Taraba State
  • Lower Nwaekpu Falls, Enugu
  • Ayikunugba Waterfalls, Osun State.


That’s the view of the major waterfalls in Nigeria. We also included the respective locations of these natural cascades. We believe these are good tourist sites that you should take a walk to.

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