University of Ibadan Masters Program: Requirements & Application (2024)

The University of Ibadan (UI) has been ranked one of the best universities in Nigeria where one can study Masters program in the country. This school educational standard over the years has improved, no wonder both undergraduates and post graduates prefer to get admission in this academic institution.


With over 8000 Masters Degree students churned out since its inception, you can be rest assured that UI is the best university to run your Masters Degree program. Depending on your course of study, we believe that you will find information on this page useful especially if you plan to register for Masters Degree program in University of Ibadan.

First we shall provide the requirements for admission for Masters Degree Program, before we delve into the Admission types then the Application forms and other relevant information.


Before you are qualified to study for the University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program, the student must have been a graduate from UI or any registered university in the country by the NUC or other tertiary institutions of the world.

It is the Faculty of Postgraduate Committee that determines the admission requirements in UI and they are the ones who have the power to release the admission list when it is due.

Also, any student who has graduated with Research Higher Degree on the decision of the Faculty Postgraduate Committee can be admitted to do Ph.D or M.Phil degree programs as the case may be.

Admission Types

There are various types of admission for the University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program. They include:

  • Full-Time program
  • Part-Time program and
  • Occasional studded program.

Students are expected to meet the requirements of the Postgraduate school before admission is granted into the full-time postgraduate program. Also, before a student can enroll, there must be proof of unemployment status which qualifies one for full-time admission.

The only time when the school exercises the right of withdrawal of candidate from the university is if he/she is found to have violated the rules especially providing false information of employment status.

Any member of the academic staff in the university of Ibadan under normal circumstances qualifies for the part-time Masters Degree program in the school. While aspiring individuals who are not members of the academic staff of the institution must satisfy the requirements for the Postgraduate School that facilities for their works as part-time students for the Masters Degree Program.

For applicants seeking admission as occasional students, they must satisfy the minimum entry requirements of the postgraduate program as recommended by the Faculty Postgraduate Committee. The only pitfall here is that such a student will not be awarded the certificate of Masters Degree by the University of Ibadan.

How To Get Application Form For UI Masters Program

To get the application form for University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program, you will download it from the institution website at While we keep this information fresh and updated as possible, note that the cost of the application form isn’t constant and may change from time to time.

Presently, the cost for academic programs is N15,000 while the cost for professional programs is N18,000 currently. There is a compulsory Test of Proficiency in English Language which the student is expected to sit for which costs a fee of N2,500 only.

After filling the form, you would have to submit it online. You can request for your invoice for the forms from any of the approved banks used by the institution. These banks approved by UI for transactions include Skye bank and GTBank respectively.

Intending candidate will not be allowed to apply for more than one postgraduate degree program. Provide a working email address as you upload all necessary document required of you when registering. The email provided will be used to notify you on the status of the admission process.

Applicants are also expected to provide 3 Letters of Recommendation from any 3 of the faculty members or from three trusted individuals that know about the academic career of the person applying.

You can easily download the referee forms online. You are to submit this form along with the application form earlier stated above. Student’s transcript should be electronically sent by mail to the Postgraduate School early enough to avoid late submission during the admission process.

Things to Note

  1. Admission for UI Masters Degree Program is based on merit. Students must have a minimum of Second class upper division to be considered for the program.
  2. There exist no form or tolerance of discrimination on the basis of physical deformity, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, age or gender when considering applicants for University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program. As long as you meet the requirements, you are good to go.
  3. The above rules also applies for foreign students seeking admission into University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program.
  4. A minimum of 40% in the English Language Proficiency test is also required before an applicant can be considered for admission into University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program.


All information concerning the University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program can be gotten on the schools’ website at Information on the registration fees, screening process, date of tests and more can be found on the website.

For more inquiries, you can send a email to and they will contact you back. Finally, all queries concerning UI postgraduate programs and admission should be passed to The Secretary of the Postgraduate school, UI.

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